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Rise of Humanity (Web Novel) - Chapter 987 - Dao Worshipping Technique

Chapter 987: [Dao Worshipping Technique]

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Translator: Exodus Tales  Editor: Exodus Tales

“So this is what you are after?”

Feng Xiaozhong laughed, “My incarnations are researching him right now and are almost done with him. Just as you said, there are 17 monarch level arts in him but he’s only got Imperial Emperor level comprehensions, making them a little less useful to both of us right now. Perhaps, they might be of some use to you.”

Monarch level arts but with only the Imperial Emperor understandings meant that the arts’ level was dragged back to the Imperial Emperor level. After all, these arts were Feng Qingyu’s understandings. As someone that reached the Imperial Emperor level in his previous life, Feng Qingyu’s understanding towards these arts had reached the pinnacle level and not the monarch level.

For example, if a Heavenly Deity cultivated a monarch level art, when he taught this art to someone else, whatever he taught would only be in the Heavenly Deity level.

The same applied for monarch level arts, which would only be in the monarch level if taught by a monarch. Besides, depending on the monarch that taught this art, the results would differ as well.

But if it was taught by an Imperial Emperor, the level would be one level lower.

After being passed down for years, even the most powerful monarch arts couldn’t compare to what they were in the past.

This just showed how important Xin Huo was; the arts passed down by Xin Huo all came from the many inheritors, Heavenly Monarchs or monarch level existences. Although Xin Huo did not know how to cultivate because he was not an actual living being himself, the arts he taught to the inheritors had the original comprehensions of the creators themselves!

And this was also why after Dao Venerate Fu Min’s passing, the Fuxi Celestial Race was looking for Xin Huo everywhere crazily.

“Come, together, we will dig out everything from that Fuxi brat,” suggested Feng Xiaozhong.

“Alright!” nodded Zhong Yue.

The senior and junior martial brothers then happily entered Ling Yu Palace and before they entered the palace, they have already created endless incarnations, making themselves like an army which had the innate demon dragon god’ eyes twitched madly as he thought, The two masters of this Big Black Palace are really terrifying! I wonder who is going to be tortured by them this time!”

“Mo Long, you are going to be taking a rest for now.”

Shi Tuo laughed, “You can take a rest for two months now because master and second master will not be free to attend to you.”

Xing Tian said, “After you rested well enough, then it will be the time for the two masters to experiment on you.”

Mo Long humped and his face went pale immediately.

“This guy won’t feel relaxing anymore from now on,” laughed Shi Tuo who built his happiness on Mo Long’s agony.

In Ling Yu Palace, Feng Xiaozhong hung Feng Qingyu up with his own energy, triggered the Daos in Feng Qingyu and made him into a glowing giant with serpent’s lower body, causing him to present his peak form.

Zhong Yue praised, “What a nice move.”

Hanging a Heavenly Deity into the air with his own energy, triggering the Daos and energy in the deity’s body, it was a move that required high mastery.

This was equivalent to wielding a Heavenly Deity as a weapon, but only that Feng Xiaozhong was doing this for experiments instead of fighting.

There were similar moves in the other races, like how the demon races controlled the insect races and used them to fight. However, the move used by the demon races was a very inhumane one as they controlled the insect race’s brain and Yuan Shen and it was the insect race that was unleashing its own power.

The insect races were living weapons created by the demon races. When the demon races used them as weapons, they risked having the insect races betray them as the insect races were easily controlled by the mother queens.

Whenever there was an insect mother queen around, the demon races would always lose control of the insect races and risked being killed by these living weapons.

What Feng Xiaozhong pulled off just now was an even more extreme and refined method; if he was able to do this to Feng Qingyu who was an Imperial Emperor in his previous life and someone who had cultivated 17 monarch arts, Feng Xiaozhong would also be able to do the same on the other gods! If he ever used this in a fight, it would really be a good move!

In a battlefield, if someone who was capable of this suddenly controlled the enemy’s generals or soldiers and had them charging at their own people, this person will be able to strike a game changing move!

And in a duel, one could win the fight by controlling the enemy, have the enemy to lose control of himself briefly for that split second to deliver a deadly attack!

“Senior martial brother, please teach this move to me!” said Zhong Yue as his eyes lit up.

At this point, Zhong Yue respected Feng Xiaozhong even more as each time he visited Feng Xiaozhong, the man would always bring great surprises with his new creations!

As a Dao seeker that was entirely occupied with seeking Daos, Feng Xiaozhong had both the determination and capability.

“This is not a proper art or a technique, it can only be counted as a worshipping technique.”

Feng Xiaozhong’s psyche waved and transmitted this technique to him, “This worshipping technique requires vast and deep understanding towards Daos in order to control someone. I called it the [Dao Worshipping Technique] and you can’t cultivate it but sister-in-law can.”

“[Dao Worshipping Technique]?”

Zhong Yue dozed off for a second and started going through this [Dao Worshipping Technique], which he realized that this [Dao Worshipping Technique] was neither a technique nor an art but a mere praying method; through [Dao Worshipping Technique], one would worship and sacrifice the Daos cultivated by his enemy like the heaven and earth’s Daos, directly stripping away the enemy’s control over his own cultivation, body, and Yuan Shen!

A vast knowledge, great understanding towards Daos and on top of that, the affinity towards Daos were required for this!

“This is something only the Innate Saint Spirit Body can cultivate!” shouted the shocked Zhong Yue.

