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Sage Monarch (Web Novel)


Yang Qi was the son of the patriarch of a wealthy family from a small town.

Believing himself to be in love, he stole a pill for his lover, only to have the girl betray him, by taking the pill and leaving him behind.

Caught, his dantian was crippled and left to die under the lightning.

This lightning helped him to recover his lost martial arts and also helped him gain a new, divine-like cultivation technique.

After this second chance, he gains more power as he sought revenge and also to find about his missing mother….

1011 • 2019-04-27 20:39:11


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 552: Decade2019-12-12
Chapter 551: Immortal Body2019-12-12
Chapter 550: Cultivation2019-12-11
Chapter 549: Establishing a Network of Laws2019-12-10
Chapter 548: Mass Surrender2019-12-10
Chapter 547: Misty Kingdom2019-12-09
Chapter 546: The Very Strange Voice2019-12-09
Chapter 545: Negotiation2019-12-09
Chapter 544: Suing for Peace2019-12-08
Chapter 543: The Immortal World Defeated2019-12-07
Chapter 542: Reaching the Eighth Order2019-12-07
Chapter 541: A God Item Appears2019-12-06
Chapter 540: Going All In2019-12-06
Chapter 539: Holding the Line2019-12-06
Chapter 538: Epic Battle2019-12-05
Chapter 537: Fierce Fighting2019-12-05
Chapter 536: The Immortal World Invades2019-12-04
Chapter 535: Godliness2019-12-04
Chapter 534: Returning2019-12-03
Chapter 533: Killing Chief Beastmaster2019-12-02
Chapter 532: Irreconcilable2019-12-02
Chapter 531: Extreme Danger2019-12-02
Chapter 530: Father Appears2019-12-01
Chapter 529: Heaven and Earth Furnace2019-11-30
Chapter 528: Plundering2019-11-30
Chapter 527: Killing Fist of the Dao of Monarchs2019-11-29
Chapter 526: Passageway to the Immortal World2019-11-29
Chapter 525: In This Together2019-11-29
Chapter 524: Assimilation2019-11-28
Chapter 523: Elder-Immortal2019-11-27
Chapter 522: God Item2019-11-27
Chapter 521: Siblings Reunite2019-11-27
Chapter 520: Into the Monarch Chart Again2019-11-26
Chapter 519: He’s Back!2019-11-26
Chapter 518: Taking an Energy Art2019-11-25
Chapter 517: Boundless Faith2019-11-25
Chapter 516: The Overall Structure2019-11-24
Chapter 515: Big Matter for the Immortal World2019-11-23
Chapter 514: Complete Annihilation2019-11-23
Chapter 513: Sage Monarch Collegium2019-11-23
Chapter 512: Devastating an Immortal2019-11-22
Chapter 511: The Trap2019-11-22
Chapter 510: A Banished Immortal Arrives2019-11-21
Chapter 509: Fierce Breakthrough2019-11-21
Chapter 508: Birth Origin2019-11-20
Chapter 507: Praying to the Heaven Above2019-11-20
Chapter 506: Kill You All2019-11-19
Chapter 505: Axes to Grind2019-11-19
Chapter 504: Dumbstruck2019-11-18
Chapter 503: One Massive Attack2019-11-18
Chapter 502: Initiation Power2019-11-17
Chapter 501: Magnetic King Sarira2019-11-16
Chapter 500: The Supreme Rector's Plot2019-11-16
Chapter 499: Terrified2019-11-15
Chapter 498: Crushing Weeds and Smashing Twigs2019-11-15
Chapter 497: A Big Fight2019-11-14
Chapter 496: Deadly Recklessness2019-11-12
Chapter 495: Different Daos2019-11-12
Chapter 494: More and More Emerge2019-11-12
Chapter 493: Overlords Fight2019-11-11
Chapter 492: Enemies Everywhere2019-11-11
Chapter 491: The True Battlefield2019-11-10
Chapter 490: Endless Experts2019-11-10
Chapter 489: Transformations2019-11-09
Chapter 488: Incredible2019-11-09
Chapter 487: Liege Beast2019-11-08
Chapter 486: God Blood2019-11-08
Chapter 485: The Godrelic2019-11-07
Chapter 484: The Beastmaster Society2019-11-07
Chapter 483: Duped2019-11-06
Chapter 482: Negotiation2019-11-05
Chapter 481: Secret Meeting2019-11-05
Chapter 480: Tusita Heaven2019-11-05
Chapter 479: Creating a Planetary System2019-11-04
Chapter 478: Immortal Army Battlefield2019-11-03
Chapter 477: Shocking Renown2019-11-03
Chapter 476: Invincible2019-11-03
Chapter 475: Vice-Rectors2019-11-02
Chapter 474: Intrepid Slaughter2019-11-02
Chapter 473: Cutting Down an Elder King2019-11-01
Chapter 472: Viciously Shaking the Collegium2019-10-31
Chapter 471: Demi-Immortal Tribulation2019-10-31
Chapter 470: World Splitting2019-10-31
Chapter 469: Arrogant and Despotic2019-10-30
Chapter 468: Weaklings2019-10-29
Chapter 467: You Can All Just Die2019-10-29
Chapter 466: Get Out Here!2019-10-29
Chapter 465: Eight Hundred Forty Million Particles Awake2019-10-28
Chapter 464: All the way to the Ninth2019-10-27
Chapter 463: Three Periods Tribulation2019-10-27
Chapter 462: Planet Sage Monarch2019-10-27
Chapter 461: Rising Rapidly2019-10-26
Chapter 460: Goals Met2019-10-26
Chapter 459: Very, Very Hard2019-10-24
Chapter 458: Mahanata Greyspace2019-10-24
Chapter 457: Elysian Children2019-10-24
Chapter 456: A Deal2019-10-23
Chapter 455: Devil Sauvastika Assembly2019-10-23
Chapter 454: A Good Person2019-10-22
Chapter 453: The Future2019-10-22