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Spirit Realm (Web Novel) - Chapter 1714: A Terrible Scene

Chapter 1714: A Terrible Scene

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The tears in space were filled with large amounts of the Light of Annihilation that could corrode all things corporeal.

No matter how powerful the race, even the Abyss Devils would dissolve into nothing if they fell into it.

"The Soul Race can fight the shadow beings…"

Qin Lie suddenly thought of Lina's words. He looked deeply at the Light of Annihilation and his thoughts shifted.


His soul suddenly flew out of the Dark Soul Beast and floated above its head.

After a moment of thought, he went closer to the spatial crack.

A while later, his soul landed at its destination.


A thumb-sized soul split from his soul and attempted to touch the Light of Annihilation.

That thread of soul gradually hit the Light of Annihilation…

His soul felt no discomfort and the soul seemed to be completely unaware of the existence of the Light of Annihilation.

"As expected, it is possible!"

He became energized. In this moment, he believed Lina's judgement.

—The Soul Race, in their pure soul form, did not have to fear the Light of Annihilation!

He suddenly understood why Thamur of the Soul Race dared to touch the shadow beings.


After a thread of his soul tried, his rank ten subsoul turned into a ray and suddenly entered the Light of Annihilation.

His soul moved around in the spatial crack filled with the Light of Annihilation.

The terrifying corrosive power of the Light of Annihilation did not affect him in pure soul form after he abandoned the Dark Soul Beast body.

"Maybe… I can go take a look."

As he thought this, his rank ten Soul Race subsoul suddenly burrowed into the spatial crack that Lina and the shadow beings had come through.

The Light of Annihilation was still coming out of the spatial crack, and there were also unknown flowing lights from outside the realm.

His soul seemed to pass through a bright colorful passageway.

This passageway was not long…

A moment later, his soul passed through the spatial passageway.

He appeared in another galaxy where the Winged Race was!

When he came, he found more Light of Annihilation. Specks of it were like fireflies drawn to the black hole that was the door to Spirit Realm.

At this time, he saw a shadow wriggling in the distant dim space. It looked like an enormous mouth that gradually consumed a star.

According to his understanding, each star was a realm.

That star was not far from the black hole he was located in. He could feel many dark shadows flying around the star as the maw was devouring it.

He concluded that the eerie shadows had to be shadow beings!

He also realized that the wriggling shadowy maw should be the Dark Shadow World of the shadow beings!


He was shocked because he noticed that there were two enormous shadows wriggling even further away from him.

Looking in the direction of the two shadows, they seemed to be feeding on two other stars. Accompanying them was even more of shadow beings.

"There isn't just one Dark Shadow World!"

Qin Lie was shocked. In his trip here, he unexpectedly found something unique about the Dark Shadow World.

In the past, he thought the Dark Shadow World was a world—the world where shadow beings lived.

He thought that the Dark Shadow World was a whole, and couldn’t be divided. He assumed the Dark Shadow World would travel with shadow beings.

Yet now, he saw three Dark Shadow Worlds of different sizes moving around the Winged Race's territory. He finally understood the Dark Shadow World wasn’t a single world.

He thought of how his Soul Race soul could split into several parts and gather together. He finally understood the secret of Dark Shadow World!

The Dark Shadow World possessed the same abilities as the souls of the Soul Race!

The enormous Dark Shadow World could split into different parts to consume different stars and then gather back into one.

This meant that the shadow beings could attack many realms at the same time.

They could even attack different galaxies at the same moment.

If those split Dark Shadow Worlds could pass through the black hole and the spatial vortex, they would be thrown all around the universe, letting them commit slaughter everywhere!

"This is bad…"

This also spelled a grim conclusion—the shadow beings could easily attack both the Winged Race and Spirit Realm simultaneously!

That is, if they were powerful enough to split their forces!

In his shock he didn’t notice that the nearest Dark Shadow World was done consuming the star.

In his eyes, the realm belonging to the Winged Race was slowly disappearing.

After a while, the bright star completely left the now-dim galaxy.

The Dark Shadow World that consumed it wriggled slowly as if it was alive and moved through the galaxy.

After the Dark Shadow World left that place, the star that existed had disappeared forever.

It appeared that all the living beings on the star had been consumed and refined by the shadow beings.

Even the realm itself had become food for the Dark Shadow World and completely disappeared.


Having seen the entire process, Qin Lie felt his hairs stand on end. He recognized the great terror of the shadow beings.

If those Dark Shadow Worlds appeared around Spirit Realm…

The surrounding realms, homeworld of the Wood Race, Boluo Realm, Asura Realm, Dragon Realm, Giant Spirit Realm…

They would all slowly die and fade, their living beings dying along with them.

The races of Spirit Realm would only see the number of stars in the sky slowly decreasing.

Until, one day, there would be no stars in the night sky to speak of!

Subsequently, enormous shadow would shroud Spirit Realm.

The super-sized realm would be the last to disappear and be assimilated into the Dark Shadow World.

"I cannot let the shadow beings and the Dark Shadow Worlds anywhere near Spirit Realm!"

Qin Lie shouted madly in his mind. He was greatly terrified by the shadow beings.

"Ugh, ugh!"

At this time, he felt strange soul fluctuations come from around the nearby speck of Light of Annihilation.

He suddenly understood there were shadow beings nearby.


His soul immediately returned the way it had come there, entering the black hole

Seconds later, he returned to the Dark Soul Beast body. His expression was grave.

After a while, his grandfather Qin Shan, the Ice Emperor, the Flame Emperor, Lieyan Zhao, An Hao, Hua Tianqiong, Ji Dan, Hua Tianqiong, and Spirit Realm’s Genesis Realm experts hurriedly arrived.

Everyone gathered by the spatial crack.

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