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Spirit Realm (Web Novel) - Chapter 1711: Misunderstood Invaders

Chapter 1711: Misunderstood Invaders

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In the space outside the realms.

There were many dead stars in a forbidden area near the Wood Race. There was an empty and chaotic space within those stars.

This place was the entrance the Night Ghosts experts had used to enter Spirit Realm.

"Whoosh whoosh whoosh!"

Chen Lin and Miao Yizi drove their seven-level Soul Altars like swimming fish and floated here.

Qin Lie's Dark Soul Beast avatar also came with Chen Lin and Miao Yizi to this place after leaving Sky Bearing City.

They came to close the spatial entrance.

"It's here," Qin Lie suddenly said.

Chen Lin and Miao Yizi controlled their Soul Altars to stop immediately.

Above them was a place very similar to Prism Continent of the Land of Chaos, where spatial power was extremely twisted.

"Zzt zzt!"

Enormous spatial cracks criss-crossed in that area like bright blades of light.

"It's here?" Miao Yizi said in surprise.

She released her soul consciousness toward the spatial cracks, a serious expression appearing on her face.

"There are hundreds of spatial cracks, and each one may go to different places." She looked back at Qin Lie. "Those thirteen Serene Moon Race clansmen may have come from any of the cracks. We cannot be certain… which one they came from."

Qin Lie observed carefully, nodded and said, "The spatial cracks here are unique."

His Blood Soul Beast avatar had used the spatial crack near Giant Race’s homeworld when he left Spirit Realm.

That spatial crack was not formed like the many criss-crossing spatial cracks here.

"We do not care where the Serene Moon Race clansmen came from." Chen Lin had a cold expression as he said, "We only have to destroy where the space overlaps unusually."

"Yes," Qin Lie affirmed.

Back in Sky Bearing City, he learned from An Hao that powerful shadow beings had already learned the location of Boluo Realm and Spirit Realm from the thirteen Serene Moon Race clansmen.

This meant that shadow beings were targeting Boluo Realm and Spirit Realm. They would come soon.

To stop them from coming, the best way was to destroy the path the thirteen Serene Moon Race clansmen had taken.

The chaotic patches of space there were the key to Serene Moon Race clansmen’s arrival. Once these cracks were destroyed, the shadow beings would have to find another method.

"Prepare to act!" Chen Lin shouted.

His seven-level Soul Altar suddenly gave off powerful spatial vibrations. A power that could twist the laws of space spread with him at the center.

At the same time, Miao Yizi also used her spirit art and her seven-level Soul Altar released blinding light.

In Spirit Realm at present, there were not many experts who were skilled in spatial power and able to destroy a place like this.

Chen Lin and Miao Yizi both possessed seven-level Soul Altars and such ability.

This was why Qin Lie had come with the two of them.

Feeling the power fluctuations from their Soul Altars, Qin Lie's Dark Soul Beast avatar retreated slightly and distanced itself from him.

He prepared to watch them destroy this place.

"Wait a moment!"

Suddenly, a panicked voice came from another distant dead star.


A Winged Race clansman with white wings suddenly appeared and looked in shock at them.

This female had rank ten bloodline. Her battle armor was engraved with exquisite patterns.

Before this, Qin Lie, Chen Lin, and Miao Yizi had not detected her presence.

Yet when she appeared, her bloodline presence suddenly grew powerful.

"Please do not destroy these spatial rifts!" she requested.

Qin Lie frowned and looked at the Winged Race female. He said, "Who are you? Also, why are you here?"

Chen Lin and Miao Yizi were also very curious.

"I am Lina, I am an elder of the Winged Race. I came through one of the spatial cracks." The beautiful Winged Race woman hesitated and said, "May I ask where this is?"

Qin Lie, Chen Lin, and Miao Yizi were all equal to rank ten bloodline Winged Race clansmen in strength.

She was only one person. Facing the trio, she appeared careful and did not want to start a fight.

Also, she was unfamiliar with this place. She did not know her position, or the surroundings.

"Elder of the Winged Race…" Qin Lie thought for a moment and suddenly said, "Do you know Stanca, do you know Linda?"

In the Origin World, he and the Winged Race had been close, and he had been on good terms with Stanca.

He had saved Linda of the Winged Race once and he knew that this Winged Race clansman that had entered the Origin World should have exceptional status in the Winged Race so he asked this question.

"You know Stanca? You know Linda?" Lina of the Winged Race suddenly grew excited and said, "Linda calls me Aunt!"

"In the Origin World found in the Darkness Abyss, I saved Linda's life, and fought side by side with Stanca," Qin Lie said.

"Your name?"  Lina said in shock.

"Qin Lie."

"Qin Lie?!" Lina screamed. "I know you! I heard of you! You have become very famous in the universe recently! I know you are an honored guest of the God Race, and possess the Blaze Family bloodline. I also know that you killed Yellow Springs Monarch Grom and replaced him. I also know that you helped the Bone Race against Castor in Bone World and disrupted his plan!"

"Is it really you?"

Lina became even more excited after Qin Lie stated his name.

She was not speaking nonsense. Qin Lie's name had been spreading through the universe recently. Almost all the powerful races knew of him.

The two princes of the Soul Race, Narsen, Grom, Castor…

These important people of the universe were all defeated or killed after crossing Qin Lie’s path.

Under the deliberate promotion of some people, Qin Lie became the focus of the universe. All the experts were asking about him.

Lina was a rank ten Winged Race clansman but she knew that she was not a match for peak existences like Narsen and Grom.

Fortunately, Qin Lie knew Stanca and Linda, so she knew Qin Lie should not be an enemy.

"This is Spirit Realm," Qin Lie said gravely.

Lina gradually calmed down. Then she said, "Over in Spirit Realm… have there been any abnormalities recently?"

"What do you mean?" Qin Lie said.

Lina hesitated and said, "Have you heard of the shadow beings? Have you been in contact with them?"

The trio suddenly frowned.

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