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Sage Monarch (Web Novel)


Yang Qi was the son of the patriarch of a wealthy family from a small town.

Believing himself to be in love, he stole a pill for his lover, only to have the girl betray him, by taking the pill and leaving him behind.

Caught, his dantian was crippled and left to die under the lightning.

This lightning helped him to recover his lost martial arts and also helped him gain a new, divine-like cultivation technique.

After this second chance, he gains more power as he sought revenge and also to find about his missing mother….

6700 • 2019-04-27 20:39:11


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 889: Godhood in Hand2020-05-27
Chapter 888: A Needle and Jade2020-05-26
Chapter 887: Feinting to the East, Attacking from the West2020-05-26
Chapter 886: Seizing the Moment2020-05-26
Chapter 885: Fighting Over the Altar2020-05-24
Chapter 884: A Piece of Godhood2020-05-24
Chapter 883: The Beautiful Zilin2020-05-24
Chapter 882: The Cathedral is Found2020-05-24
Chapter 881: Putting More Pawns in Place2020-05-23
Chapter 880: A Mysterious Consort2020-05-23
Chapter 879: Another Danger Zone2020-05-23
Chapter 878: The Exquisite Desert2020-05-23
Chapter 877: God-King’s Tear2020-05-20
Chapter 876: A Billion Spell Formations2020-05-20
Chapter 875: Three-Headed God-Origin Grass2020-05-20
Chapter 874: Secrets of the Storehouse2020-05-20
Chapter 873: Unraveling the Warding Magic2020-05-20
Chapter 872: A Mouse in the Granary2020-05-18
Chapter 871: Treasure Storehouse2020-05-18
Chapter 870: Eight Legacy Medallions2020-05-18
Chapter 869: Hunting for Treasure2020-05-18
Chapter 868: Slaves2020-05-16
Chapter 867: Joining the Joyflower Palace2020-05-16
Chapter 866: Concealing Malice2020-05-16
Chapter 865: Getting the Tiger and the Wolf to Kill Each Other2020-05-16
Chapter 864: Countermeasures2020-05-16
Chapter 863: Coercion2020-05-14
Chapter 862: Joyflower Palace (Part 2)2020-05-13
Chapter 861: Joyflower Palace (Part 1)2020-05-13
Chapter 860: Transformations2020-05-12
Chapter 859: Breakthrough of Will2020-05-12
Chapter 858: Firmament-Blood Lightning-Origin2020-05-11
Chapter 857: Collecting Them All2020-05-10
Chapter 856: Philosophy2020-05-10
Chapter 855: Destabilizing Level2020-05-10
Chapter 854: Sword Duels2020-05-09
Chapter 853: The Legacy of God-Noble Goldensword2020-05-09
Chapter 852: A New Overall Structure2020-05-08
Chapter 851: Location of Godhood2020-05-08
Chapter 850: The Ancestral Wilds Basilica2020-05-08
Chapter 849: Forces on the Ancient Road2020-05-07
Chapter 848: Secrets Upon Secrets2020-05-06
Chapter 847: Fire God Soul2020-05-06
Chapter 846: Experts from the Ancient Road to the Gods2020-05-05
Chapter 845: People in the Necropolis2020-05-05
Chapter 844: Vital Energy Crumbles2020-05-04
Chapter 843: Grand Emperor Godworm2020-05-03
Chapter 842: Power Assessment Systems2020-05-03
Chapter 841: God Soul Godhood2020-05-03
Chapter 840: Three Worlds Together2020-05-02
Chapter 839: Energy Arts of the Seventy-Two Monarchs2020-05-02
Chapter 838: God Finger2020-05-02
Chapter 837: Something Comes (Part 4)2020-05-02
Chapter 836: Something Comes (Part 3)2020-05-02
Chapter 835: Something Comes (Part 2)2020-05-02
Chapter 834: Something Comes (Part 1)2020-04-29
Chapter 833: Changes to the Ancient Road2020-04-29
Chapter 832: Power Index2020-04-29
Chapter 831: Demonfolk Experts2020-04-29
Chapter 830: The Big Picture2020-04-27
Chapter 829: A Position of Power2020-04-26
Chapter 828: Subduing a Grand Emperor2020-04-26
Chapter 827: Mysteries of the Monarch Chart2020-04-26
Chapter 826: The Dao of Heaven Fights Fiercely2020-04-25
Chapter 825: Show Yourself!2020-04-24
Chapter 824: Seizing Power2020-04-24
Chapter 823: A Major Invasion2020-04-23
Chapter 822: Defeating the Demonfolk2020-04-23
Chapter 821: Flames of War Rage2020-04-23
Chapter 820: Campaign of Radiance and Light2020-04-23
Chapter 819: Demon League2020-04-23
Chapter 819: Demon League2020-04-22
Chapter 818: Surging Destiny2020-04-22
Chapter 817: A Cabal of Six2020-04-21
Chapter 816: Beast King Corpse2020-04-21
Chapter 815: The Four Emperors Together2020-04-21
Chapter 814: You Must Acknowledge Allegiance2020-04-19
Chapter 813: Submission by Beatdown2020-04-19
Chapter 812: Not Gonna Cooperate?2020-04-19
Chapter 811: Meeting Suzerains of Hell2020-04-19
Chapter 810: Fleeing Again2020-04-17
Chapter 809: Vying Over the Engine2020-04-17
Chapter 808: Primeval Experts2020-04-16
Chapter 807: Hooking the Fish2020-04-16
Chapter 806: Meeting with Sectlord Nine Yangs2020-04-16
Chapter 805: Rescue2020-04-16
Chapter 804: The Final Talismans2020-04-15
Chapter 803: Seven Gods Combined2020-04-15
Chapter 802: The Aeon Portal2020-04-13
Chapter 801: Secrets of the God Psalter2020-04-13
Chapter 800: Unlocking the Temple2020-04-12
Chapter 799: Young Master Leaf Goes All Out2020-04-11
Chapter 798: More Map Pieces2020-04-11
Chapter 797: The Rage of the Grand Emperor2020-04-11
Chapter 796: Supreme Position2020-04-10
Chapter 795: The Army of Radiance and Light2020-04-09
Chapter 794: Sowing Seeds of Disaster2020-04-09
Chapter 793: The Boss Behind the Scenes2020-04-09
Chapter 792: Seven Pieces of the God Psalter2020-04-08
Chapter 791: Distributing Resources2020-04-07