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Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie’s Dearest Beloved Wife (Web Novel) - Chapter 956: The Heart Aches More

Chapter 956: The Heart Aches More

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Xirong Ziye couldn’t sleep even late at night. His eyes shone brightly, as though full of hope. They were no longer dark and lifeless.

He would really treat Yaoyao much better.

He patted the sofa beside him and instructed his subordinate to sit down.

The subordinate didn’t dare to sit. Who would dare to sit with the president? That person would really be asking for it. “President, what do you wish to ask me? If I know the answer, I will tell you. I don’t need to sit.”

After learning about Bai Yaoyao’s news, Xirong Ziye’s mood had lifted. He said, “Don’t worry, just sit. I won’t blame you. Besides, there’s no one around.”

“I know that it is inappropriate. I will just talk to you standing up.” He’d feel out of place if he sat down with the president.

“I order you to sit down.”


Xirong Ziye elegantly poured a cup of tea for his subordinate and said, “Have some tea.”

The subordinate looked at the president and felt as though he was the president himself. Once that thought popped into his head, he grew so frightened that his expression changed. He hurriedly pushed away the cup of tea and accidentally spilled the tea on the floor.

The subordinate’s face turned pale. He didn’t know why he had reacted that way.

Xirong Ziye wasn’t annoyed. He personally picked up the glass fragments on the ground and sighed. “Yaoyao was also clumsy. In the future, I will have the carpets replaced with thicker ones. That way, even if the teacup drops, it wouldn’t shatter. It mustn’t hurt her hands…”

Xirong Ziye’s voice was so gentle, as though speaking to Bai Yaoyao. At the same time, he sounded as if he was talking to no one in particular.

The subordinate felt that the president was too odd. However, he also understood how important Bai Yaoyao was to the president. The president’s mutterings all seem to be about Miss Bai.

After everything had settled down, Xirong Ziye listened to the subordinate attentively. Actually, for the subordinate, there was nothing out of the ordinary.

He merely found out that Bai Yaoyao had been very popular with the men in Ning An First High School. He also discovered that she had been a bridesmaid for someone else and was beautiful at that time.

As the subordinate reported these, Xirong Ziye’s hands clutched his knees. He felt rather nervous, and his cold expression froze too.

He had been her sole focus back then. After leaving him, she became popular with many people. She had always been beautiful and popular, but she had only looked at him.

The subordinate spoke for a long time, but after a while, he hesitated, unsure whether he should continue. He had found out that Miss Bai had eventually met a man. Also, he couldn’t find out anything about that man. Seeing how the president looked, as though he wouldn’t be able to contain his shock, he felt conflicted and didn’t know if he should continue.

Xirong Ziye had been listening attentively. After seeing that his subordinate suddenly stopped talking, he looked at his subordinate’s expression, and his eyes turned cold. “What are you hiding from me?”

The subordinate finally spilled the beans. Afterwards, Xirong Ziye grew anxious and nervous. The glass fragments from the teacup pierced his palms, but he wasn’t even aware that he was bleeding.

“Ahh! President, your hands!”

“It doesn’t matter!” He felt that his hands didn’t hurt at all. Instead, his heart hurt even more.

He suddenly realized how much she must have suffered when he dated Xiamu Qingyan and got engaged to her!

“You go and leave. You’ll come with me to Ning An City tomorrow. Get a few guards too.”


The night was chilly, and it marked the start of sleepless nights for Xirong Ziye.

He began to read Ning An City’s news and searched for Xie Limo and Yun Bixue’s wedding videos. He didn’t look at the bride and groom, nor at anyone else. He only searched for videos of the bridesmaids, and shockingly, he found Bai Yaoyao among them.

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