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Rise of Humanity (Web Novel) - Chapter 986 - Cosmic Secret Realm

Chapter 986: Cosmic Secret Realm

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Translator: Exodus Tales  Editor: Exodus Tales

Two months later, the teleportal cosmic stream dispersed as Zhong Yue reached the ground. Right now, he had returned to his Mister Yi appearance, looking around and finding the Quasi Star Region to be a very harsh place. There were Quasi Stars everywhere, and this type of star was also called the Kui Sha Star. They were all over in the skies in high condensation and when looked at from afar, it looked like a vast starry swamp, hence, the name Quasi Star Region.

In the starry swamp, the massive Kui Sha Stars exploded, emitting a light brighter than the sun by million times. Light pillars shot out from the stars, lighting up the galaxies around.

The light pillars were like swords, slicing apart everything they came across.

Zhong Yue looked at these light pillars in awe and he thought, By observing the explosion of these stars, I can actually learn a powerful sword art.

However, he was here for Feng Xiaozhong to obtain the Fuxi Celestial Race’s arts and techniques, so he had no time to observe these light pillars.

Zhong Yue then identified Feng Xiaozhong’s location and immediately rushed towards that location.

Though the Quasi Star Region was a very harsh place, there were actually many locations suitable for habitation with even quite a few primitive races living around, leaving Zhong Yue awed.

In the Quasi Star Region, the only accessible places were the green oasis and the other places were so harsh that they were almost inaccessible.

This is a good place given how it is easy to defend and hard it would be to attack, but the greatest weakness of this place was how it is impossible to be develope. There are too few places suitable to inhabit.

He scanned around and continued his journey.

About ten days later, Zhong Yue was already very close to Feng Xiaozhong.

As he hiked past a mountain, he saw another sacred mountain before him, and within this mountain were many cultivating living beings. When Zhong Yue got close, he saw many children running around and playing with each other happily.

There is an innate god here!

Zhong Yue had a shock as he saw an innate god standing in front of Ling Yu Palace. This innate god was an innate demon dragon god and he was muscular and huge.

Upon seeing Zhong Yue, the innate demonic dragon god was also shocked and he exclaimed, “Someone actually managed to get here! That senior martial brother over there, greetings!”

Zhong Yue bowed back immediately and asked, “Senior martial brother, is the owner of this place in? Could you please notify him?”

The innate demonic dragon god had a scare and he immediately whispered, “Don’t ask about the owner here. This is a black palace and its owner is an evil one! You’d better leave or you’d be captured by the evil master who will then dissect you, tear you into pieces, rip your skin, pull out your veins and dig into your flesh. Go, hurry! It’d be too late when his Shi Tuo comes out!”

Zhong Yue was surprised and he laughed, “Senior martial brother, why are you here? And may I have the honor knowing your name?”

The innate demon dragon god smiled proudly and introduced himself, “I am from the Bi Luo Palace, an innate demon dragon god and my name is Mo Long. This senior martial brother, you’d better leave now or it will really be bad! There is also a big guy always around Shi Tuo and together, they will immobilize you and capture you!”

At the same time, footsteps were heard as Shi Tuo walked out of the palace with Xing Tian on his back. Upon seeing Zhong Yue, Xing Tian jumped down from Shi Tuo happily, rushed towards him and shouted, “Uncle Zhong!”

Shi Tuo immediately turned into a demon god with three heads and bowed humbly, “Second master.”

The innate demon dragon god’s expression turned pale as he looked at Zhong Yue with an empty mind, The second master of this Big Black Palace? This guy is also with them? But he had such a nice appearance, so much better than the evil one inside.

Zhong Yue then started walking into the palace and he smiled, “This one outside here is an interesting one.”

Xing Tian and Shi Tuo immediately followed behind him and Xing Tian smiled, “This one here likes to sing poems and he sang when he first arrived, only to be captured by master after singing two sentences.”

“Master wanted to make him his mount but he was unwilling,” said Shi Tuo.

The innate demon dragon god then heard the “second master” laugh, “The Bi Luo Palace’s innate gods are all arrogant. It is normal that they would be unwilling to become someone’s mount but no one will be able to remain proud and arrogant after being tortured by Senior Martial Brother Feng.”

Bunch of scum!

Thought the innate demon dragon god.

After walking deep into the palace, Zhong Yue finally saw Feng Xiaozhong, who finally had a rest and was enjoying his tea time relaxingly.

“My my, you are really free, senior martial brother,” said Zhong Yue as he sat down.

Feng Xiaozhong raised his head, took a look at Zhong Yue and smiled, “And you are always busy, never having the time to take a rest like me. You could’ve been like me, dwelling into research in Ling Yu Palace while enjoying some tea during your free time instead of being chased around by someone like a monkey. By the way, this is a tea tree I found on this planet, it seems to be a saint herb. Come, have a cup of tea.”

Zhong Yue poured himself a tea and he laughed at Feng Xiaozhong’s comment, “Our lives are short and whatever I can complete now must not be pushed to the next life. There are things that must be completed in time with all my strength.”

He then downed the whole cup of tea and right away, he felt energy rampaging through his body and divine rays started emitting as he felt the countless secret realms in his body were being heated up comfortably.

“What a nice tea!” said a moved Zhong Yue.

Feng Xiaozhong was surprised by this and he asked, “You’ve drinking such tea before?”

