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Saikyou Juzoku Tensei ~Cheat Majutsushi no Slow Life~ (Web Novel) - Chapter 2: The day of reincarnation

Chapter 2: The day of reincarnation

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Just where is this exactly?

My mind is dim, but I certainly have consciousness.

I should have been hit by a truck.

I thought I had completely died, but apparently the human body is much more durable than I thought.

Perhaps it’s a miracle provided by one of the black magic items I ordered from overseas by working.

If I’m not mistaken, I have a memory of zombie powder and phoenix’s fried chicken.

By the way, zombie power was sweet tasting. I put it in coffee and drank it.

The phoenix’s fried chicken had a taste like an eraser. I have a memory of splitting it with my club’s upperclassman Yama-san and eating it.

I have the feeling a long time has passed since I was hit by the truck, while also having the opposite feeling.

It unexpectedly might have ended in a minor injury.

I remember until getting struck off the walkway and losing my consciousness, but I don’t have confidence on how bad my injuries were.

Although, I’m glad I’m alive.

Which reminds me, I have the feeling that girl clung to me while crying.

That’s a good sign I’ll be able to convince her. The black magic research society is unending and immortal.

After thinking about such worthless things, I open my eyes and see an unknown woman.

She’s clearly not Japanese. Her hair and skin are white as if transparent with red eyes.

It was a beautiful person with a ephemeral impression.

Her face is quite close. I attempted to pull my neck back without unconsciously, but I can’t move my neck well.

The woman’s eyes meet with mine and she smiles sweetly.


This is clearly a language I have never heard before.

From beside the woman, a single man peeks into my face.

This man has white hair and red eyes in the same way as the woman.

Um, what country’s people are these…… ?

“A, a, au…… ”

I mix in hand gestures trying to communicate my will, but words wouldn’t properly come out.

No, it’s not just that.

I looked at my own hands and was shocked. They were small hands, as if those of a baby.

Furthermore, in the same way as the two in front of me, a low pigmented white.

I instinctively sensed it.

Perhaps I have been reborn.

Perhaps this handsome man and beautiful woman who look to be from another mysterious country are my parents in this life.

No, something like that is impossible.

I quickly take a glance at my feet.

I was lifted up by the woman.

“Au, Auu! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!”

I cried and screamed.

The woman moved her hands holding me up and down as to comfort me.

No, that’s not it.

The man and woman looked at me with a happy expression.

Their eyes were completely those of a parent looking at their child.

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