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Saimin Regulation (Web Novel)


This is a story where the protagonist who obtained hypnosis does whatever he pleases and assaults girls at school.

There are many lines where common sense is rewritten and unconscious assault. Not just sex, but the particulars regarding the process, the situation, and the atmosphere of what occurs prior to the act are written about as much as possible.

1544 • 2019-08-27 15:17:11


The chapterAddition Time
Extra Arc 23: Academy Basic Vaginal Tightening-Arc *Contains Illustration-like thing2020-11-09
Extra-Arc 22: Houjou Kokoro Rewind Ogling-Arc2020-11-04
Extra-Arc 21: Touhou Sunou Devilish Girl-Arc2020-10-18
Extra-Arc 20: Academy Friendship Rape-Arc2020-10-11
Extra-Arc 19: Academy Service Tools-Arc2020-09-27
Extra-Arc 18: Protagonist Feminisation-Arc 22020-09-20
Extra Arc 17: Minami Mai Bitch Personality-Arc2020-09-06
Extra-Arc 16: East-North Early Morning Foolery-Arc2020-08-30
Extra-Arc 15: Houjou Kokoro Regression-Arc2020-08-23
Extra-Arc 14: Academy Rape Report-Arc *Contains an Illustration-like thing2020-08-09
Extra-Arc 13: Seibu Rein Transparent Tryst-Arc2020-08-02
Extra-Arc 12: Minami Mai Lover’s Talk Intercourse-Arc2020-07-26
Extra-Arc 11: Academy Comforting Whip-Arc *Contains an Illustration-like thing2020-07-12
Extra-Arc 10: Academy Reverse Rape-Arc *Contains an Illustration-like thing2020-07-05
Extra-Arc 9: Minami Mai Toilet Demonstration-Arc2020-06-28
Extra-Arc 8: Houjou Kokoro Reverse Sleep Assault-Arc2020-06-14
Extra Arc 7: Seibu Rein Female Rabbit Academy-Arc 22020-06-07
Extra Arc 6: Minami Mai Female Rabbit Academy-Arc2020-06-02
Extra Arc 5: Academy Floor Interview-Arc2020-05-18
Extra Arc 4: Minami Mai Hospitable Welcome-Arc 22020-05-03
Extra Arc 3: Seibu Rein Decorative Colouring-Arc2020-04-26
Extra Arc 2: Grandfather’s Memoirs2020-04-12
Extra Arc 1: Protagonist Feminisation-Arc2020-03-29
Final Episode2019-09-08
Episode 90: Academy Desire Inspection-Arc2019-09-01
Episode 89: Touhou Sunou Emotional Tyranny-Arc2019-08-27
Episode 88: Houjou Kokoro Sexual Technique Coaching-Arc2019-08-27
Episode 87: Touhou Sunou Future Rape-Arc2019-08-27
Episode 86: Seibu Rein Reverse Rape-Arc2019-08-27
Episode 85: Seibu Rein Confession Rape-Arc2019-08-27
Episode 84: Academy Promiscuous Assembly-Arc2019-08-27
Episode 83: Touhou Sunou Banishing Impure Thoughts-arc2019-08-27
Episode 82: Houjou Kokoro Right Tool for the Right Job-Arc2019-08-27
Episode 81: Minami Mai Diverging Branch-Arc2019-08-27
Episode 80: Minami Mai Confession-Arc2019-08-27
Episode 79: East-West-South-North Gift Fuck-Arc2019-08-27
Episode 78: Minami Mai Semen Order-Arc2019-08-27
Episode 77: Touhou Sunou Parents Imitation-Arc2019-08-27
Episode 76: Touhou Sunou Accompanied Rape-Arc2019-08-27
Episode 75: Academy First Day of Work-Arc2019-08-27
Episode 74: South-North Interview Rules-Arc2019-08-27
Episode 73: Minami Mai Hauled into an Interview-Arc2019-08-27
Episode 72: Academy Pregnant Lecture-Arc2019-08-27
Episode 71: Academy Falling Into Ruin Experience-Arc2019-08-27
Episode 70: Touhou Sunou Home Visit-Arc2019-08-27
