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Rise of Humanity (Web Novel) - Chapter 985 - Answers To Achieving Immortality

Chapter 985: Answers To Achieving Immortality

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Translator: Exodus Tales  Editor: Exodus Tales

Zhong Yue’s heart thumped but didn’t reveal it, “Do you have an answer then, senior martial brother?”

The innate god smiled, “These questions are tough ones. I couldn’t answer them previously but after Mister Bi Luo had us all out to learn new things, I told him about these two questions and received two ways to answer the questions.”

He smiled confidently and waited for Zhong Yue to ask the two questions again.

On the other hand, Zhong Yue pretended to have his hopes up and looked towards the innate god as he waited for the innate god to reveal the answers.

On the side, the Dating Clan’s Deity Emperor was puzzled, Mister Wuji should ask the questions again right now and wait for Elder Luo to reveal the answers but Mister Wuji had forgotten this because of how eager he is.

The innate god Elder Luo also thought the same so he decided to skip the platitudes, “Your first question was how to achieve immortality as a mortal, and the second question was how to become an innate god. These two questions were actually the same as an innate god is immortal, hence, the question becomes how to achieve immortality. Now, I have an answer for this question.”

Zhong Yue’s eyes lit up and his heart tightened for he never expected Feng Wuji to ask such questions and that the innate god had an answer for the question!

Does this means that I will know how to become an innate god?

Elder Luo continued, “Mister Bi Luo said in order to live as long as the universe, the innate living beings tried endless methods. In the Dark Age, there were worshipping techniques that had the mortals praying to the innates so that their spirits and souls would remain in the world forever. However, such a technique could only preserve the spirit and soul but not the body. Without the living beings’ prayers, the spirit and soul would eventually die.”

Zhong Yue murmured in surprise, “This technique is actually from the Dark Age?”

Elder Luo nodded and continued, “Once enough people worship you, the power of worship will gradually alter your soul, allowing it to slowly take form. Given enough time, the void soul would materialize and turn into an innate god. However, this process requires at least 2,000,000 years and no postnate living beings’ spirit and soul could last such a long time, even a monarch’s spirit and soul could only last 120,000 years at most.”

The disappointed Zhong Yue then asked again, “And the second way?”

“The second way is through the Void World created by Sui Sovereign. The time flow in the Void World is extremely slow and spirits and souls that linger within would last almost forever but they would still die if no one worships them.”

Elder Luo continued, “The Void World was called as the Void World because no real objects could enter, including the postnatal’s body. Only their spirits and souls could enter, but once the race becomes extinct, the spirit and soul will die without prayers.”

Zhong Yue then recalled something and he asked, “Then could the innate gods enter the Void World?”

“Innate god’s soul and body are one so of course they could enter, but the postnate living being’s body will not be able to hide from the erosion of time.”

Elder Luo added, “The third way is to revert the postnatal state back to the innate state and there are many ways to do this. Countless outstanding postnate beings explored the wonders behind the reversion and many among them were Heavenly Monarchs. However, not many of them succeeded.”

Zhong Yue frowned slightly and said, “I heard of the possibility for the [Hundred Reincarnate Lives of Worldly Tribulations Scripture] to revert the postnatal state back to the innate state.”

Elder Luo smiled, “Ah, the [Hundred Reincarnate Lives of Worldly Tribulations Scripture], how familiar but ever since its creation, none of those that cultivate this art managed to become an innate god. The fourth way Mister Bi Luo said is to directly possess an innate god!”

Zhong Yue had a scare and he shouted, “But how? With their Yuan Shen and body as one, they could only be killed! This won’t work!”

Elder Luo nodded, “Indeed, but there are still many out there that will give it a shot. Apart from the four mentioned ways, there are one more way and the one with the highest success rate.”

Zhong Yue and the Dating Clan’s Deity Emperor immediately sat up straight and paid full attention fearing that they will miss a word.

“The fifth way is…”

Elder Luo paused for a second and said seriously, “Becoming a Dao God!”

“Dao God?”

The two listeners were dumbfounded; while the Deity Emperor had never heard of this term and knew nothing about it, Zhong Yue knew exactly what that was.

When Goddess Hou Tu created Reincarnation, she was blessed with a sudden moment of wonderful vision, which allowed her to ascend into a Dao God, shed away her previous body that later on became Goddess Shen Hou and she entered that impossible world.

Apart from Goddess Hou Tu, there were another few Dao Gods in Dao Venerate Fu Min’s era.

However, according to what Zhong Yue knew, only innate gods were able to become Dao Gods; even for someone as powerful as Dao Venerate Fu Min, who was a postnatal, he was not able to enter the impossible world after possessing power and knowledge on par with a Dao God.

“Senior martial brother, I thought they said that a postnate living being had no chance of becoming a Dao God?”

Zhong Yue hesitated, “I reckon that it is even harder to become a Dao God than becoming an innate god?”

