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Second Story Online: Aiming To Become The World’s Number 1. Ideal Witch (Web Novel) - Chapter 11- The First Familiar Spirit (2)

Chapter 11- The First Familiar Spirit (2)

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The [Shadow Arrows] under a waiting state hits the horned owl which made a nosedive for me. The skill should be reinforced under the dark, although the strength can’t compare to that in the evening. But it was somehow ineffective.


I only managed to ruffle the horned owl’s feathers from my attack. Afterwards, it was already back on track: a large amount of thick, black fog materialized from its body, seeping into the air and dyeing the already dark surroundings further into pitch blackness.

With zero visibility, this directly gave me a state abnormality, [Darkness]—a skill from the darkness magic was used. Then it could only be deduced that the current opponent was a dark magic user; it should be naturally resistant to my dark magic attacks.

“Nevertheless, it applies to me as well.”

Although the place became shrouded in the dark, the abnormality imposed on me was fleeting. After all, I was a dark magic user too. The thick fog clears up to show talons stretched out towards my direction. On reflex, I casted [Wind Cutter], using it both in defense and offense.

From the onslaught of the blades from the wind, I think I was able to reduce the HP of the horned owl, although mildly.

“This one is more effective than dark magic.”

Dark magic was essentially useless in this fight, even if it was the strongest magic type. That means it should be time for wind magic to shine.

Additionally, depending on the type of magic used, new skills will be unlocked after reaching level 5; the [Wait State] from before was also a new skill learned from [Magic Knowledge]. Since I was a frequent user of [Dark Magic] and [Wind Magic], then I would also learn new techniques under this category, in time, if I used it frequently.

My opponent escapes to the sky. Using that brief period, I casted once more and placed it under the wait state.

A black fog starts to gather a second time around, depriving me of sight again. But this isn’t a major problem. I released [Wind Cutter] overhead and it hits the canopy, breaking the intertwined branches to let the morning light shine on the gloomy forest below.

The dazzling light overflowing from above weakens the power of the black fog. Consequently, the sudden rush of brightness surprised the horned owl and it flew away in a frenzy, blinded.

I used such a method since my opponent also relies on its eyesight in combination with its exceptional hearing. This was a weakness I could only afford to target, since I didn’t have a skill that could render the owl deaf.

Ah, I also predicted this situation beforehand, thus my eyes are safe because I immediately shielded it from the light.

“[Dark Binding].”

Taking the chance while the owl was briefly blinded, I casted a new skill called [Dark Binding] under [Dark Magic]. It was a useful skill that restrains the actions of surrounding enemies while giving sustained damage.

An effect like a wave of darkness spread out from me to latch at the unsuspecting owl, bounding it under a dark purple chain. Now it should be under the [Restrained] state; I do not expect sustained damage to be inflicted on it. After all, the area was basked under the morning sun—my dark magic should be considerably weakened.

I had only been aiming for the restraining effect from the start.

“[Air Shock].”

This was another new skill under [Wind Magic], which had a slow casting time among the usual quick casting skills under it. But this time, the power was slightly stronger, with a casting time of 3 seconds; the timing was concurrent to when the restraining effect expires.

However, the horned owl wouldn’t be able to avoid it. It received an impact akin to a cannonball of air, its body hurling towards a nearby tree and slamming into it. As a result, the owl seemed to have fainted.

“Not enough.”

Yes, it was far from over. The enemy hasn’t yet to disintegrate into specks of light; which means I wasn’t able to completely deplete its health. I casted another [Air Shock], but after this, I won’t be able to cast skills anymore since my MP is almost exhausted.

The enemy continues to fall down; I wasn’t able to beat it. If I continue battle as it is, by the moment it wakes up, I would probably lose here.


Like a bolt of lightning, I was struck with a sudden idea, having remembered something. That’s it! Surely, despite being a monstrosity of this forest, its health should already be less than half from the battle.

For a monster tamer to successfully capture a creature, the health of the opponent should be brought down below half—this should also be applicable to contracting with familiars. While reliving in this fact, I slowly approached the horned owl lying on the ground, who was slowly beginning to stir up.

“Hey, you took my meal. Don’t you think it’s fair to compensate for that with your death?”

The opponent wasn’t an NPC, but rather a monster. I just thought this was a good way to practice my roleplay as witch speaking to an opponent.

“Please pay the crime with you body.. Become my familiar spirit!”

Also, such lines were improvised from a novel I read yesterday.

Oh, do I look like a suspicious person?

However, I’m just coming for the body of a meal burglar… While thinking so, I called up the [Contract] skill from [Summon: Familiar].

The contract becomes completed all the while I was feeling slightly ashamed from my actions before. The figure of the horned owl in front of me had disappeared, instead, a name-[Twilight Owl], was listed under the list for contracted familiar spirits. This was likely the creature’s name.

《Level has risen to 10. SP + 2》

《New skills have been unlocked due to certain actions.》

There was no loot.. The reason should be because I contracted with the opponent. Since I have reached level 10, this time if I should die, death sanctions would now be imposed on me. I postpone confirming the new skills and headed back to town first in haste.


Name: Chloe

Race: Human

Sex: Female

[Birth Status: Bradleys – Viscount family.]

[Personal History: I Ran Away From Home to Embark on an Adventure.]

LV 10 — Remaining SP 20

Basic Skills:

[Two-handed Staff LV 9]

[Dark Magic LV 10]

[Wind Magic LV 10]

[Magic Knowledge LV 10]

[Magical Power LV 10]

[Compounding LV 1]

[Summon: Familiar LV 3]

[Command LV 2]

Unique Skills:

[Language: Hayes Region]

[Social Status: Ente Dukedom. Bradleys – Viscount Family]


[Land Familiarity]

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