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Spirit Realm (Web Novel) - Chapter 1712: Great Misfortune

Chapter 1712: Great Misfortune

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"Why are you mentioning the shadow beings?" Qin Lie asked gravely.

Chen Lin and Miao Yizi were immediately alert. Their gazes were heavy when they looked at Lina.

They instinctively thought that Lina was connected to the shadow beings.

"One of the remote realms of the Winged Race suddenly disappeared," Lina thought for a moment and explained. "Some of our members saw a wriggling shadow in the stars near that realm. We thought… that realm might have been assimilated by the Dark Shadow World. I am responsible for investigating that matter and went to that area. I found a moving black hole and then came here through it."

Lina looked at Qin Lie, paused and then said, "We are sure that the shadow beings were active in the area, but we cannot find any tracks."

"I thought they came here through the black hole so I came here to investigate."

"Before coming here, I did not know that this is Spirit Realm, and I just came here not long ago. You are the first group of people I encountered."

Lina clearly stated her aims in coming here.

Qin Lie exchanged looks with Miao Yizi and Chen Lin. They saw each other's shock and were even more confident that the shadow beings had done things to the corpses of the thirteen Serene Moon Race clansmen.

"Has the Winged Race heard of the Serene Moon Race and the Dark Moon World?" Qin Lie suddenly said.

Lina nodded. "Of course. The Serene Moon Race is only a small race compared to our Winged Race, but the Dark Moon World they lived in was not especially far from our missing realm."

"However, the Serene Moon Race seemed to have been annihilated and the Dark Moon World they lived in was destroyed long ago."

"In the last ten thousand years, we have not seen many Serene Moon Race clansmen. I don't know why."

After Lina's words, Qin Lie suddenly understood.

The missing realm of the Winged Race was close to the Serene Moon Race's Dark Shadow World. This meant that the active range of the Dark Shadow World was changing but had not changed ridiculously.

That Dark Shadow World must be slowly consuming the nearby realms and finally reached the lands of the Winged Race.

"The Dark Moon World was consumed and assimilated by the Dark Shadow World. The Serene Moon Race clansmen were killed by the shadow beings," Qin Lie said gravely.

Lina was shocked. "How do you know?"

"There are Serene Moon Race survivors in Spirit Realm right now. And the patriarch of the Serene Moon Race, You Ye, and I… are close," Qin Lie explained.

"Then, then…" Lina said in shock.

Qin Lie slowly nodded. "Your missing realm should be assimilated by the Dark Shadow World just like Dark Moon World. This means that the shadow beings started to use the Dark Moon World as their base after killing the Serene Moon Race. After a period of feeding, they have neared your Winged Race lands. Your missing realm may only be the first target. Soon, maybe more realms nearby will be consumed by the Dark Shadow World."

Qin Lie continued amidst Lina's shock, "Not long ago, thirteen Serene Moon Race clansmen came to Spirit Realm through the spatial crack in front of you."

"But then, they suddenly died. We found the presence of the shadow beings in their burned bodies.

"We suspect the shadow beings are targeting Spirit Realm and we cannot rule out the possibility they’ve already infiltrated Spirit Realm."

"We came to destroy this spatial crack and stop the shadow beings from sneaking into Spirit Realm."

Chen Lin suddenly said, "Qin Lie, the Winged Race's matters have nothing to do with us. It is best to take care of our matters as fast as possible."

Miao Yizi nodded and said in agreement, "The longer this spatial crack exists, the more likely it is for the shadow beings to come through."

Qin Lie thought and said, "Destroy it."

"But I…" Lina shouted.

"You can return how you came, or you can wait for a bit and I’ll arrange for you to return home," Qin Lie said.

"You can send me back to the Winged Race?" Lina was shocked.

"Spirit Realm and God Realm are now connected. The God Realm should have a realm entrance connected to the Winged Race’s realms. If not, I can send you to the Frost Desolation Abyss, and you can return to the Winged Race through the abyss passageway in the Frost Desolation Abyss," Qin Lie said.

Lina looked at the chaotic spatial cracks, hesitated and said, "If so, then destroy this first."

In the interests of the Winged Race, she did not want Qin Lie and the others to destroy this spatial crack because the shadow beings were active within the Winged Race's borders.

If the shadow beings could flood into Spirit Race from this crack, this would be of benefit to the Winged Race.

This way, the Winged Race could avoid fighting the shadow beings. At least, the risk they faced would decrease.

However, she knew this, and Qin Lie, Chen Lin, and Miao Yizi also knew this.

She knew she wasn't a match for these three and could not fight the power that Qin Lie held.

Thus, she could only give in.

"Let's change places to talk."

As Chen Lin and Miao Yizi acted, Qin Lie invited to prevent Lina from disrupting the local spatial energy.

He pointed to the dead star that Lina had come from.

Lina seemed to know Qin Lie's meaning. She nodded helplessly and could only obediently follow him.

"How is Stanca recently?" Qin Lie searched for a topic.

"He has been working hard, and his potential is astounding. He is famed in the Winged Race. However, you know that half of his bloodline is from the Abyss Devils. Some of our clansmen do not accept him." Lina sighed. "Therefore, the missions he chooses are dangerous. He can die if he isn’t careful. Fortunately, he’s had good luck so far and turned this misfortune into a boon. His reputation is steadily growing."

"Oh." Qin Lie nodded and said, "When you return to the Winged Race, tell Stanca I want to see him."

"He was also part of this mission… " Lina said.

Qin Lie stilled.

"Qin Lie!" There seems to be something here!"

Suddenly, Miao Yizi's scream came from the spatial chaos.

Chen Lin also shouted. "Something is about to come through the spatial crack!"

Qin Lie and Lina frowneds at the same time. They, who had moved away from the chaotic area, immediately returned without even thinking.

"Zzt zzt!"

Dots of the Light of Annihilation came from the spatial crack that Lina had come through.

The Light of Annihilation twisted and wriggled as though it was about to turn into a humanoid figure.

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