Episode 69: West-South Dual Resonance-Arc2019-08-27
Episode 68: West-South Russian Roulette-Arc2019-08-27
Episode 67: Academy Relishing Return-Arc2019-08-27
Episode 66: Houjou Kokoro Snap Decision Act-Arc2019-08-27
Episode 65: Seibu Rein Eccentric Hot Spring-Arc2019-08-27
Episode 64: Seibu Rein Childhood Rape-arc2019-08-27
Episode 63: Seibu Rein Regression Play-Arc2019-08-27
Episode 61: Seibu Rein Forest Bath-Arc2019-08-27
Episode 61: Seibu Rein Time Lag Rape-Arc2019-08-27
Episode 60: Academy Love God-Arc2019-08-27
Episode 59: West-North Folk Dance-Arc2019-08-27
Episode 58: Academy Nurarihyon-Arc2019-08-27
Episode 57: East-West-South-North Cultural Festival Daily Life-Arc2019-08-27
Episode 56: Touhou Sunou Theatre Tragedy-Arc2019-08-27
Episode 55: Academy Fertilisation Photo-shoot-Arc2019-08-27
Episode 54: Minami Mai Female Body Cafe-Arc2019-08-27
Episode 53: Academy Pole Trial-Arc2019-08-27
Episode 52: East-West-South-North Cultural Festival Introduction-Arc2019-08-27
Episode 51: Houjou Kokoro Whole Body Rape-Arc2019-08-27
Episode 50: Seibu Rein Anus Interrogation-Arc2019-08-27
Episode 49: Seibu Rein Slave Stand-In-Arc2019-08-27
Episode 48: Minami Mai Slovenly Rape-Arc2019-08-27
Episode 47: Minami Mai Slave Stand-In-Arc2019-08-27
Episode 46: Touhou Sunou Hostility Stagnation-Arc2019-08-27
Episode 45: Touhou Sunou Slave Stand-In-Arc2019-08-27
Episode 44: Academy Invisible Human-Arc2019-08-27
Episode 43: Seibu Rein Advantage Counterattack-Arc2019-08-27
Episode 42: Academy Fertilisation Lesson-Arc2019-08-27
Episode 41: Seibu Rein Impure Love Affair-Arc2019-08-27
Episode 40: Minami Mai Yukata Dressing-Arc2019-08-27
Episode 39: Houjou Kokoro Consensual Sadism-Arc2019-08-27
Episode 38: Seibu Rein Deep Rape-Arc2019-08-27
Episode 37: Minami Mai Restrained Sleep Rape-Arc2019-08-27
Episode 36: South-North Nude Beach-Arc2019-08-27
Episode 35: Minami Mai Swimming Training-Arc2019-08-27
Episode 34: Seibu Rein Reverse Sleep Rape-Arc2019-08-27
Episode 33: East-West-South-North Travel Introduction-Arc2019-08-27
Episode 32: Touhou Sunou Pet Classmate-Arc2019-08-27
Episode 31: Touhou Sunou Regulation Uniform-Arc2019-08-27
Chapter 30: Minami Mai School Freeze-Arc2019-08-27
Episode 29: Houjou Kokoro Ridiculous Production-Arc2019-08-27
Episode 28: Houjou Kokoro Newly-Weds Morning Imitation-Arc2019-08-27
Episode 27: Seibu Rein Love-Juice Ointment-Arc2019-08-27
Episode 26: Seibu Rein Semen Consumption-Arc2019-08-27
Episode 25: Touhou Sunou Ass Penetration Ceremony-Arc2019-08-27
Episode 24: Touhou Sunou Adult’s Dignity-Arc2019-08-27
Episode 23: Seibu Rein Sex Friends-Arc2019-08-27
Episode 22: Seibu Rein Fake Reverse Rape-Arc2019-08-27
Episode 21: Seibu Rein Introduction-Arc2019-08-27
Episode 20: Minami Mai Sex Skills Training-Arc2019-08-27
Episode 19: Touhou Sunou Rape Acceptance Request-Arc2019-08-27
Episode 18: Minami Mai Sexual Intercourse Etiquette-Arc2019-08-27
Episode 17: Houjou Kokoro Practical Sex Education-Arc2019-08-27
Episode 16: East-South Public Humiliation Lesson-Arc2019-08-27
Episode 15: Minami Mai Daily Treatment Duty-Arc2019-08-27
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