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Chapter 5 – First Combat (1)

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… … …

Since the list for the current goals has been decided, I will go and raise my level by defeating monsters first. Therefore, I should leave this place since it’s crowded with too many players.

Ah, maybe I should go inside that forest nearby. I pulled up the map and saw that the name for that area was called [Twilight Forest].

As a dense and unidentified area, specific details were exempt from the map, hence it is a place where first time adventures would surely get lost once they step inside; I want to test the bonus skill from my personal history: [Land Familiarity] to maneuver my way inside the forest.

Roughly marked on the map was a path in the forest that leads towards [Iru Mine], and further beyond it was the [Swaro Kingdom]. Such markers were present since these were general locations players can travel. As much as how it screams ‘adventure’, it has nothing to do with a beginner like me right now.

While wandering aimlessly around the entrance of the forest I arrived at, a rabbit suddenly appeared in front of me. It was a rabbit with a dirty, gray coat and menacing, sharp tusks—a fiendish hybrid between a rabbit and a dog. It didn’t look cute at all.

It’s the same type of monster that was being knocked down by the players from the meadow before. Only.. there was a conspicuous mark on its forehead.

While I was scrutinizing it, the rabbit sees me who is in the wide open. Was that a hiss I heard? At the same time, it bared its fangs towards me with hostility.

Oh, I see. I have unexpectedly been labelled as an enemy.

Not wasting another moment, I too, raised my staff in front of me. Let’s see, I have two types of usable magic attacks: [Dark Magic] and [Wind Magic]. I opted for the former and casted a dark magic skill called [Shadow Arrows].

Oh, but I miscalculated. For such a skill, there was a casting time of 5 seconds before completion, that is before it is deployed. Shadows gathered at the tip of the staff, but it didn’t shoot just yet.

“Ah, wait! Woah!”

Meanwhile, the rabbit suddenly charged at me, and I fell butt first to the ground from the attack.

“What’s this?! It’s unexpectedly painful!”

I instinctively placed my hand on top of my stomach and found that the pain didn’t linger for long. I see, this must be the pain suppression function of the VRMMO working. I should tweak the system settings later. Concurrently, the 5 second casting time for [Shadow Arrows] was completed and the arrows majestically flew to a wrong direction. Moreover, it can’t be used immediately again until its recast time of 10 seconds has elapsed.

“I will hang on until then.”

At the edge of my peripheral vision I could see my health gauge reflected. Contrary to what I thought, it wasn’t cut down from the attack before. It was probably because of the bonus equipment I had that was too high-spec for a beginner like me. And probably because it’s only a low-level monster, I believe.

I held the staff firmly in my hands, thinking of the next move. Because I was a witch, I want to defeat my enemies using magic. However, at this rate..

“Agh, there’s no other way!”

Once more, the rabbit charges at me and I immediately swung the staff at the crown of its head like a brute with a baseball bat. A resounding hit! Damage seemed to have been inflicted on the rabbit, but because it was merely a staff for the purpose of magic attacks, there wasn’t a lot of physical attack power.

I’m a bit anxious of not being able to see the health gauge of the enemy during the battle. If there comes a skill to see the enemies’ information in the future, I should take it. Oh, but I am currently digressing from the moment at hand.

Resilient, the rabbit charged again. This time, the 10 second recast time for [Shadow Arrows] has passed but there was still the 5 second casting time. I should buy some time before then.

Thinking fast, I kick the soil under my feet while attracting the rabbit’s attention on my staff with a feint swing. Caught off guard, the soil struck the rabbit’s face splendidly, entering its eyes. The rabbit paused, feebly shaking its head in attempt to get out the dirt.

Now was the time!

I aimed the stick at once and waited for the skill to activate. Finishing the 5 seconds, the [Shadow Arrows] launched towards the blinded rabbit.


The arrows which were wildly crooked and bent looked indescribably weak. Sure enough, it hit the rabbit but it wasn’t so effective; as if I was just throwing bread at it.

The rabbit’s attack comes once more, leaving me no time to think of another strategy. [Shadow Arrows] was useless against it so I moved to [Wind Magic], casting [Wind Cutter]. In contrast to dark magic with a lengthy casting time, magic appeared the moment I cast it in the form of a sharp gust which overcame the rabbit. However, it wasn’t powerful either. Even if it was more effective than [Shadow Arrows] a little while ago.

“This is troubling..”

I was almost exhausting my MP just to use my basic skills in three consecutive attacks. Despite this, the rabbit was still fine.

My method of attack can only be magic—also adding the weak, physical attack of the staff from before. [Dark Magic] was quite useless against it, as seen from the former attack. Besides, it consumes too much MP and the casting and recast times are too long. On the other hand, [Wind Magic] can be casted earlier than the former, but it was relatively weak. Also, a physical blow from the staff is out of the question. No matter how I think about it, it was impossible to make a wise decision.

But maybe.. [Dark magic] is the key?

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