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Second Story Online: Aiming To Become The World’s Number 1. Ideal Witch (Web Novel) - Chapter 4 – Unfamiliar Language (2)

Chapter 4 – Unfamiliar Language (2)

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… … …

For the time being, I decided that it was better to venture out of town; even if I stay, I couldn’t understand a thing, or make myself understood.

I walked along the main street until I reached a wide gate, left open, that led to the outside of the town.

A flat, grassy plain covered the expanse, where similar newly registered players, like me, could be seen hunting low-level monsters.

Everyone must have received the subjugation quest… How I wish I could communicate with the language here.

Keep your eyes low, Chloe. Must keep my envy in check.

I should start hunting for monsters too. Even if I haven’t received a quest yet, experience points from killing enemies should raise my character’s level, even if by a margin.

However, today is the first day of the second stage recruitment of SSO. Therefore, the plains were crowded with beginners.

The positions chosen by each player are slightly distanced from other players, but from the cluster of fighting taking around as far my eyes could see, there were truly numerous novice players in this city. Currently, there’s a lot of scramble against the monsters taking place around that it feels like I’m in the middle of a festival.

Anyhow, it can’t be helped. There’s no other choice but to go slightly beyond the meadow, but such that I won’t be leaving the perimeter of this town.

Hmm, before I leave–I should prepare for combat. I opened my item inventory to check my belongings.

Huh? How strange. I looked to and fro the equipment I was wearing and the screen.

I noticed something; there was a set of beginner equipment lined up in the item column:

[Beginner’s Tunic: Defense + 1 Clothes worn by beginners. Provides better protection than being in the nude.]

[Beginner’s Staff: Magic Attack Power + 1 A staff for novice magicians to learn basic maneuvers in combat.]

From the names, it can directly be implied that these were the clothes that should be equipped on a beginner like me. However, they were all displayed in the item column; they weren’t equipped on me now. On the other hand, the equipment I was currently wearing was totally different.

[Noble Daughter’s Dress: Defense + 5 ・Magic Defense + 5 One of a kind item for the sake of a noble lady. Made from magic cloth. Although garb is not made for battle, it offers better protection than that of ordinary armor.]

[Wanderer’s Staff: Magic Attack Power + 3 A staff fit for a roaming traveler. Despite its name, it’s a handy companion for magic attacks.]

Oh, oh! These must be bonuses from my personal history and birth status!

I never would have thought that the character setting’s influence would even extend to my belongings.

A daughter from a noble family certainly couldn’t have worn cheap clothing. For Chloe, an expensive traveler’s attire must have been fashioned exclusively. And as a result from being in this new territory and family lineage, it must have all merged together to form the bonus equipment. Or, how else would I have such items?

I understand that the equipment is different from other beginners in this area. However, I’m sure there will also be other players with the same special circumstances like me. After all, we have a unique story line individually.

A little while ago, if I hadn’t chosen through the random button, would I still have the same sweet bonuses?

No… I shouldn’t get ahead of myself. One downside to all this was that I’m not able to speak the language in this region. Rather than gloat, I should aim for the language skill acquisition in the meantime.

After confirming my equipment and closing the menu, I glanced at the two-handed staff in my hand. It was a very long wooden stick; quite a simple design and doesn’t look special in any way. I intend to try a certain skill using it.

Oh yes, a summoning skill. The only summoning skill that I have is [Summon: Familiar]. In comparison to other summoning techniques, a familiar spirit is more of a support-type companion, a comrade acting from the rear. Therefore, a summoned familiar spirit in not suitable for a head on confrontation.

Isn’t such a magic fitting for a witch?

There’s no way I would let such a skill go. This should be the first skill I should use.

“Come, my familiar spirit!” I muttered strongly. I mustn’t forget to roleplay as a witch. Since I am aiming to be an ideal witch, I should also add some spice into my words… just a bit.

But despite my valiant effort to roleplay as a witch, the familiar spirit doesn’t show up. Why.

No way! Don’t tell me, even me and my familiar spirit have a language barrier!

Fortunately, the cause was another thing than my paranoid, initial thought. A system message had appeared shortly saying [There is no contracted familiar spirit currently.] Apparently, this summoning skill is unusable until I contracted with a familiar spirit. Oh.

From these fiascos, the immediate objectives at hand are glaringly obvious:

1. Learn the Duo region language.


Wait a minute. I feel like the objectives don’t seem to be related with being a witch, isn’t it? Particularly the second one concerning the language. Although it’s essential, have you ever heard from history the story of a witch revolving around a language barrier?

… It seems the road to becoming the ideal witch will be long.

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