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Scholar’s Advanced Technological System (Web Novel)




Comedy School Life Sci-fi Slice of Life

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After suffering from a heat stroke while working under the scorching heat of summer, Lu Zhou, a hardworking but poor university student, somehow becomes the owner of an advanced technological system. With the cheat given by the system, his university life changes overnight.

A Master’s degree? Easy.

PhD? Not a problem.

From a nobody, he quickly becomes a huge celebrity in the world of science. With the missions given by the system, he is on his way to winning a Nobel Prize.

“System, can points be exchanged for money?”


“F**k, what use are you then!?”

“This system will make you the ultimate scholar, the kind that lords over all of humanity. What use will money be to you?”

835 • 2019-07-22 22:13:14


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 706: Returning From Orbit!2020-05-30
Chapter 705: Major Defect?2020-05-29
Chapter 704: Celebrating New Year’s Day in the Sky2020-05-29
Chapter 703: It’s Not A Bad Thing Anyway2020-05-29
Chapter 702: Silicon Valley Superstar?2020-05-29
Chapter 701: Overlooking Earth2020-05-29
Chapter 700: Ignition! Take off!2020-05-27
Chapter 699: Responsible for the Countdown2020-05-27
Chapter 698: Are We Overthinking?2020-05-26
Chapter 697: Begin Preparations!2020-05-26
Chapter 696: Nobel Prize Season2020-05-26
Chapter 695: Astronaut Team2020-05-26
Chapter 694: Skyglow2020-05-24
Chapter 693: Experts Have the Final Say2020-05-24
Chapter 692: Do You Need Help?2020-05-24
Chapter 691: Competitor2020-05-24
Chapter 690: Let’s Make A Bet2020-05-23
Chapter 6892020-05-23
Chapter 688: New Way to Eat Bacon Sandwiches?2020-05-23
Chapter 687: Lithium-Air Battery Project2020-05-23
Chapter 686: Alternative Energy Vehicle Summit2020-05-20
Chapter 685: Only Kids Do Multiple Choice Questions2020-05-20
Chapter 684: Sorry!2020-05-20
Chapter 683: Night On Purple Mountain2020-05-20
Chapter 682: Yikes!2020-05-20
Chapter 681: Luo Wenxuan Is Lovestruck?2020-05-20
Chapter 680: Prepare for the Future2020-05-18
Chapter 679: 500 Million2020-05-18
Chapter 678: Funding Approved!2020-05-16
Chapter 677: Raise Your Hand2020-05-16
Chapter 676: Do You Know Who I Admire the Most?2020-05-16
Chapter 675: So Angry!2020-05-16
Chapter 674: 100 MW!2020-05-16
Chapter 673: You’re My Teacher2020-05-16
Chapter 672: It Is Time to Show the Real Technology2020-05-13
Chapter 671: From Nothing to Something2020-05-13
Chapter 670: Assembly Center Completion2020-05-13
Chapter 669: For the Greater Good2020-05-13
Chapter 668 How Did You Guys Do It?!2020-05-02
Chapter 667 Did It?2020-05-02
Chapter 666 Miniaturization Breakthrough!2020-04-29
Chapter 665 Done by Him Alone2020-04-29
Chapter 664 I“ll Read, You Write2020-04-29
Chapter 664 I“ll Read, You Write2020-04-29
Chapter 663 Xiao Ai“s Colorful Bubbles?2020-04-29
Chapter 662 CTV Interview2020-04-27
Chapter 661 Invitation From CERN2020-04-27
Chapter 660 CERN“s Vote2020-04-26
Chapter 659 - Amazing Experimental Results2020-04-26
Chapter 658 - Answer Is in Your Hand2020-04-25
Chapter 657 - Electrostrong Unification!2020-04-25
Chapter 656 - Is This the Difference?2020-04-25
Chapter 655 - Answer Before End of the Month2020-04-25
Chapter 654 - The Path to the Milky Way.2020-04-25
Chapter 653 - Aging Is Sad2020-04-25
Chapter 652 - Solved It?2020-04-25
Chapter 651 - I Have Questions2020-04-25
Chapter 650 - Professor Brian“s Invitation2020-04-25
Chapter 649 - Serious Flaws2020-04-25
Chapter 648 - Was Proven?2020-04-25
Chapter 647 - The Secretive and Modest Professor Lu2020-04-25
Chapter 646 - Who Installed This System for You?2020-04-25
Chapter 645 - Let Me Find An Expert Firs2020-04-25
Chapter 644 - Things Went Wrong2020-04-25
Chapter 643 - What If I Don“t Sell It to You?2020-04-25
Chapter 642 - 2 Maybe This Is Fate2020-04-25
Chapter 641 - 1 Quantum Yang-Mills Field2020-04-25
Chapter 640 - Finessed2020-04-25
Chapter 639 - Seller Has Shipped!2020-04-25
Chapter 638 - Clever Proof Idea2020-04-25
Chapter 637 - I Have A Bad Feeling2020-04-25
Chapter 636 - 6 Going to the Sky?2020-04-25
Chapter 635 - The Key to Solving the Yang-Mills Existence and Mass Gap2020-04-25
Chapter 634 - Get Me A Piece Of Land2020-04-25
Chapter 633: Building A Rocket?2020-04-25
Chapter 632: New Tailored Mission.2020-04-25
Chapter 631: Character Outbreak2020-04-24
Chapter 630: Level Five Biochemistry!2020-04-24
Chapter 629: Seems More Academic2020-04-23
Chapter 628: Nature Weekly Interview2020-04-23
Chapter 627: Discussion With Professor Fefferman2020-04-22
Chapter 626: A Historic Mathematics and Physics Monument!2020-04-22
Chapter 625: Is He Even a Human?2020-04-21
Chapter 624: Passed Verification!2020-04-21
Chapter 623: Strong Response2020-04-21
Chapter 622: Yang-Mills Equations General Solution!2020-04-21
Chapter 621: I Solved It2020-04-19
Chapter 620: The Chalk That Stopped Writing2020-04-19
Chapter 619: From All over the World2020-04-19
Chapter 618: I’m the Only One Who Can Do This2020-04-19
Chapter 617: Thinking About the Same Thing2020-04-17
Chapter 616: Inspiration is Contagious2020-04-17
Chapter 615: It’s the Same in My Opinion2020-04-16
Chapter 614: Can We Chat Properly2020-04-16
Chapter 613: Letter From Clay Institute2020-04-15
Chapter 612: Chaotic Month of April2020-04-15
Chapter 611: You Wrote That Thesis?2020-04-15
Chapter 610: Most Suitable Reviewer2020-04-15
Chapter 609: Proof of the Existence of a Solution2020-04-13
Chapter 608: Grid-Connected Power Generation2020-04-13