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Romance RPG (Light Novel)






Yu Wo, 御我


Action Adventure Fantasy Romance Shoujo Supernatural

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Unable to control his mouth, Lin Jian Yin scared away eight previous girlfriends and six previous managers thanks to his poisonous words. Finally unable to stand it, he goes to a strange antique shop recommended by his friend. The shop supposedly has something that can help him.

Even though a Nintendo that plays cartridges is a bit outdated, and probably no one plays it anymore, isn’t it too exaggerated to place it in an antique shop to sell?

After returning home with a Nintendo, Lin Jian Yin inserts the cartridge that the owner sold to him at a huge discount. Only then does he discover that this is actually a simulation game. The female protagonist isn’t a cute loli, nor is she a mature woman. Rather, with her old lady hair and blue-white slippers, she is such a frightening woman that calling her a Taiwanese babe would seriously be insulting Taiwanese babes.

Gods! His mission is actually to help this woman marry a perfect prince! How is that possible!!!

Wait, as the main guy protagonist, Lin Jian Yin actually isn’t the prince. Then, then, who exactly is he… No, “what” exactly is he?

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The chapter Addition Time
Magical Exchange Short Stories, Tomato Beef Soup Saves the World2019-08-13
Magical Exchange Short Stories, The Melancholy of Jealousy2019-08-13
Magical Exchange Short Stories: Prologue2019-08-13
Part Thirty-four (End)2019-08-13
Part Thirty-three2019-08-13
Part Thirty-two2019-08-13
Part Thirty-one2019-08-13
Part Thirty2019-08-13
Part Twenty-nine2019-08-13
Part Twenty-eight2019-08-13
Part Twenty-seven2019-08-13
Part Twenty-six2019-08-13
Part Twenty-five2019-08-13
Part Twenty-four2019-08-13
Part Twenty-three2019-08-13
Part Twenty-two2019-08-13
Part Twenty-one2019-08-13
Part Twenty2019-08-13
Part Nineteen2019-08-13
Part Eighteen2019-08-13
Part Seventeen2019-08-13
Part Sixteen2019-08-13
Part Fifteen2019-08-13
Part Fourteen2019-08-13
Part Thirteen2019-08-13
Part Twelve2019-08-13
Part Eleven2019-08-13
Part Ten2019-08-13
Part Nine2019-08-13
Part Eight2019-08-13
Part Seven2019-08-13
Part Six2019-08-13
Part Five2019-08-13
Part Four2019-08-13
Part Three2019-08-13
Part Two2019-08-13
Part One2019-08-13