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Chapter 7 – First Combat (3)

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… … …

I opened my eyes to find myself in the same spot near the entrance of the [Twilight Forest] before I logged out. The only difference was, the sun has completely gone out and it was already nighttime; in the real world, it’s close to 2 PM, but in-game it is already 8 PM. In-game time is quite a bit late from reality.

Presently, I was a bit worried. It seems like monsters are being spawned in the field during the night. Should I log out? Or should I just return to the city?

However, isn’t [Dark Magic] more realistic when used at this time? Additionally, I’m aiming to be a witch—I think that witches are more known for their night time activities.

Then, should I go to the plains for the time being? The players who were subjugating monsters in the morning before have already moved to another place, hence it was deserted already. Also because not many dare to go monster hunting at night.

I walked a bit away from the [Twilight Forest] to reach the plains which was basked in the dark of the night. Under the pitch-blackness, it was easy to get lost since it was quite a spacious area. Yet, strangely I managed just fine. This time once again, I was able to find my way without confusion, which must be all because of the [Land Familiarity] skill.


I was walking when I bumped into something, or rather, it bumped into me first? Under the guise of the darkness, it had suddenly appeared, having caught me off-guard. I couldn’t see it well but was only able to distinguish the sounds of fluttering wings.

“There’s something..”

I don’t have any night vision skills so my eyesight was useless in the dark. The other party attacks again, this time decreasing my HP bar by 30%


The figure which I saw only for an instant resembled a bat. By the way, what would you do in such a situation? The opponent is flying and I couldn’t see the vicinity because there wasn’t any moonlight to aid my sight.

Thinking fast, I activated [Wind Cutter] from my [Wind Magic] and the blades from the wind swept through the area. Yet, it was not for the purpose of attacking.

As expected, the bat received a hit from the wind and I could hear the momentary pause of its wings as if it had lost balance. Yes, I was luring it to me.

With this I knew it would pick a fight with me, and without losing a second it went here flying a bit haphazardly.


I used my staff like a flyswatter and it hits the bat precisely. The bat drops down to the ground and I trampled a wing with my foot mercilessly.

“You won’t escape from here.” I said dubiously.

I aimed the staff at the bat who was squirming under me, trying to escape. Darkness gathers at the tip of my staff as I cast [Shadow Arrows]. This skill was not like missiles which can lock in on an opponent, hence it was useless to aim it blindly at a flying opponent. Since there was also a chant, it was disadvantageous to just cast it without a strategy. The quickest and most effective way was to first restrain the opponent to immobilize its movements.


The restrained bat bites into my shoes, the fangs digging deeply. Immediately, [Blood Drain] shows up as a status and my HP slowly plummets down.

“Useless struggle..”

Unexpectedly, the decrease in HP from the negative status was intense. In just a few seconds it has already been reduced to half. However, it will be over soon. After the casting time has been completed, the arrows directly hit the bat at close proximity. Since it was night now, the power of the [Shadow Arrows] was drawn out at its maximum, hence I was also blown away unintentionally, my health dropping.

《Night Bat Fang Acquired》

《Night Bat Wing Acquired》

《Level has risen to 4. SP + 2》

I seemed to have beaten it. But to defeat it with such a blow.. [Dark Magic] is truly amazing! Although there was also an influence from the magical staff as well.

My level has risen again too. Maybe I’ll check things later.

If I don’t restore my HP foremost, at the rate things are going, I was bound to die and get resurrected back in town. There are novice potions inside my inventory for such cases, however I’m not going to use them. My HP should be restored by resting. I sat on the spot for a while and a [Resting] state displays while my HP slowly recovers.

The HP gauge becomes full in just two minutes. On another note, there seems to be a negative effect when one is not prepared to rest outdoors properly. But because of my [Camping] skill, it cancels out such an abnormality.

“The effects from my birth status and personal history have their cons and pros.”

From my randomized personal history I obtained [Land Familiarity] and [Camping]. Although it was the primary culprit for having been whisked into a place where language is unfamiliar, it was useful in unexpected situations like this.

Since my HP bar was restored to its max, I stood up in preparation of my return to town. Consequently, a warning appeared at the edge of my peripheral vision.

“Ah.. hungry state.”

Oops. I’ve forgotten this game has a hunger system. Overall ability falls when a player does not eat for a certain period of time. Currently, I had nothing with me to eat.

Let’s return to town fast! I took full advantage of the [Land Familiarity] skill as I made my way back to town through the quickest route, while battling through some rabbits and bats on the way which I wasn’t able to escape from.

While sneakily maneuvering out of the enemies’ range, the morning sun slowly rises from the horizon as I reached the entrance of my destination.


Name: Chloe

Race: Human

Sex: Female

[Birth Status: Bradleys – Viscount family.]

[Personal History: I Ran Away From Home to Embark on an Adventure.]

LV 5 — Remaining SP 10

Basic Skills:

[Two-handed Staff LV 3]

[Dark Magic LV 5]

[Wind Magic LV 4]

[Magic Knowledge LV 5]

[Magical Power LV 5]

[Compounding LV 1]

[Summon: Familiar LV 1]

[Command LV 1]

Unique Skills:

[Language: Hayes Region]

[Social Status: Ente Dukedom. Bradleys – Viscount Family]


[Land Familiarity]

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