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Chapter 6 – First Combat (2)

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… … …

I ran deeper into the forest, but not for the purpose of escaping—I had a plan, and a theory. While confirming that the rabbit was chasing after me, I lured it to a spot I was aiming for.

“This might be a good place.”

Despite being in the day, the surroundings were dark as I ventured inside the forest; almost like the sunlight has deserted this place.

I suddenly halted and faced the rabbit. Taking this chance, the rabbit aimed at me while I was still. However, there was a tree behind me. As it charged at me headfirst with a powerful thrust, I quickly moved my body to the side, narrowly avoiding the blow. The rabbit’s head hit the trunk violently, its horn denting the wood and its head getting stuck as a result.

“Shall I put an end to this?”

Standing in front of the squirming rabbit who was desperately trying to pull out its stuck horn, I activated [Shadow Arrows]. Five seconds later, the arrows vigorously shot towards the rabbit who was still futilely trying to escape. With that blow, the rabbit becomes motionless. After a few seconds, the body turns into a white mass of floating particles before disappearing into air.

“Finally, it’s over!”

I didn’t notice I had been moving around so much. It was only after the adrenaline rush had gone away that the fatigue sank in. Precisely, since when did I have the physique to move around a lot? It’s actually a surprise for a person like me who likes to laze around all day.

Still, I was glad my hunch was right. The power of [Shadow Arrows] in my first attack was considerably weak because of the light of the sun. Truly magic worthy of its name: [Dark Magic]; the power is amplified when the surroundings are dark and declines when it is exposed to the light, such as daytime. The same could probably be said for [Light Magic], with its power being reduced to half when used in the darkness.

While thinking so, a system message popped up.

《Gray Rabbit Fur X 2 Acquired》

《Gray Rabbit Leader’s Horn Acquired》

《Level has risen to 2. SP + 2》

《Level has risen to 3. SP + 2》

What the.. isn’t the level rising too much? And the rabbit’s name is actually a gray rabbit? No, rather, what’s with the ‘leader’ written in there..

There was still a lot I wanted to figure out, but my energy was drained from the battle. Checking the time, I thought it was natural to be tired since I had played for 3 hours straight already. I should take a break for the time being. I’ll just postpone these things later. Thus, I pushed the logout button.



[SECOND STAGE] This is really a second story. [PART 2]

#1 Anonymous Second Stage Player:

Welcome to SSO!

This bulletin board is for the exclusive use of the second stage players.

Catch up and overtake the first stage players!


#55 Anonymous Hero: I did it! I got the title of a hero as my personal history! I am the first hero! [Photo]

#56 Anonymous Second Stage Player: @55 Second. Liar.

#57 Anonymous Second Stage Player: @55 O, congratulations! However, you are only the second hero!

#60 Anonymous Hero: @ 56 It’s not a lie! Look, I even posted a picture! @57 what.. then..

#62 Anonymous Second Stage Player: @60 You should scroll up to Part 1. You can find the first hero of the second stage from there.

#63 Anonymous Second Hero: Oh… Well then, I’m the second person.

#64 Anonymous Second Stage Player: @63 Unfortunately, there are also heroes in the first stage players.

#65 Anonymous Second Stage Player: @63 First stage players have 2 heroes. That makes you the fourth.

#66 Anonymous Fourth Hero: To heck with being rare..

#69 Anonymous Second Stage Player: @66 There was also a hero who turned into a demon king. You are actually the fifth.

#72 Anonymous Firth Hero: @69 Why are there a lot of heroes!??

#75 Anonymous Second Stage Player: @72 Since one out of the four heroes has become demon king, you should just go and exterminate him!

#76 Anonymous Firth Hero: @75 Are you joking? Might as well quit being a hero for a while..

#78 Anonymous Second Stage Player: @76 It seems like there are still heroes and more demon kings that haven’t been confirmed yet. Well, do your best!

#85 Anonymous Second Stage Player: Isn’t a gray rabbit leader powerful? I thought the Duo region was for beginners?

#87 Anonymous Second Stage Player: @85 That creature always dashes away. It’s more unpleasant than bats at night.

#90 Anonymous Second Stage Player: @85 I saw an aristocrat girl hitting it with a staff a while ago. I don’t know if it was defeated afterwards.

#92 Anonymous Second Stage Player: @90 Aristocrat girl? Isn’t that the child who spoke in a strange language in the open plaza before?

#100 Anonymous Second Stage Player: @92 I don’t know. I wasn’t there.

#103 Anonymous Second Stage Player: @92 I thought the child was an NPC. It doesn’t seem like it?

#105 Anonymous Second Stage Player: @103 It’s actually ambiguous. I can’t tell apart the distinction between an NPC and a player..

#106 Anonymous Second Stage Player: You guys are at the SSO Strategy Board. You can talk about the Duo Region in the proper forum:



…The title of a hero isn’t actually rare. Woah, that’s unexpected. Then, was there truly also a possibility of being chosen as a demon king? Chloe the witch demon king?

Additionally, the gray rabbit leader was actually a strong enemy. Maybe it was because of my dark magic and bonus equipment that I was able to defeat it.

I was also mistaken for an NPC. Well, it’s no wonder—it’s hard to identify the two apart in this game. One of the reasons must be because I was wearing a different armor from the beginners in the square.

By the way, I’m also eating lunch while browsing through the bulletin boards. Oh, look at the time, maybe it’s time to play the game again.

Putting my lunch away, I put on the VR apparatus and dove into the world of SSO.

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