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Second Story Online: Aiming To Become The World’s Number 1. Ideal Witch (Web Novel) - Chapter 3 – Unfamiliar Language (1)

Chapter 3 – Unfamiliar Language (1)

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… … …

The white hue from my sight gradually receded and the faint voices from nearby people could be heard little by little.

When I was finally able to see everything clearly, I found myself alone in a big, open space.

Underneath the clear, blue sky were lined houses with brown roofs and white-painted walls; A row of traditional houses that made one feel as if they are in the medieval period.

Though, where am I at the moment? I only know that this is a randomized starting position despite my background as an aristocrat. In order to confirm the location, I called up the menu, in a manner as explained by the system beforehand, and opened the map.

[Duo Region/Town of Dilord: Open Plaza]

This seems to be the town of Dilord in the eastern part of the Duo Region.

By the way, the Hayes Region where my viscount family resides is located to the west from here, beyond the mountains, according to the map.

My hometown is a long way off… My character Chloe must not have gone over these mountains. Surely. It’s too absurd.

I looked towards the west unintentionally and snow-capped mountains immediately greeted my line of sight.

Perhaps, I should visit my hometown sometime in the future. Since I ran away, then the relationship with my family can only be bad.

Well, now then. As a runaway child—what should I first do?

As I looked around, I see an imposing soldier stationed at the edge of the open plaza surrounded by other people. I could hear them conversing in a language that I couldn’t comprehend.

Those seem to be a cluster of novice players around him.

Err… Ah, I see! If I recalled correctly, this must be where a beginner subjugation quest will be received. That soldier must be an NPC in charge of giving out the quest.

However, I couldn’t tell the difference between an NPC and a player; there wasn’t any striking contrast between the two.

There are also no signs or marks indicating which direction to go, like in other games, which makes maneuvering uncomplicated for new players—It seems like such a feature isn’t adopted in this SSO.

Well anyhow, I guess it won’t be too difficult to distinguish the NPC.

Maybe it would be best to just look for the same thing, like the current spectacle before me, where a large number of players are crowded around one person.

Shall I go and receive a quest too? I went and approached the soldier.

“Uhm… excuse me.”

I addressed the soldier in my usual manner of speaking. Ugh… that’s right, I should be roleplaying from now on.

I tend to be forgetful sometimes, to the point it has become a habit. However, I should not forget in this case.

From now on, I will properly roleplay a witch.

Well, now then. I called out the soldier once again under an impersonation of a witch. Yet for some reason, the soldier, and even the players, looked somewhat surprised. Was my acting too much?

Meanwhile, the soldier addressed me.


What now? My ears are not far away, I’m not deaf. And this is a VR game, so the VR equipment would surely send direct information to the brain.

“I beg your pardon, could you say it one more time?”



What should I do? I couldn’t seem to understand the words of the people in the vicinity.

In addition, I thought these people were novice players like me. But why is their equipment different?

Attention gathers at an alarming pace somehow. Yosh! I’m escaping from here!

As an encircling net of people began to close in on me, I turned tail and sprinted away from the open plaza at full speed.

What is happening? No way! Why can’t I understand anything?!

After escaping from the open plaza, I made my way under the shadow of a nearby building. I called up the menu once again having remembered something and opened the list for my skills.

There it was, [Language: Hayes Region].

This should be a skill that can be acquired when one masters the language in the Hayes Region.

Now then… this is a problem.

Guess where I am now at the current moment?

Correct! I am currently in the Duo region and obviously far away from my home, the Hayes region.

And finally, the Hayes vernacular is the only language I—no, Chloe—could use.

In other words,

“I’m stuck in a place with an unfamiliar language.”

For such a situation to occur… Since my birth status was from an aristocratic family, was it even a good choice to have a personal history as a runaway child?

Or, I think–it might have been a mistake to choose a nobleman’s family.

There was no point of having the status of a Viscount, since the Duo region was far off from the current location. What a useless treasure.

And Chloe, how did you even manage to get yourself into a territory without being understood?

Nevertheless, thinking carefully about it, this was only a trivial matter.

It’s not necessary to be worried about the language barrier, because I only have one goal in mind.

To become a witch—I will always exhaust this single point. So even if I don’t understand the language, it’s alright. Yes, it’s no problem at all…

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