Feng Xiaozhong nodded, “After obtaining some blood from sister-in-law, I did some research and came up with this [Dao Worshipping Technique]. You can teach it to her and take it as a little compensation for her.”

Zhong Yue then remembered that Feng Xiaozhong once cut a wound on Yin Fanxuan’s hand when he met her, taking some blood away for research. Back then, Zhong Yue even comforted Yin Fanxuan about this and said that it was alright.

Who would’ve thought that Feng Xiaozhong had created an extraordinary art from the research on Yin Fanxuan’s blood!

In Zhong Yue’s hands, the [Dao Worshipping Technique] would not shine at all, but if it was used by Yin Fanxuan, the [Dao Worshipping Technique] would unleash incredible power!

The Innate Saint Spirit Body’s powerful affinity towards Daos would be pushed to the peak by [Dao Worshipping Technique] and in turn, bestow Yin Fanxuan with insane power!

Only by giving out some blood, Fanxuan had obtained herself with something magnificent like this! It was definitely worth it!

Zhong Yue was feeling happy for Yin Fanxuan right now.

Then, Zhong Yue and Feng Xiaozhong’s countless incarnations entered the cage locking Feng Qingyu, walked onto and dived into Feng Qingyu’s body and even Daos, drilled into his Yuan Shen, secret realm, turn into dusts that seeped into his brain, psyche ocean to study all of his secrets and totem patterns.

Meanwhile, Feng Xiaozhong had already passed the 17 monarch level arts he retrieved to Zhong Yue and among them, there were already some that Xin Huo had obtained. But there were more of those arts that Xin Huo had yet to come across with.

Zhong Yue then activated the [Innate Eight Trigrams] and went through these arts with his calculatory technique before going through the unsolved Dao totems in Feng Qingyu.

Feng Xiaozhong’s eyes lit up upon seeing Zhong Yue’s [Innate Tai Chi] and [Innate Eight Trigrams] and gaze coming from the zealous Feng Xiaozhong immediately had Zhong Yue all tensed up, prompting him to offer, “Senior martial brother, if you are interested in them, I can teach them to you without holding back!”


The disinterested Feng Xiaozhong immediately turned him down, “Why are you so boring? Don’t you know that there is more fun in exploring than being taught? Besides, I’d be able to understand it more if I researched it.”

Zhong Yue, however, taught the [Innate Eight Trigrams] to Feng Xiaozhong still and Feng Xiaozhong shook his head after going through it, “Junior martial brother, you and I have walked towards a different path where mine is easier than yours. Your seventh wheel is the Space Secret Realm and the eighth is the Time Secret Realm, uniting both the dimension and time, which is also almost impossible. Your [Innate Eight Trigrams] will only become a reference to me. There is no way I could cultivate it.”

At this point, their paths towards Daos had indeed diverged, no longer heading towards the same direction.

Feng Xiaozhong had developed the Cosmic Secret Realm, making it the extension of Six Paths Reincarnation and creating the Seven Paths Reincarnation. Whereas for Zhong Yue, the Space Secret Realm he created was not an extension of the Six Paths Reincarnation, making it even harder to create the Seven Paths Reincarnation.

“Perhaps, this is a path more suitable for you, not me,” added Feng Xiaozhong.

After that, the duo continued on researching Feng Qingyu.

Time flew and two months passed since then, but with their almighty intelligence, the 17 monarch level ultimate arts were all replicated by the two of them.

However, these arts were incomplete as they were not perfected and there were many parts in them that were missing.

If they wanted to obtain the perfect art, they would have to pray towards these 17 Fuxi Celestial Race’s monarchs for their spirits to descend and bestow them with the complete arts. Unfortunately, as what Fu Qizhi said, the Fuxi Celestial Race’s monarchs’ spirit were all constrained to the Void World, unable to descend to the world under watchful eyes. These worshippers would be smited into dust immediately by the enemies.

Among the Fuxi monarchs’ spirit, the only one that could descend into the world was probably Monarch Hao Yi who created the [Time Light Spatial Crystal Mystic Scripture]. He was the only one that cultivated both the Space Dao and Time Dao to the peak. Only he was able to breach through the enemies’ sealings.

However, Zhong Yue had received the [Time Light Spatial Crystal Mystic Scripture], the teachings from Monarch Hao Yi when the monarch’s spirit descended in the imperial tomb by spending his own power source, which would writhe his spirit even quicker, hence, there was no way Zhong Yue would try to summon Monarch Hao Yi.

So the only way to get the complete heritage was to go and meet the monarchs’ spirit on my own in the Void World. If Monarch Hao Yi could do it after cultivating the [Time Light Spatial Crystal Mystic Scripture] to the peak, then so can I!

Zhong Yue’s eyes blinked, But it is impossible at this moment. These 17 ultimate arts would be sufficient for now and Fu Li’s deadly weakness in his seventh spine vertebrae can now be eliminated.

Among the 17 arts were also Monarch Da Yao’s [Thirty-three Layers Heavens Da Yao Scripture], and Lady Monarch Yin Qiang’s [Yin Qiang Demon Conqueror Mystic Scripture], which was the one Zhong Yue desperately sought for.

Together, these two arts would be able to combine the spine and the Fuxi serpent tail together into an even powerful art.

Once these two arts were merged, Zhong Yue would experience a massive hike in his strength and he would become even stronger!

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