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Sage Monarch (Web Novel) - Chapter 489: Transformations

Chapter 489: Transformations

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Translator: Deathblade

Editor: Chesire Phoenix

“Don’t worry,” Great Sage Ultra-Heaven said. “Yang Qi killed an elder king in the Titan Emperor Collegium, earning a terrifying name for himself. Nobody could possibly defeat him at the moment, so how could August Patriarch Mammoth Heaven possibly cause problems?

“Besides, Yang Qi has turned the Sage Monarch planetary system into a holy land for cultivation and his subordinates are becoming Demi-Immortals left and right. They’re already stronger than the Hanging Mountain, overall. Becoming part of the Sage Monarch planetary system will only benefit us.”

Even as he spoke, the enormous planetary system approached, complete with its host of satellite planets. Spirit energy erupted like blooming flowers, and it was possible to watch with the naked eye as it surrounded the Hanging Mountain and its associated planes.

The spirit energy of the Sage Monarch planetary system came from an immortal formation which constantly drew on the power of the Tusita Heaven to form immortal stones. Considering that, it was hard to imagine how beneficial it was. Not even the Titan Emperor Heaven had energy of this level.

And with Yang Qi stationed in the Sage Monarch planetary system, he could open passageways to the Hell of Mahānata and the Hell of Gloom and Darkness, from which he could extract devil stones to convert into either spirit or immortal stones. In fact, some of the planets orbiting the planetary system were actually made from spirit stone, making it very similar to the Central Planetary River.

“Such incredible spirit stone energy!” Great Sage Ultra-Heaven said, reaching out and grabbing a stream of energy. As the moments passed, it coalesced into a spirit stone. Shockingly, it was a sovereign-grade spirit stone, the type that would be profoundly beneficial even to Great Sages.

“What level of universal power is this? Even a bit of energy can become a sovereign-grade spirit stone?!”

All of a sudden, an immense wave of power descended onto the ancient golden tree that was the home of the Rocfolk. Then Yang Qi was right there in front of Great Sage Ultra-Heaven.

“That’s right,” he said. “The universal power of the Sage Monarch planetary system is like that of high-level immortal worlds. This type of power must surpass the Titan Emperor Heaven by tens of thousands of times. I’ll do my best to help you Rocfolk. After all, back in the training competition, you didn’t oppose me. I haven’t forgotten that.”

Yang Qi knew that there was potential within the Rocfolk, and he liked that they stayed out of the power struggles. Even more importantly, they had never joined forces with August Patriarch Mammoth Heaven. As such, he had decided to help them grow.

Great Sage Ultra-Heaven immediately bowed low and said, “We welcome your presence with open arms, Young Master.”

He knew that things had changed. He was a ninth step Great Sage, but Yang Qi was a person who had slaughtered elder kings. Obviously, the mere flick of Yang Qi’s finger could wipe out all of the Rocfolk in the blink of an eye.

“There’s no need for such courtesy,” Yang Qi said. “Your people need to get stronger! In the near future, war will come to the Yore Wilds and beyond, even to the Titan Emperor Heaven itself. It will likely be more intense than the war with the Hell of Euphoria. If things go as I expect, it will be a major upheaval for this heaven and earth. The only way you’ll survive is if you get stronger and stick with me. I won’t let you down. Your ancient golden tree is a relic from primeval times, but unfortunately, it’s withering. If you want to stimulate its life force, you’ll need greater enlightenment of the dao of heaven and also, a source of immense power. Thankfully, I can help with that. Incidentally, although you’re known for your flying speed, I think you can improve in that regard.”

The flight skills of the golden rocs were famous, even in the ancient era. However, their speed couldn't come close to that of the Angel Wings. Yang Qi’s cultivation level was so high now that he could easily see the defective aspects of the rocs’ arts.

“Many thanks, Young Master!” Great Sage Ultra-Heaven said jubilantly.

“Watch,” Yang Qi said, and flicked his finger. A dazzling halo settled onto the ancient golden tree, which trembled, then suddenly erupted with life force. Leaves sprouted everywhere on it and it began shining with golden light.

There were even soft shoots that stretched out with flower buds on the end.

“Father, the ancient golden tree is actually blooming!” Princess Saddharma exclaimed. Flying over, she landed on a flower bud that was fully dozens of kilometers from end to end and emanated a fragrant aroma. There were minor worlds inside of the flower buds, all of them filled with light and power. “This is the stuff of legend! Not even the ancestors spoke of the ancient golden tree blooming. The golden flowers of this tree are worlds of their own that provide immense benefit to cultivation.”

Cheers rose up from the Rocfolk.

“This is nothing,” Yang Qi said. “Great Sage Ultra-Heaven, take this flying technique I devised. Fuse it with your true energy, and I guarantee that you’ll be three to five times faster than before.”

