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Scholar’s Advanced Technological System (Web Novel) - Chapter 285: Being Rich Is Different

Chapter 285: Being Rich Is Different

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“An asymmetrical cage structure can be disassembled into a tubular structure and a symmetrical cage structure. The cage structure has a point group symmetry, and the surface of the tubular structure contains two Stone-Wales defects… ”

“… The overlap of π and π* energy levels is due to the Stone-Wales topology effect. This causes an energy band gap of 0.06eV and 0.04eV to be created on the surface, so that explains it…”

“… Which is saying that the carbon nanotubes enhances the properties of the carbon nanospheres.”

“I’m an absolute genius!”

Lu Zhou spoke to himself while walking. His eyes were shining with excitement.

The students and even professors walking in the hallways walked away from him.

They were not afraid of bumping into Lu Zhou, but they were afraid to disrupt his thought process.

This was a common occurrence for the Princeton Institute for Advanced Study. Who would not be excited about sudden inspiration?

Since everyone at Princeton was the same type of person, they knew exactly how Lu Zhou felt…

Lu Zhou went back home and locked himself in his small house. He started his new retreat session.

Although Vera did not solve the problem completely, her ideas brought great inspiration to Lu Zhou.

If this idea was feasible, it could solve the problem of creating carbon nanospheres in the laboratory.

Both carbon nanotubes and fullerene materials could be prepared with current methods. The difficulty was how to reconstitute the chemical bonds and combine the two structurally distinct macromolecules into a larger, more complex molecule.

A week went by.

Lu Zhou spent almost all of his time either sleeping, eating, or building his mathematical model.

Finally, the second Monday after New Year’s Eve, he completed the initial build of the mathematical model.

“The only thing left is to perfect this mathematical model. Then I have to get a research team to verify these possibilities through repeated experiments.”

Lu Zhou stretched his back and leaned against his chair. He looked at the research results for the past week and could not help but smile.

Being rich is really different.

Before this, he had to borrow equipment from other people. Now, if he wanted to do an experiment, he did not even have to do it himself. He could just buy a few pieces of equipment and hire a few PhD students to do it.

Of course, Lu Zhou had other options that could save him money. For example, he could publish the mathematical model in a thesis, and make other research teams do his work.

With his achievements in computational materials science, there should be a lot of research teams who would be interested in any thesis he put out as well as people who were willing to do these experiments.

However, if he did this, the patent rights could land in the hands of another research team.

Even though Lu Zhou was unsure if this was worth as much as the modified PDMS film, this still came from the high tech system. Lu Zhou wanted it in his own hands.

What if it would be useful one day?

In twenty years, anything could happen.

Lu Zhou got up from his chair and stretched his limbs. He was about to go make himself a cup of coffee in the kitchen.

However, his doorbell suddenly rang.

Lu Zhou had an idea of who was here as he walked downstairs and opened the door.

Unsurprisingly, Mr. Woolf stood outside his door with a briefcase in his hands and a beaming smile.

“It’s nice to see you again, Professor Lu. How was your Christmas?”

Lu Zhou shook his hand. He then smiled and said, “It’s not bad, come inside… Do you want to drink anything?”

“Thanks, water is fine.”

The two sat in the living room. Woolf opened his briefcase and took out a stack of documents before he handed them to Lu Zhou.

“According to your request, we have already prepared the company organizational structure for you. There’s also a list of future expenses. If you think this is all fine, we’ll rent an office in Philadelphia for you, and hire staff according to the standards of this document…”

Lu Zhou took the stack of documents from Woolf and briefly flipped through the pages.

Lu Zhou requested AM to register a patent company for him in the Cayman Islands and to register a branch in the United States. The branch was primarily for dealing with intellectual property.

Although Star Sky Technology only had one customer, Umicore, Star Sky Technology still had the Chinese market to expand upon.

Lu Zhou did not want to waste time on analyzing the market size, patent pricing, and negotiating patent fees with chemical companies. Therefore, the best choice was for him to hire someone to handle his intellectual property.

Plus, the cost he had to pay was minuscule for him.

“I’m satisfied with your plan, let’s just follow it. Also, arrange a time for business executives to come meet me at Princeton.”

Lu Zhou placed this project plan aside. He suddenly remembered something so he spoke.

“Oh yeah, what if I acquire a research institute in the United States using my Cayman Islands company as a parent company… If I then receive profits generated by the intellectual properties from the research institute, will I be obligated to pay tax on this profit?”

Woolf smiled and said, “Of course not. When have you ever seen Microsoft and Google pay taxes on their IP income? They even enjoy tax rebates from overseas IP income.”

F*ck me, are they really that daring?

Lu Zhou was shocked by this new piece of information.

However, Woolf, who sat opposite him, was not focusing on this.

Woolf smelled money talk from Lu Zhou, so he continued to ask eagerly, “If you need legal help on intellectual property, please be sure to contact me. Our intellectual property services are world class!”

Lu Zhou did not believe him, so he just laughed.

Originally, he did not want to sign this deal with Woolf. After that, Lu Zhou remembered that most of AM’s clients were in the materials science industry, so there really was no one better than Woolf to make this deal with.

Therefore, Lu Zhou was tempted. He asked, “Do you have any materials science research customers that are on the verge of bankruptcy or shortage of funds? Or maybe a company with carbon material research and development capabilities?”

Woolf was stunned by the questions. He said, “Verge of bankruptcy? Honestly, I’m not sure about my client’s financial situation. But a lot of them are research teams… Is there anything I can help you with?”

Although Lu Zhou was unsure if AM handled mergers and acquisitions, he still asked, “Actually, I want to acquire a research team with carbon nanomaterials research and development capabilities.”

When Woolf heard Lu Zhou, he had a bright smile on his face as he said, “This is easy! Leave it to me.”


Lu Zhou was stunned, and he could not help but ask, “Do you also provide services for corporate mergers and acquisitions?”

Woolf smiled confidently and said, “Of course. Although our main business deals with patents, our lawyers offer a wide range of other services. If you ever get sued and need to go to court, please contact me. We have the best lawyers in the United States…”

Lu Zhou: “…”

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