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Rise of Humanity (Web Novel) - Chapter 982 - Beast

Chapter 982: Beast

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Translator: Exodus Tales  Editor: Exodus Tales

Feng Zhen struggled as hard as he could but with the seals only getting stronger, he was unable to unleash his full power and Fu Shang was no better than him.

These seals were created by the ancient monarchs; when Feng Changyang arrived at the present from the ancient times, he tried to enter the unworldly world, and he too, was stopped by these seals surrounding the unworldly world, forcing him back to ancient times.

Feng Zhen was not as strong as Feng Changyang, and he was more than just nervous and furious after being suppressed here while the madman Fu Shang rained down attacks on him.

With how it was almost impossible to travel within the seals, there was no time for Feng Zhen to return to the unworldly world.

I’ll kill this mad dog first!

Without hesitation, Feng Zhen activated the Fusang Divine Tree, swinging it towards Fu Shang as he thought, I will kill him first before rushing out in one breath to save myself!

His injuries disappeared, eyes and severed limb regenerated for such injuries were nothing at all.

And as the monarchs battled ferociously, even after being weakened by the seals, the shockwaves created from their clashings still posed a great threat to Zhong Yue and Hundun Yu by throwing them off balance.

Fortunately, as ships created specifically to sail past the seals, they managed to keep themselves from the threat by controlling the ship swiftly to avoid the shockwaves.

As for the Fuxi Celestial Race residing in the unworldly world, they were all dumbfounded by what happened; they looked towards the seals outside as if there were two massive beasts fighting each other to death that even the monarchs seals were loosened up greatly!

Those were terrifying shockwaves, sparkling raging lightning and rumbling thunder deep in the seals; vaguely, the monarchs seals could be seen shattered by the fight and the seals closer to the unworldly world bulged, slowly approaching the unworldly world dangerously!

These bulges were the result of the shockwaves attempting to charge right out of the seals as the two monarchs fought each other to death!

Outside of these bulges, the many monarch level seals were stressed to the peak and cracks started forming!

“Oh god…”

Fu Baorui looked at this scene with an empty mind and he murmured, “Who is old ancestor Feng Zhen fighting with? Xiao Wuji? Impossible, that enemy is obviously a monarch.”

He knew that Feng Zhen was after “Xiao Wuji” and judging from Feng Zhen’s tone, this “Xiao Wuji” was not the real deal, but an imposter who was trying to remove the bloodline seal within the unworldly world.

But everything he saw and everything that was happening in the seals was obviously a fierce fight between two monarchs!

But old ancestor Feng Zhen is an unrivaled magnate, no matter who it is, they will be no match for old ancestor Feng Zhen!

Fu Baorui comforted himself.

Suddenly, deep in the unworldly world, another monarch presence emerged, charging right into the skies before Fu Mei landed on the river back and looked towards the seals.

But without cultivating the [Three Eyes Heavenly Pupils], Fu Mei was unable to see through the seals and identify the one fighting with Feng Zhen.

This power… Feng Zhen is battling with a monarch!

Fu Mei humphed and boarded a ship before charging towards the scene, Who dares to intrude us unworldly world? Heh, the young ones nowadays sure are brave. Seems like they’ve all forgotten my might after I’ve sequestered myself away for 70,000 years.

At the same time, hundreds upon hundreds of white dragons charged out from the seals, causing Fu Mei to stop and his expression was gloomy.

These huge dragons roared angrily in mid-air, slithered around before they writhed and burned into ashes.

Those were Feng Zhen’s brows!

Feng Zhen and Fu Mei were friends for more than 100,000 years, which had him understand Feng Zhen deeply; as one that had been in the monarch level for endless years, there was not much room for improvement anymore, so Feng Zhen changed directions into cultivating his body and Yuan Shen.

He had already cultivated his brows into greater Daos and these seemingly long and normal looking white brows were actually so powerful that they could turn into white dragons!

Every single one of his brows was strong enough to kill an Imperial Emperor, to fall the stars in the skies; they were all equivalent to the Imperial Emperor level weapons!

But now, they were all plugged out and burnt into ashes without a sign, which meant the opponent was overwhelming that he forcefully removed the brows and disintegrated the Daos pattern in them!

This enemy… He’s terrifyingly powerful…

Fu Mei continued pushing the ship to the limit, But we’ve run into even stronger opponents and they still fell before us when we teamed up!

Suddenly, even more white dragons and snakes flew out, each of them massive in size, and all of them shrieking in pain. There were scalps attached with fragments of a skull on the end of their tails!

The snakes were Feng Zhen’s hair, the dragons were his beard and brows and they were all torn off by this horrendous enemy!

Fu Mei’s heart thumped and quickly, a few bloodied eyes fell down from the seals. These were Feng Zhen’s eyes that were gouged out!

Fu Mei shivered slightly but not before he saw three more eyes being hurled out!

In just a split second, more than a hundred eyes were thrown out from the seals already!

