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Scholar’s Advanced Technological System (Web Novel) - Chapter 288: Take Care Of It For Me

Chapter 288: Take Care Of It For Me

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“Meet up?”

Lu Zhou was in a coffee shop in Philadelphia. He was stunned after hearing Woolf on the phone.

Woolf had an impatient tone as he said, “Yes, I pushed the price down to US$10 million for you, and the opposing party agreed to my offer. However, he said he can’t hand over his research team’s future without seeing the buyer. He insisted on meeting with you before signing the contract. How about… I arrange for him to come over?”

Honestly, Woolf rolled his eyes when he heard the old man’s reasons.

A research team that did not have funding would not have a future. The research team would love to change their boss. At the very least, they could get back the salaries that were due.

Lu Zhou thought for a second then said, “No need, I’ll go over there. I wanted to check out the situation of the equipment anyway.”

Woolf smiled and said, “Ok, it’s best if you’re willing to come.”

The inspection of the equipment could not be done sloppily, Lu Zhou wanted to be safe and see it in person.

Compared to the research team, Lu Zhou needed the equipment more.

In a high talent-density area like Silicon Valley, Lu Zhou could hire a carbon nano-material and organic synthesis engineer for $100,000 USD per year. He could then hire a few laboratory assistants, interns, and that would be a research team right there.

However, the equipment was different. It was a seven or even eight-figure investment.

Even a slightly better SEM electron scanning microscope would cost millions of dollars. For example, an entire of instruments for a CVD vacuum tube furnace for preparing carbon nanotubes which were commonly used for preparing fullerene materials would cost at least $20 million USD.

From a cost-saving perspective, it would be more efficient to purchase an entire research laboratory, as opposed to buying equipment from manufacturers.

Lu Zhou did not have to pay a particularly expensive price to get a decent amount of good quality second-hand equipment. Compared to second-hand equipment that was eliminated from research institutes, these equipment were a lot more reliable.

Not only that, Lu Zhou did not need to find or train new staff.

Once Lu Zhou hung up the phone, he looked at Professor Parsis and smiled apologetically.

“Sorry to keep you waiting. That was a work-related call.”

“No worries. I’m sure time is valuable for a distinguished scholar like you,” said Michelle Parsis. She smiled and asked, “Can we start now?”

Lu Zhou nodded and said, “Of course.”

Lu Zhou had to admit that the University of Pennsylvania really was the incubator for the world’s business elites, as both the students and the professors were highly skilled.

With the explanation from Parsis, Lu Zhou already had a general framework idea for the Star Sky Technology organizational structure.

This included the functions of the various departments in the company, which talents were needed in which positions, the employee salary system, and etc. Any problems Lu Zhou could come up with, she had already considered them for him.

If she wanted to go into the business world, with her skill set, she could get any management position.

Of course, working in a company would not be as comfortable as a professor.

Especially for the kind of professors with a double doctorate in business administration and international trade. Not only could she receive a salary from the University of Pennsylvania, but she could also do consulting for outside companies at an hourly rate.

She could teach students, and occasionally she could publish theses. She could even use her students as free labor for her big cases. This kind of life was definitely better than a nine to five work in an office.

“… This is the basic situation. Since your company mainly deals with intellectual property, I recommend you set up several offices around the world and use them to supervise the use of patents in these overseas markets. Also, if the budget allows for it, I recommend you to hire a team of 10-20 professional lawyers to specifically deal with intellectual property infringement cases.”

Lu Zhou took note of her advice. As he put away the documents, he said, “I’ll seriously consider your opinion.”

After this meeting, his cooperation with AM on his patent management company came to an end.

All he had to do now was hire a manager and hand in this document to them. This manager would then set up the Star Sky Technology framework according to this document, and the Star Sky Technology North America branch would start running like a well-oiled engine.

Then he could extract himself from the cumbersome entrepreneurship process and focus on his research.

However, for Michelle Parsis, what she talked about just now was specific in the AM contract. For her, the main purpose of her trip had only just begun.

“I noticed that you haven’t developed into the Chinese market. Actually, I have a report on the Chinese anode material market, I don’t know if you’re interested or not.”

Lu Zhou joked, “Is there a charge?”

Michelle Parsis smiled and said, “Of course not. But if you think my research report is good, I can provide a much more detailed analysis of this market. Also, I can help you developed an intellectual property licensing strategy for the Chinese market… Of course, this part is not free.”

Lu Zhou took the research report document and briefly skimmed through it.

He thought that this research report was pretty well done. However, he was not an expert in economics, so he could not understand the specifics behind this report.

Lu Zhou liked to let professionals do professional things.

Michelle Parsis quietly waited for Lu Zhou to finish reading the report. She then said, “What do you think?”

“It’s mostly good,” said Lu Zhou as he placed the document down on the table. He then said with a smile, “I can see that you’re a professional.”

“Of course,” said Michelle Parsis. She smiled and said, “Anyhow, I’m an expert in this field.”

“Then I’ll follow your plan, but for the follow-up details, I hope you can contact Star Sky Technology directly. I’ll ask the managers from Star Sky Technology to contact you around mid-January,” said Lu Zhou.

Professor Parsis smiled and said, “No problem, then I wish us happy cooperation?”

Lu Zhou smiled and said, “Happy cooperation.”

After the meeting, the two walked to the parking lot together.

Before Lu Zhou went in his car, he suddenly remembered something and he looked back at Professor Parsis to ask, “Oh yeah, you’re a professor from the University of Pennsylvania, right?”

Michelle Parsis smiled and said, “Yeah, why?”

“I have a friend that is studying there, I wonder if you know her?”

Michelle Parsis asked, “Sure, what is her name?”

Lu Zhou smiled and said, “Her name is Chen Yushan and she’s studying a master’s degree at Wharton. I heard that she has encountered some difficulties with her research project. It’s also in the area of management. I can’t really help her, but I’d appreciate it if you could help and take care of her.”

When Michelle Parsis heard this name, she was instantly stunned. She had a subtle but weird expression.

She coughed and tried to change her facial expression as she said, “I think I’ve heard of her before, but I don’t know her well. I’ll check it out when I get back.”

Lu Zhou smiled and nodded. He then said, “Then thanks so much.”

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