He waved his hand and a pair of wings sprouted behind him. They had a span of dozens of meters and shone with dazzling light. Instantly, the script and will contained within the wings flowed out, imparting a consummate energy art to Great Sage Ultra-Heaven.

It was a unique flying art that Yang Qi had created, based on his understanding of the Angel Wings and the enlightenment he had received from his godworms regarding the godly laws of space. It was enlightenment that the Rocfolk would definitely benefit from.

Great Sage Ultra-Heaven took it, then settled down cross-legged to analyze it. Almost immediately, his face shone with joy. “Many thanks, Young Master. Many thanks! I’ll be a Demi-Immortal soon with this.”

At this point, hearty laughter reached their ears along with a sonorous voice. “Young Master, if you’re willing to help the Rocfolk in this manner, then might I beg for some assistance? We Levianthanfolk could use some help as well.”

It was none other than Leviathan Truesoaring.

“You Leviathanfolk provided me with a lot of assistance, so of course I’ll take care of you. I already created a special planet in the Sage Monarch planetary system, an ocean of true water that the Levianthanfolk can call their home. I’ll also give you some supreme divine abilities that will unlock your genes and allow you to surpass, not only the ancient ordinary leviathans, but the dracoleviathans.” Smiling, Yang Qi waved his finger and sent a stream of bright light into Leviathan Truesoaring.

Leviathan Truesoaring threw his head back and roared as countless tribulation clouds popped into being above him.

“Demi-Immortal tribulation!” Great Sage Ultra-Heaven blurted in shock. Obviously, Yang Qi had bestowed some unknown will and true energy onto Leviathan Truesoaring, instantly allowing him to achieve a breakthrough!

Things proceeded in this fashion as the Hanging Mountain was integrated into the Sage Monarch planetary system, thanks to the seventy-two Universal Demi-Immortal infernals that Yang Qi had summoned for that purpose. Countless Demonfolk received help from Yang Qi, including the Tigerfolk, Cranefolk, and many others.

Henceforth, the Yore-Wilds wouldn't contain any so-called Hanging Mountain. It would only have the Sage Monarch planetary system.

The Sage Monarch planetary system was now ten times larger than before, and its vital energy was even more plentiful.

Yang Qi worked as hard as he could. When the seventy-two infernals were done with their work, he refined them into seventy-two devil-god pillars. They were now like magical treasures that would help defend the planetary system.

There was little other choice for Yang Qi. Without refining them into the devil-god pillars, he wouldn't be able to summon any other fiend-devils. With them, and the power of the undying god soul, the planetary system could hold out against a Paragon Demi-Immortal for an extended time, even without Yang Qi there to help.

Acts of creation occurred throughout the Sage Monarch planetary system. New space-time wormholes were set up, and new channels of communication. If there was an attack, the populace could pool their magical power to bless the undying god soul and bolster the defenses.

The Sage Monarch planetary system grew more stable with every moment that passed.

Now that the Holy Mother had taken the godrelic for her own, she didn’t need to travel to the Hell of Gloom and Darkness to further her cultivation. She could remain on the mother planet of the Sage Monarch planetary system full time.

“Qi’er, with that god blood, my energy arts are even more powerful. Soon, I’ll have enlightenment of the Paragon Demi-Immortal level, and perhaps even step halfway into Demolishing. There’s even a slight chance I’ll be able to proceed directly into becoming a Demolisher. In any case, you can rest your heart at ease and go about whatever travels you deem necessary. The Sage Monarch planetary system will be safe for the time being.”

“Wonderful. Sword Seventeen and I need to get back to the Invincible Society and see what’s been happening in the Titan Emperor Collegium.”

With that, he and Sword Seventeen headed back.

Yang Qi was returning in a much different condition than he had been when he left. His cultivation base had increased and his battle prowess had climbed. Unless an immortal came along, he could win a one-on-one fight with anyone in the mortal world.

Upon their return, Sword Seventeen and Yang Qi found that the Invincible Society, and the area surrounding it, were peaceful and quiet. Apparently, it had become a forbidden region of sorts. No one dared to even go close to it, for fear of ending up dead.

Considering the scene Yang Qi had caused, no student in the collegium dared to look down on him.

“We really established a name for ourselves, Junior Brother,” Sword Seventeen said, chuckling. “When Eldest Brother gets back, I think even he will admire you.”

They began bantering back and forth, but then Yang Qi’s society chief command medallion vibrated as a message came in. “Yang Qi, get over to the Plane of Initiation immediately. The initiators have business to discuss with you. The immortal worlds have passed down word that the Immortal Army Battlefield will be opening soon. You need to safeguard the genius students from our collegium and lead the slaughter of the students from the others.”

“Oh? It’s starting already? Time to meet some experts from the other collegiums?”

He and Sword Seventeen immediately flew up into the air.

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