Obviously, after having his eyes gouged out, Feng Zhen regenerated them all, only to be gouged out again and again by his enemy!

And just like the hairs, beards, and brows, these eyes disintegrated soon after they were hurled out as the Dao totem patterns in them were also erased!

Suddenly, a piece of meat was hurled out and Fu Mei’s eyes twitched crazily. It was a tongue!

Feng Zhen’s tongue!

It was ripped out from his mouth by that enemy!

And along with this tongue were a few teeth!

Then, huge scales were thrown out and this time, they were the innate draconic scales on Feng Zhen!

Piece by piece, they were all torn out by his opponents!

In just a second, countless scales with flesh attached to them were all ripped down from Feng Zhen’s body and hurled out!

Then, a huge dragon skeleton flew out as it shook his head, waved his tail before collapsing onto the ground and turned into ashes.

That was Feng Zhen’s spine and like his other body parts, it was also ripped out from him forcefully!

Fu Mei shivered again as everything had terrorized him greatly, scaring him to a point where he no longer dared to enter the seals anymore.

It was not that the opponent was too strong; he had fought even greater enemies but not such a ruthless and brutal one!

He was just like a rabid beast!

Without even giving it a thought, Fu Mei could already imagine how Feng Zhen’s opponent was biting and tearing him senselessly without knowing pain at all!

It was definitely a brutal torture fighting against such a mad monarch!

Besides, this enemy was obviously far superior to Feng Zhen; ever since the start, Feng Zhen’s body parts were continually ripped from his body!

As Fu Mei stuttered, even more body parts were being thrown out. This time, it was the ears, nose, fingers, intestines and even heart!

Then, he saw a piece of skin; Feng Zhen’s skin was ripped out just like that and thrown out of the seals!

What kind of hatred was fueling this monarch that he was so brutal against an old monarch?

“Old ancestor Fu Mei!”

A shivering Fu Baomei shouted, “Old ancestor Feng Zhen’s situation is not good right now, are you not going to help him?”

Fu Mei’s expression was very grim and suddenly, he laughed, “He can deal with it. I know him. Back then, he was called as the “Skin Ripper Monarch”, don’t’ worry.”

Though Fu Mei said that Feng Zhen was powerful, this “Skin Ripper Monarch” was having his skin ripped away and his situation was not good at all.

Fu Baorui dared not say anything more as he feared that he would be killed if he continued questioning Fu Mei’s decision.

As the “Skin Ripper Monarch” was having his skin ripped, and his enemy seemed to have a dangerous habit of picking bones; Fu Baorui saw the old ancestor Feng Zhen’s rib bones were being thrown out, his throat torn part, his arms severed and the other organs flying out from the seals!

The intestines were all over the ground and there were more than ten tongues on the ground.

What kind of hatred was driving this enemy?

On the other hand, Feng Zhen attempted to flee, but his attempts were futile before the thick layers of seals.

Though such injuries were still within the limits of his endurance; the ripped skin would grow back, and the shattered teeth would regenerate. But at this rate, it was only a matter of time until he reached his limits!

And by then, there was no doubt that he would be killed!

Suddenly, everything calmed down, there were no more noises and it seemed like the fight between the beasts had stopped.

On the riverbank, the Fuxi Celestial Race’s disciples all looked towards the seals in fear but there were no movements at all.

“The battle ended?”

A young Fuxi murmured, “Who won?”

Fu Mei’s mind flicked and just as he was about to sail into the seals, Feng Zhen stuck his head out from the seals made of raging elements and gushing chaos Qi and Feng Zhen’s head emerged from the chaos.

Now, only his eye sockets were left as his eyes were dug out and replaced by endless monarchs’ seals!

The scene was shivering and eerie; clearly, when the enemy was fighting with him, he crazily stuffed the monarchs seals into his eye sockets to cut off his immortal body!

Similar to his eye sockets, Feng Zhen’s tongue was peeled off and seals filled his mouth!

Now, it felt like he was kneeling in the seals and only his head was out.

A Mengchong Warship then sailed out from the seal, stopped right before the edge and Zhong Yue disguised as Feng Wuji before he raised his saber high up.

A magnificent saber then traced along the seals and under the screaming of the Fuxi Celestial Race, it left behind a bloodied cut around Feng Zhen’s neck!

After a rotation, the saber was swung again, further increasing the depth of the cut.

Then there was the third, fourth and fifth attack.

Time and time again, the saber deepened the wound and finally, Feng Zhen’s head fell onto the ground!

The headless body then started twitching and another head grew out but before it fully formed, Zhong Yue had already severed it, time and time again!

Fu Mei frowned and immediately looked towards the end of the Mengchong Warship only to find a monstrous beast hiding there. This beast was filled with rage and cruelty. It sat on Feng Zhen, suppressing his Yuan Shen and forcing him to kneel there, allowing “Feng Wuji” to behead him!

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