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Spirit Realm (Web Novel) - Chapter 1710: Locking On Position

Chapter 1710: Locking On Position

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Qin Lie, Teng Yuan, Nivitt, and the others of Boluo Realm spread apart and searched the entirety of Boluo Realm.

The night in Boluo Realm was extremely long and enough for them to send their souls to each nook and cranny.

When the first sun appeared slowly in the sky, everyone gathered at Seven Spirits Islands.

"No, no abnormalities," Teng Yuan shook his head and said.

"I also searched carefully and did not find any strange soul fluctuations," Nivitt said.

Tyler and You Pu also shook their heads with a grimace. They hadn't found anything either.

"Same," Qin Lie said.

"Maybe… the shadow beings haven't arrived yet?" You Pu sighed in relief.

"Or maybe we cannot detect them." Qin Lie snorted and looked at Scott and Mitchell of the Demon Dragon Race. He said, "How about we delay going to Dark Shadow World for now?"

Scott nodded. "Alright."

"I will go see the situation at Sky Bearing City," Qin Lie said.

He left Seven Spirits Islands and traveled to Sky Bearing City through Boluo Realm's realm entrances.

In the hall of the Qin Family.

Qin Shan, the Ice Emperor, the Flame Emperor, An Hao, Lieyan Zhao, Han Che, and the others all had serious expressions.


Thirteen Serene Moon Race clansman corpses burned fiercely when Flame Emperor released his flame power.

Everyone looked intently at the thirteen corpses.


Qin Lie's Dark Soul Beast returned from Boluo Realm and suddenly appeared in the hall.

"Grandpa, elders, have you found anything?"

He couldn't resist asking when he arrived. He wanted to know the situation.

"The corpses of these thirteen have the presence of shadow beings. That presence… can form a unique orientation coordinate." An Hao of the Darkness Family sighed softly and said, "If I am not wrong, a shadow being is targeting Boluo Realm. They might not come now, but if they learn the position… their arrival will only be a matter of time. And they might bring many shadow beings along."

Qin Lie's expression was dark. "And we cannot stop him?"

An Hao shook his head. "Difficult."

"Boom! Boom!"

At this moment, the corpses of the thirteen Serene Moon Race clansmen turned to ash and gray-brown marks seemed to fly out.

Those marks only flashed before completely disappearing.

Even people as powerful as Qin Lie, the Flame Emperor, and An Hao did not know where the marks went.

"This is a way to get location coordinates," An Hao said.

Han Che and Lieyan Zhao of the God Race did not seem to know much about the shadow beings and did not state any opinions.

They listened to An Hao's explanation.

"What did you discover in Boluo Realm?" An Hao asked.

"Nothing. I attempted to search Boluo Realm carefully with the Soul Race searching arts and did not discover anything." Qin Lie shook his head. "The rank ten bloodline experts there also attempted to search and were also fruitless."

"The soul presence of the shadow beings is completely different from the other beings you are familiar with. I’m afraid normal methods won’t work," An Hao said.

"Then what should we do?" Qin Lie frowned.

"As far as I know, the souls of shadow beings are similar to the Soul Race. However, they are not like the Soul Race clansmen, who are only a pure soul. They have bodies." An Hao thought for a while and said, "But their bodies are extremely special. They are like a person's shadow. They appear to exist, but when you try to touch, you might find that it is intangible. It appears their bodies can change naturally from tangibility and intangibility."

At these words, Qin Lie shook and suddenly thought of the Spirits of Void and Chaos.

The bodies of the Spirits of Void and Chaos also could freely switch between incorporeal and tangible forms.

Also, based on his understanding of the Spirits of Void and Chaos, they seemed to… greatly desire to go to the Sea of Annihilation in Dark Shadow World.

After An Hao said this, Qin Lie had a feeling that the shadow beings and the Spirits of Void and Chaos were extremely similar. There might be a certain connection.

As he thought this, he decided inside when his main body comprehended the power laws of Flaming Sun Purgatory, and it stabilized, he would summon the six Spirits of Void and Chaos to see the situation.

"Hasn't Qin Hao gone to Dark Shadow World before?" the Ice Emperor suddenly said.

"Yes, he is the only one from Spirit Realm who was able to return from Dark Shadow World. We should ask his opinion," the Flame Emperor said.

"Qin Hao went to the Dark Shadow World and returned alive?" Lieyan Zhao was stunned.

An Hao and Han Che also shook when they heard the Ice Emperor and the Flame Emperor's words.

Even though they knew of this powerful person, they seemed… to feel that Qin Hao returning from Dark Shadow World was incomprehensible.

"What, this is… very rare in the universe?" The Ice Emperor was surprised.

An Hao took a deep breath and breathed. "We have never interacted with Qin Hao and didn't know he was so powerful."

Before this, when the God Race entered Spirit Race, Qin Hao had been fighting two Great Lords of the Abyss from the Chaos Abyss.

Later on, the God Race invaded Yellow Springs Purgatory while Qin Hao was in Nine Hells.

As a result, they’ve never met Qin Hao.

They never got to experience the true extent of his strength.

However, after learning from the Flame Emperor and the Ice Emperor that Qin Hao had successfully returned from Dark Shadow World, they were suddenly sure of Qin Hao's strength.

In their minds, each being that was able to come out of Dark Shadow World was worthy of their respect.

"He should be in Sacrificial Ghost Purgatory right now. In the short term… he will not return to Spirit Realm," Qin Shan said helplessly.

"That is a pity. If he is here, maybe… we can confirm if shadow beings have sneaked into Boluo Realm." An Hao felt regretful.

At the same time.

Beside the Nether River in Sacrificial Ghost Purgatory.

Qin Hao sat silently by the Nether River like an unmoving stone.

If he sensed that Castor's avatar attempted to form his soul and wake up using the power of Nether River, he would immediately act.

He had been sitting here for a while now.

"Crack crack! Crack crack crack!"

Suddenly, numerous cracks appeared above Qin Hao in the sky like cracks in a mirror.


The sky exploded and rays of Light of Annihilation splashed out of those cracks.

Qin Hao suddenly looked up.

The Light of Annihilation quickly gathered and twisted.

"Qin Hao, we found Spirit Realm, we found your home!"

A piercing scream came from the wriggling Light of Annihilation, filled with venomous hatred.

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