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Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie’s Dearest Beloved Wife (Web Novel) - Chapter 957: Can’t Help but Indulge in Her

Chapter 957: Can’t Help but Indulge in Her

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Although the videos of Bai Yaoyao as a bridesmaid were short, they were enough for Xirong Ziye. Seeing Bai Yaoyao, his hands trembled, and the tablet almost slipped out of his hands.

He played the videos over and over again. She was still as beautiful and striking, and he noticed her immediately.

However, he also realized that she had lost weight. She hadn’t been that skinny before.

Xirong Ziye caressed her face through the screen, his heart throbbing as he studied her every expression. He noticed that her eyes were full of misery, and she had grown much more haggard.

“I’m sorry… I’m sorry, Yaoyao. I really miss you. I miss you so much that my heart hurts…” In the past, he had grown accustomed to having her around, and therefore, he thought that he would feel fine if he grew used to not having her around.

He only realized when he was hospitalized that he wasn’t just used to having her around. She had already found her way into his heart unknowingly.

He felt guilty, but he couldn’t survive without her too. That was why he must find her.

He repeated quietly in his heart, “Yaoyao, wait for me. I’ll be in Ning An City very soon. Don’t leave with someone else…”

Xirong Ziye repeated those words to himself, and regrettably, Bai Yaoyao would never hear him.

At that moment, Bai Yaoyao was sleeping peacefully in a certain Young Master’s room!

She grew accustomed to him soon enough. Over the weekend, the two of them would share a bed harmoniously.

Ning An City

Xie Limo and Yun Bixue had no clue that the president of Country E would be arriving soon. Yun Bixue would never know that this man was the same person who had hurt Bai Yaoyao.

During this period, she had been occupied with the Su Family Organization’s matters and was exhausted. Xie Limo felt so bad looking at her that he had a moment of regret. He shouldn’t have allowed his wife to be so kind.

Looking at the conflicted expression on Xie Limo’s face, Yun Bixue rubbed against his body. “It’s okay. I’m really not tired from this, so don’t feel bad for me, alright?”

Xie Limo sighed and said, “What should I do with you?” He truly didn’t know how to deal with his wife. He just couldn’t help but indulge in her.

As the stocks of the Su Family Organization stabilized and the situation turned for the better, the police also arrested Fu Huiji.

This was terrific news for the Su family and the Su Family Organization.

However, Yun Bixue received a message from an unknown number, saying, “Aren’t you glad I sent Fu Huiji right into your hands?” The number belonged to Wang Qianjin.

Yun Bixue read the message and almost slammed her phone. It was clearly the police who had arrested them. What did it have to do with Wang Qianjin?

This shocked her. How did Wang Qianjin learn about all these? Could he still be in Ning An City?

Yun Bixue informed Xie Limo, in case he grew worried again.

After thinking for a while, she decided to use her connections to meet Fu Huiji.

When she met him, she realized that he wasn’t very old. He was merely around thirty-five years old, and she found his face very familiar. Her eyes widened suddenly and she asked, “You… Are you the one who was together with Meng Xinyan?” She suddenly recalled that she had met him in the restaurant and supermarket on several occasions.

That person had constantly been together with Meng Xinyan. She found him familiar back then, but Wang Man said that he worked for the Su Family Organization. She didn’t expect that he was the head of the finance department.

If she had paid more attention back then, perhaps all of these wouldn’t have happened to the Su family, and the Su Family Organization wouldn’t have been embroiled in this mess. Su Lenghan probably wouldn’t need to bring his family to the countryside.

Of course, these were just possibilities. Yun Bixue still blamed herself for being too careless.

Just as silence took over the two of them, sounds of familiar footsteps were heard. Yun Bixue turned around and saw that it was Xie Limo.

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