Elder Luo smiled right away, “This was exactly my reaction when Mister Bi Luo told me. He said that in order to become a Dao God, a postnatal must shed previous bodies but as to how they would do that, he is not sure at all. After all, no postnatals have ever pulled this off.”

Zhong Yue was slightly caught off guard and he asked, “Shed previous bodies? What is the reason for this?”

“An innate god’s body is already almost a Dao body, formed by almost pure Daos and with only a shedding, an innate god will remove all impurities in his body while the postnate being needed a few times to clear away the impurities.”

Elder Luo said, “Such as the postnate mortal body from birth, the body of dirt from the energies and pollutions of the mortal worlds; the karmic body that is tangled by karmas; the body of emotions, the body of Daos. But that is what Mister Bi Luo said, I don’t know how true this was.”

Zhong Yue thought of something; he had already shed away the postnate body bestowed by his parents, achieving the innate body while his previous body became Gu Yue.

Apart from that, there was the body of dirt, karmic body, body of emotions, and body of Daos!

So I’m still so far behind.

Zhong Yue was a little excited. He was clueless before this, but now, this innate god had pointed out a path for him.

“If you become a Dao God, then you will be immortal for sure. It doesn’t matter anymore whether or not you are an innate god by then,” said Elder Luo.

Zhong Yue nodded as what Elder Luo said was extremely important to him for Zhong Yue now knew what he should do as the mist around his path cleared!

“The next time we meet again, may we still be friends.”

Zhong Yue stood up, bowed at Elder Luo and said seriously, “You are serving the Dating Clan now and I am under someone else. In the future, if we ever become enemies, I will not kill you as a token of appreciation for what you told me today, senior martial brother.”

Elder Luo had a scare and he immediately helped Zhong Yue up with a smile, “Why so serious? We may not be close friends but we still wouldn’t become enemies.”

“But with how messy the world is right now, the future is unpredictable.”

Zhong Yue tidied up his clothes and smiled, “Now, please pardon me. I have to take my leave now. Dear senior martial brothers, please take care of yourselves.”

“Mister Wuji! Why don’t you stay here for a few days?”

The Deity Emperor hurriedly halted him, “Is it because of our bad treatment?”

Zhong Yue burst out laughing and he replied, “I have urgent matters to be attended as soon as possible. See you!”

The Deity Emperor had no choice but to lead the way, bringing Zhong Yue to the portal before Zhong Yue bid farewell with them and got sent away by a cosmic stream after entering the portal.

Elder Luo then said, “Mister Wuji is improving quickly! He is now extremely powerful.”

The Deity Emperor jumped and he asked in doubt, “Mister Wuji? He is known for how wide his circle of friends is but powerful, him?”

Elder Luo smiled, “Previously, he was one in the top tier, a genius even among the True Deities but there is a huge gap between him and the likes of Yinkang Clan’s Yin Fanxuan and the young man from the Hundun Clan. He is also far weaker than Zhu Xie but now, I can feel a very powerful aura from him.”

He gave a moment to think about it and continued, “When he sat beside me, I felt that a ferocious dragon was slumbering inside him. It gave me a sensation that was much more chilling than whatever I felt from Zhu Xie! I can tell that his strength is on par with yours now.”

The shocked Deity Emperor then praised, “Mister Wuji is indeed Mister Wuji. I heard that XIan Tian Palace’s Mister Yi slew Zhu Xie with a miraculous saber attack and to be able to rival Mister Yi, Mister Wuji is really amazing!”

Elder Luo then humphed, “That Mister Yi actually dared to kill Zhu Xie before everyone, humiliating the name of we innate gods and if I run into him, I will definitely kill him!”

At the same time, a god came reporting, “Commander, Mister Wuji is visiting.”

“Mister Wuji?”

Elder Luo stumbled and he asked, “Which Mister Wuji?”

“Who else can it be other than me!”

Then came a burst of happy laughter from the outside as Feng Wuji walked in cheerfully and smiled, “Elder Luo, Brother Ting Yu, it has been a long time!”

Elder Luo and the Deity Emperor both jumped out, looked at him as if they had seen a ghost while the Deity Emperor stammered, “But we just sent you off so how are you still here? You should be in that teleportal cosmic stream right now…”

Feng Wuji was surprised and he immediately realized what happened, causing him to say angrily, “That “me” you all saw is Xian Tian Palace’s Mister Yi! This bastard disguised as me and fooled everyone with my identity! Damn it!”

Elder Luo’s mind went blank and he thought, No wonder he said that if we became enemies in the future, he will let me go! So that’s how it is! How brave this fool is! He actually sat with me and talked so confidently and spoke of sparing me!

His anger was quickly gone as the innate god calmed himself down, But it is too late to chase after him now. One day, we will cross paths again and we will settle our scores by then!

Meanwhile, after learning what happened, the furious Feng Wuji cursed Zhong Yue for awhile as Elder Luo looked at Feng Wuji with slight disappointment, Both are Misters but Wuji is far inferior to that Mister Yi.

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