But to his confusion, Zhong Yue shook and Feng Xiaozhong asked again, “Strange, if you hadn’t, then how are you not affected by the tea’s power? I’ve opened up a lot of secret realms in my body after drinking this tea.”

Zhong Yue smiled and explained, “I’ve once consumed a saint herb called the Chaos Divine Fruit and it helped me to open up all secret realms inside me.”

“I see.”

Feng Xiaozhong took another sip and immediately, rumbles came from the inside of his body as the secret realms were blasted open by the energy and halos surrounded him.

He unified the many secret realms in him into the seventh secret realm. After that, his body and Yuan Shen were both heavily injured by the rumbles and he started coughing out blood.

Zhong Yue’s heart almost jumped out from his throat seeing this; he was only brave to do this because of Fu Shang, but as for Feng Xiaozhong, he had no one to help him and he still crazily opened up the seventh secret realm. He was really reckless and did not fear killing himself in the process!

Of course, Feng Xiaozhong had reserved a saint herb so powerful that it could pull him away from death, which was equivalent to someone like Fu Shang. Meanwhile, this saint herb Feng Xiaozhong obtained was far weaker than the Chaos Divine Fruit as it could only breach open a portion of the secret realms. However, Zhong Yue only had a Chaos Divine Fruit given how little these fruits were grown and Feng Xiaozhong had the entire tree himself!

Feng Xiaozhong then made another jar of tea, continued to rumble the seventh secret realm, understood it carefully and tried to merge it with the other six secret realms.

This time, Zhong Yue sharply noticed something different in Feng Xiaozhong’s seventh secret realm compared to his own’s; Zhong Yue’s seventh secret realm was the dimension secret realm while Feng Xiaozhong’s was the Cosmic Secret Realm.

This so-called Cosmic was actually the stars and every astronomical body ever known in history.

Like King Geng who was the Innate Galaxy Spirit Body, the energy contained in his spirit was the stars’ power, the force contained in the endless stars in the galaxies.

This power was very multifarious; before the Six Paths Reincarnation, the Innate Galaxy Spirit Body was nowhere stronger than useless but after Six Paths Reincarnation, the endless might within this innate spirit body was able to transition within the Six Paths Reincarnation, unifying all the strength to unleash mighty bursting power.

With how many stars there were, then this innate spirit body would possess the corresponding amount of power, Daos, and secret realms!

As such, when Feng Xiaozhong opened up the Cosmic Secret Realm, it was a little unexpected but reasonable for if the Six Paths Reincarnation’s six great secret realms were able to transition the power in the Cosmic Secret Realm, it was natural that Cosmic Secret Realm was opened up.

The Space Secret Realm Zhong Yue chose to open was relatively harder to be merged with the Six Paths secret realms and what Feng Xiaozhong chose was the easiest and fastest Dao path!

“If it weren’t for me, the one that achieved in cultivating the Cosmic Secret Realm into the seventh Reincarnation in the God Order Era would be an Innate Galaxy Spirit Body.”

As his body and Yuan Shen crumbled, Feng Xiaozhong took another sip and said calmly, “But with me here, achieving the Cosmic Secret Realm would have nothing to do with the Innate Galaxy Spirit Body anymore.”

Zhong Yue was speechless because what he said was right; in the end, the one with the highest chance to merge the Cosmic Secret Realm into the Six Paths Reincarnation to create the seventh Reincarnation was definitely the Innate Galaxy Spirit Body.

With how the Innate Galaxy Spirit Body possessed the power of stars, once this person reached the pinnacle, he would notice something when he studied the power in his secret realms and upon dwelling further as well as with the right knowledge, this person would be able to create the seventh secret realm and perfect it.

However, with Feng Xiaozhong’s interference, this mad man had plowed through this barrier and discovered the Cosmic Secret Realm first!

But Zhong Yue did not think that Feng Xiaozhong was able to develop and perfect the Cosmic Secret Realm just by himself as the knowledge, power and time required to do so were definitely enormous.

During Dao Venerate Fu Min’s era, there were more than 5,000 monarchs, and with the addition of the innate gods that survived from the Dark Age, they finally managed to create the Six Paths Reincarnation.

Hence, though he was very talented, Feng Xiaozhong would not be able to do this alone.

I will help him.

Zhong Yue thought, I created the Board of Future Monarchs in order to utilize their intelligence to aid me in perfecting the seventh secret realm and create the seventh Reincarnation.

With Zhong Yue’s help, Feng Xiaozhong would then possess the knowledge of a monarch.

The seventh secret realm, seventh Reincarnation might just happen on him and the Innate Galaxy Spirit Body would watch in remorse, regretting and blaming himself for his own stupidity.

About ten days later, Feng Xiaozhong stopped his experiments; though the tree was a saint herb, it would not last given how quick Feng Xiaozhong depleted its resources. By now, the leaves on the tree were all gone and Zhong Yue was worried about its wellbeing.

At the current state, Feng Xiaozhong was on the limit already; the time he could open his seventh secret realm was about the same as Zhong Yue and consuming the saint herb would not be as useful anymore at this point.

“Junior martial brother, what is it that you seek from me this time?” asked Feng Xiaozhong as he walked out the Ling Yu Palace and planted the saint herb back into the garden.

Zhong Yue then voiced out his intention, “I’m here for the Fuxi Celestial Race’s arts and techniques of that Fuxi I sent here.”

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