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Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie’s Dearest Beloved Wife (Web Novel) - Chapter 955: He Wants to Make It up to Her

Chapter 955: He Wants to Make It up to Her

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After hearing the news, Xirong Ziye immediately ripped off the IV catheter on his hand and stood up agitatedly. His dark eyes glinted.

He strode forward and grabbed his subordinate’s shoulder, looking at him intently. “Is that true? Is she in Ning An City?”

At that moment, Xirong Ziye could hear his heart thumping loudly. He had simply waited for too long. His hands were trembling tremendously, gravely afraid that he had misheard.

The subordinate nodded. “Yes.”

After hearing that confirmation, Xirong Ziye’s heart finally felt more grounded. At last, he finally found her.

No one knew that he hadn’t been sleeping well these days. He missed her and wanted to know where she was. He wanted to look for her himself, but amidst the crowd, he truly had no clue where to begin. Sometimes, when he was walking on the streets, he felt as though he would see her if he just turned around.

He had mistaken someone else for her many times. There were times when he would run after someone and hug her from behind just because he thought it was her. Even his subordinate thought that he had gone mad from hurting his head previously. However, only he knew that he hadn’t lost his mind. He was very clear-headed.

It was precisely because his mind was clear that he knew how much his heart was hurting. He knew what he felt inside and understood that he was torturing himself all day long.

He was really afraid and in pain. He yearned to see her, but he was scared that he wouldn’t know what to say to her when they meet.

Would she forgive him?

Even if she didn’t, he would still beg sincerely for her forgiveness. He would make it up to her. After owing it to her for so many years, he’ll repay it to her multiple folds.

He would give her everything and anything that she wanted.

The clearer his mind was, the more he understood how important she was to him.

He saw her even in his dreams. He dreamed about how he didn’t cherish her during their youth. In his dreams, she cried and looked at him begrudgingly. However, she still tried to smile because she didn’t want to upset him.

She was truly foolish. She was so foolish that she didn’t even realize that he had found his way into her heart. There was no way to remove him, and he constantly hurt her.

Sometimes, he would jolt awake from the pain in the middle of the night. After that, he understood what Bai Yaoyao had felt. He wondered if she was still unable to sleep after he had hurt her so many times.

He now understood why she had said that her heart had turned numb in the White House. It had grown so numb that she could no longer feel love for someone.

He had done her wrong, but he couldn’t find her in the first place. That was why he didn’t know how to make it up to her.

However, things had changed now. He finally knew where she was.

Xirong Ziye smiled, but his heart felt bitter.

The subordinate felt dampness on his hands and raised his head. What he saw shocked him. The respectable president had actually shed tears!

It was only now that the subordinate realized how important Bai Yaoyao was to the president.

After a while, Xirong Ziye finally collected himself and said, “Book a flight to Ning An City now!”

“But, President, Country E needs you. You can’t leave!”

Without hesitation, Xirong Ziye replied, “I’ve already made up my mind. There’s no need to dissuade me.”

This was the first time that the subordinate saw how determined the president was, so he could only obey and book a flight for him.

The flight was scheduled for the next morning. However, Xirong Ziye couldn’t sleep at night and began to ask about Bai Yaoyao. Was there any other news about her? How did they find her?

Even if it was trivial, he still wanted to know. That way, he felt that he was very close to her.

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