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Second Story Online: Aiming To Become The World’s Number 1. Ideal Witch (Web Novel) - Chapter 8 – Be Careful of Swindlers

Chapter 8 – Be Careful of Swindlers

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… … …

The residents of the town are already up this early in the morning. Well, it’s only natural because their mornings are different from the players’ real time. NPCs do business 24 hours a day without any holidays all year round. Though there are still a select few NPCs with an in-game set time of when to do business.

I immediately searched for the area where food is being sold the moment I arrived at Dilord.

I have been in this town only for a short while and haven’t explored the place thoroughly yet. Despite not checking the map, I did not have a hard time steering through the unfamiliar roads. All thanks to you, my [Land Familiarity] skill.


There were quite a few people in the market where I arrived. Under the open sky, the streets were lined up with assorted stalls; there were people selling things to busy passerbys, newbie players excitedly checking out the arranged weapons on display, thinking of what equipments to buy.

I look for a stall selling food while walking around and observing the scenes before me.

“This smell..”

There was an appetizing odor coming from somewhere. Led by my nose, I saw a stand selling meat skewers. I walked unsteadily towards it, tempted as I watched the meat being grilled into a delicious color.

“Please give me one.”

The words come out of my mouth unconsciously. Although my stomach was already full in reality from eating lunch, it would be such a waste not to eat such a tasty treat in front of me.


The uncle at the stand gave out a surprised expression. Ah, that’s right.. I can’t speak the language here. That should be the reason of the surprised tone from the uncle’s words.

Since it can’t be helped, I talked in hand gestures prompting the uncle to also communicate in the same fashion.

Afterwards, through several attempts of pantomiming, the uncle finally understands me and a trading screen appears in front of my eyes. Ah, so the shopping goes like this.

One meat skewer is being sold for 30 G. After inputting the necessary amount, the money is transferred and the meat skewer was added to my inventory.

Hmm? Why is the quantity two when I only ordered one? That’s strange.

I looked at the uncle incidentally and the uncle winked seeing my befuddled expression. Oh! This is service!

“Thank you!”

I thanked the uncle with a grateful smile. Although my words are strange, the uncle seems to understand my intention and replies back with a smile.

Afterwards, I went out of the market to look for a spot to sit and eat my second lunch for the day. The taste of the meat skewer was similar to pork in real life, the flavor spreading throughout my mouth; the dripping juice from the meat truly heavenly.

Aah, I usually refrain from eating such an oily meal everyday. It’s been a long time since I’ve eaten one and I truly miss this delicious taste. If I had known I could eat such a meal everyday, then I should have played the VR game sooner.

After I finished eating the two meat skewers, the hungry state was removed from my status.

Now.. I should think about the measures I should take in the future.

For the time being, food is completely necessary. However, if I keep buying food on a regular basis, I need to have a stable flow of income. Currently, I can’t accept quests in this area due to the language barrier. Also, the language skill might not be available in the list of skills unless the conditions are met. So, should I engage in conversations with the residents here after all?

Then, should I settle with selling monster loot? The fur and the wings of the monsters I obtained from hunting should be sold for a reasonable price. Although it isn’t much, it may profit me a little.

The present money at hand is 2970 G. Normally, the initial money for beginners is around 1000 G. 1000 G.. such an amount would probably be cheap for an aristocrat. This must be another effect from my personal history as part of a viscount family.

Although at the moment I was financially secured, my money will inevitably run out. For the time being, I should experiment on trying to sell these items.

I came to the market thinking such a thought.. but what should I do?

Whenever I walk along the shops, I could feel the gazes from the people around piercing through me. People looked at me several times before, but it wasn’t as intense as now.


A person suddenly stands before me, holding an item in his hand. It was like a novice potion, but the color was slightly bad.


The person forcibly shoves the item towards me, showing 3 more similar potions.

Ah, are you pressuring me? I see. He probably saw the exchange at the food stand some time ago and thought I was a good, easy mark. Eyes that looked like vultures are characteristics of fraudulent businessmen.

This might be a disadvantage from wearing aristocratic clothes. Since I look like a noble lady, people would flock to me thinking my payment is quite the sum..

I pushed the potion back and shook my head, signalling I didn’t want it for the time being.

This time I came to sell, not to buy.

While exposed to the scrutiny of nearby people, I finally arrived at a store I could sell my loot at. I call out to the storekeeper inside and took out an item I intended to sell. Even if words couldn’t be understood, with the presented piece alone the storekeeper was smart enough to show a price through a trading screen for my loot.

Gray Rabbit Leader’s Horn — 150 G

Gray Rabbit Fur × 4 — 100 G

Night Bat Wing × 2 — 100 G

Night Bat Fang × 2 — 100 G

Total amount — 450 G

I’ve come this far but I still couldn’t understand how the market goes. Maybe I should have studied in advance. Um, is this expensive? The previous meat skewer was brought for 30 G. Was I just scammed a while ago? Did that uncle just rip me off? Aah, which is it..

Tap. Tap. The storekeeper drums his fingers on the desk impatiently, as if to say I should make up my mind quickly.. It can’t be helped, I should just trade. I pressed the confirmation button and 450 G was immediately deposited to me.

When I was walking down the street away from the store, I met the uncle in the stall before. Somehow my face looked subtly probing.

The result of gathering information from the bulletin boards later—I was badly ripped off. I’m sorry uncle for doubting you, you were right. By the way, that one horn of the Gray Rabbit Leader should have been sold at 250 G—I will not use that shop anymore. Blacklisted!

Afterwards, I came back to the uncle and asked for a good garment shop using hand gestures. My intuition was saying it would be a good thing to ask this kind old man. And truth be told, he recommended me to a nice shop where I bought back a black hooded cloak for 300 G.

Why did I buy such a thing?

I understood that my current appearance was troublesome, with greedy sharks eyeing me. I purchased it with the purpose of concealing such a flashy attire. I couldn’t let go of such a good and useful equipment.

.. Don’t I resemble a real witch more with a cloak on? Ah yes, that’s truly the number one reason for buying it. One of these days, I’m thinking of buying a pointy hat to complete the look.

Oh, I bought additional meat skewers at the uncle’s shop. There are ten of them at hand now. And I was given five as extra as well.

These are all emergency rations so I will place it inside the inventory for the meantime.. but all my profits seemed to have disappeared through this.

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