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Rise of Humanity (Web Novel) - Chapter 984 - Wuji's Questions

Chapter 984: Wuji’s Questions

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Translator: Exodus Tales  Editor: Exodus Tales

*Cruel? I can be even crueler! *

Zhong Yue thought mercilessly.

Meanwhile, injuries were all over Fu Shang and the giant was dragged back into the Six Paths Bead by two Star Rivers.

Though he was extremely powerful, the seals around still inflicted heavy damage to him. And while the seals were torturing Feng Zhen, they were also inflicting heavy injuries to him.

When Zhong Yue entered the Six Paths Bead, he saw a bloodied Fu Shang sitting there without the will to live on but the eagerness to revenge his people slowly lit up in his eyes.

After running into Feng Zhen, his hatred and remorse boiled to the surface, suppressing his guilt. The anger that consumed him had him pouncing at Feng Zhen crazily; he charged right at the traitor like a rabid beast. And after a fierce fight, he finally suppressed Feng Zhen.

But after his suppression, the traitor shouted, “You don’t have the right to kill me! Everyone else is fit enough to kill me but you! You are the only one that does not have the qualifications to kill me!”

Because of this statement, Fu Shang almost lost his determination to the point where he almost released Feng Zhen. But that was when Zhong Yue stood out as he said, “But I do, I have the right to kill you.”

Thus, the execution of Feng Zhen by the Xin Huo inheritor right in the unworldly world.

In Hundun Yu’s mirror recorded this scene and the description was about the execution of the traitor monarch by the Xin Huo inheritor.

“Crown prince, one day, you will unshackle the binds on you and become a real Fuxi who is willing to die for the Fuxi Celestial Race,” said Zhong Yue calmly.

“You are not a real Fuxi to begin with.”

Zhong Yue shook his head, “You never was. As the crown prince, you naively wish to unify the world, pitied and cared for the other races in lieu of your own kin. You pitied the other races for their tragic fate and if your kin pressured them, you’d treat them like your eternal enemy, condemning them for what they did. However, if your own kin is bullied by the other races, you’d pretend that you saw nothing and think that as a huge race, we should tolerate them. You’ve never thought of the wellbeing of your own people. You are just a naive child that only to escape from the facts. You blame yourself but do nothing to make up for them. Someone like you will never be a Fuxi as a Fuxi must at least have the sense of responsibility.”


Fu Shang murmured before he fell back into silence while Zhong Yue exited the Six Paths Bead.

On the other hand, the Fu Sang Divine Tree returned to Hundun Yu, who seemed to be forever calm before every situation. His behavior gave off a very reliable feeling.

With him around, Zhong Yue’s pumping heart calmed down gradually and he laughed, “Thank you, Senior Martial Brother Yu.”

Hundun Yu scratched his head and replied, “Why thank me? I don’t recall doing anything or helping at all.”

Zhong Yue smiled, “But you’ve been around me as I faced death directly, helped me in calming and strengthening my mind, which made me unflinched before monarch level existences.”

Hundun Yu laughed, “And that’s because of your own mental strength, it has nothing to do with me.”

“Anyway, if you are not around, I wouldn’t be so calm alone. I still have to thank you regardless!”

Zhong Yue burst out laughing before he activating the Mengchong Warship, sailing towards the outside. After a moment, they finally arrived at the Heavenly River upon exiting the seals.

Zhong Yue turned around and the Yinkang Clan’s State of Heavenly River was no longer there as the Yinkang Clan’s demon monarch’s spirit had moved the entire state away.

He then took out a totem pillar to get in touch with Fu Li in order to understand what happened during his absence; as the Heavenly River Naval Fleet retreated, Fu Li who was holding onto little boy Bi An failed to shake the two Imperial Emperors away from their tail and they were currently running for their lives in the lower course of Heavenly River after failing to catch up with the Yinkang Clan’s army.

“My lord, I’ve kept little cousin Bi An into my Yuan Shen Secret Realm. These two guys are still biting on my tail tightly but worry not. I will not allow anything happened to little cousin Bi An and I am currently trying to flee into Imperial Star and head towards Heaven Suppression Fortress from there.”

Zhong Yue was left speechless and he immediately gets in touch with Yin Fanxuan after telling Fu Li to be careful. Then, from Yin Fanxuan, Zhong Yue learned that Imperial Emperor Xian Tian had arrived just as he expected, repelling the Heavenly River Naval Fleet and was now currently escorting the Yinkang Clan all the way into Heaven Suppression Fortress.

“Darling, I told Imperial Emperor Xian Tian about you sneaking into the unworldly world to remove the Fuxi bloodline seal just as you told me to.”

Yin Fanxuan said, “He didn’t say anything but he did not kill all the Fuxi old Imperial Emperors and recruited three of them out of some unknown reason.”

Zhong Yue’s heart sank to the bottom for a brief second before a smile split on his face, “He’s worried of my growing army that exceeded the limit he had in his heart so he wants to use these old dogs to keep the balance and ward me off. Don’t worry, with them around, the Yinkang Clan will arrive at the fortress safely.”

The husband and wife then cut off the communication.

With Imperial Emperor Xian Tian around, the Yinkang Clan will be safe. It will only be a matter of time before the State of Heavenly River arrives at Heavenly Suppression Fortress.

Zhong Yue thought, The Heavenly River Naval Fleet will have to join forces with the other army divisions in Heaven Court and even dispatch monarch level existences if they wanted to eliminate the Yinkang Clan and Imperial Emperor Xian Tian. However, in order to pull that off, they need a lot of time to get the armies readied and given their speed, the only division that will catch up with the Yinkang Clan will be Yu Lin Army.

The Heaven Court’s Yu Lin Army was a division built by imitating the Earth Order Era Fuxi Celestial Race Feng Clan’s Hou Niao Sect that led all gods with wings, making them the fastest army among the many divisions.

With Yu Lin Army alone, they will not be able to do anything before the Yinkang Clan, not to mention Imperial Emperor Xian Tian is around as well. The Yinkang Clan is safe now and it is time to go look for Senior Martial Brother Feng.

Still donning on the disguise as Feng Wuji, Zhong Yue continued heading towards the Imperial Star on the Meng Chong Warship.

Feng Xiaozhong was not in the Imperial Star, hence, Zhong Yue had to go through the Imperial Star first to head into the Zi Wei Galaxy. Feng Xiaozhong had been wandering everywhere and thanks to Zhong Yue’s clones who were working alongside with Feng Xiaozhong, Zhong Yue could easily locate Feng Xiaozhong’s location.

It will take half a year until Feng Wuji arrives at the land and this period of time is more than enough for me to leave Zi Wei Imperial Star.

After a few days, the warship arrived at the dock and Zhong Yue kept it into his Yuan Shen secret realms for he still had use for this warship; without the command scroll to enter the unworldly world, he needed this warship if he wanted to return to that palace again.

“Senior Martial Brother Yu, I’d have to trouble you for a few days.”

After acquiring his permission, Zhong Yue kept Hundun You into the Heaven Origin Reincarnation Mirror before he walked away without hiding himself. He now walked around as Feng Wuji, thus, Hundun Yu must not be around so he kept Hundun Yu into the mirror to prevent exposing himself.

The massive Imperial Star’s size was beyond imagination but right now, it was set ablaze by the flames of war and the monarch races were staring to wage wars against each other.

Back then, the Imperial Star was messed up but it was not as bad as it was now right now; after the birthday celebration, the attitude of the many powers was clear. With the world’s fate divided into seven portions by the seven monarch existences, the many races out there, including the monarch races were considering which side to side with.

With the sides picked, it was time to remove the enemies from the game and with the addition of someone pulling the strings in the dark, even the monarch races were no longer able to sit out from the war and they had no choice but to take part in the war to secure the wellbeing of their own races.

Once the war ended, the contributors of the new Heavenly Monarch will be rewarded handsomely and with that, these races would blossom and once their lord failed in the conquest, they would also suffer alongside with their lords. Thus, the monarch races were also serious about the war.

Especially when they had personal affairs among one another and they wanted to have a sweet taste of revenge during this chance.

Zhong Yue too, was acting carefully to prevent himself from being dragged into their war for if he was involved, even with the disguise as Feng Wuji which will spare him a great deal of trouble, he wouldn’t be able to keep himself safe because the water around was just too deep.

Besides, with the limited knowledge about Feng Wuji’s information and background, it would be easy to expose himself.

Throughout his journey, Zhong Yue safely traveled across the Imperial Star as he headed towards Feng Xiaozhong’s location, took the safest and closest route by moving from the teleportals in Dating Clan’s territory.

With that, he had saved himself half a year’s time.

“Mister Wuji, what a rare guest!”

Zhong Yue entered the Dating Clan’s territory and headed straight to the teleportals; such level monarch races all had their very own teleportals that led to every corner in order to warp a certain amount of their army into the galaxies.

A Dating Clan’s divine general immediately welcomed Zhong Yue and he laughed, “I’ve gained quite a lot from the conversation between us back then in the Heaven Court. May I ask what your purpose is today, Mister Wuji?”

“Just passing by and I decided to drop by to visit you.”

Zhong Yue blinked his eyes as he thought cluelessly, Who is this?

With how wide Feng Wuji’s circle was, Feng Wuji was treated as friendly in many places, but as a result, Zhong Yue failed to recognize this divine general standing before him.

This Dating Clan’s divine general was on the Deity Emperor level and how he addressed himself before Zhong Yue had told him that this divine general respected Feng Wuji greatly.

“To be frank, I have some important matters to attend to so I am thinking of heading to the Quasi Star Region through the teleportals here.”

Zhong Yue decided not to dwell on this topic and he clarified his intentions right away, to which the divine general quickly replied, “Worry not, Mister Wuji. Let us welcome you first while we charge up the teleportals. Just for your information, there is an old friend of yours around. Let me notify him and I am sure he will be happy to see you.”

Zhong Yue’s heart thumped and he immediately said, “Charge up the teleportals first, I am in a hurry.”

“I’ll handle this personally, it would not take long to charge the portals up.”

The divine general left hurriedly, leaving a restless Zhong Yue behind as he did not know of this old friend and he was worried that he would expose himself.

This Feng Wuji has friends everywhere, pleasing everyone as much as he could and just this alone I am no match for him. I guess this is his talent, being able to be friends with everyone.

Suddenly, a burst of happy laughter sounded as the divine general brought a god with red face to the scene. This god laughed immediately after seeing Zhong Yue, “Mister Wuji, I never thought that I would run into you again ever since your departure from the Bi Luo Palace. Seems like I am very lucky today!”

Zhong Yue pretended to be surprised and happy to see him, hugged this innate god and laughed, “How unexpected! What a pleasant surprise! Brother, why are you here in the Dating Clan? I thought you were in… *cough cough*.”

Who is this guy?

This innate god from Bi Luo Palace immediately understood what Zhong Yue meant and he answered, “I can stay anywhere. After leaving Bi Luo Palace, I decided to stay here since Dating Clan gave me the best treatment they could.”

The two sat down while thoughts ran quickly in Zhong Yue’s mind as he tried to figure out what to say, Who is he? What is his name? How am I supposed to address him?

This innate god was burly, had two horns on his head and he was in a very high cultivation level. This Creator level innate god shown great manners and self-disciple as he spoke, “Mister Wuji, when you visited Bi Luo Palace to break through the True Deity level, you sought answers from me for two questions, which I was unable to answer. Do you still remember the questions?”

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