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Second Story Online: Aiming To Become The World’s Number 1. Ideal Witch (Web Novel) - Chapter 13 – My Very Own Horned Owl (2)

Chapter 13 – My Very Own Horned Owl (2)

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I could also use the manufacture menu from here. Then I can finally put the [Compounding] skill to use.

Time to use the medicinal herbs I gathered then. I took out the items and the brewing kit from the inventory.

Maybe I should test it for the time being?

I picked up a recovery herb and pulverized it. Scrape, scrape goes the leaves. Afterwards, I placed it inside the pot and simmered it to completion. A bottle filled with green liquid appeared from nowhere—it was labeled as [Beginner Recovery Potion: ☆☆].

I am glad that the grass I distinguished by chewing were proper recovery herbs. But first, to confirm the effectiveness of such a potion, I should try drinking it.


I forgot how acrid potions usually taste. The bitter taste from the liquid remains on my tongue, even after swallowing it. As a result of having drank a mouthful forcefully, a recovery effect appeared. I’ve truly made a genuine recovery potion.

But there was a perplexing question bugging me. Why was the taste of the potion bitter although the grass tasted sweet? I ate the grass to check this fact once again and a sweet taste filled my mouth. The second time, I experimented with crushed herbs, and still yielding the same sweet flavor. Afterwards, I tried tasting the mixture when it was brought to a boil.

“It’s truly bitter.”

The change in taste is apparently caused by the cooking process. Uhm, is it not possible to make a sweet-tasting potion? Although it’s no problem as it is, in the future it would omit the inconvenience of drinking such a foul tasting potion. Even if taste might not be a major matter, creating a potion easy on the taste buds would be nice.

Well anyways, let’s make a potion for now and store that problem for later.

I used the remaining medicinal herbs to manufacture recovery potions. One piece could be made from one medicinal herb. Even though there were faulty potions along the way, I was able to create 15 in the end.

I stretched my arms which had begun to tire after the activity. As I look towards the top, the sunlight crossed my eyes. The sun has risen moderately, the ingame time signifying it was approaching noon. Meanwhile, warning signs were displayed on the column at the corner of my vision. I looked closely towards there and saw the hungry condition was showing a low value. Oh, that reminds me. I haven’t eaten after Neil stole my meat skewers in the forest.

I took out another meat skewers from the item inventory; it’s still tasty. However, if I only had meat skewers as my staple for successive days, I was bound to get sick of it. Should I go to the market and also look for new food

“Neil would you like to eat?”

Neil who rested on my staff looked at me and stared at the food in my hands. Since I was afraid of my food being stolen again, I toom out a meat skewer freshly taken from the item inventory. Neil, who sees the food I placed on the bench, immediately latches on it, holding the meat by its talons while vigorously eating it.

Although the body looks small now, from the first time I encountered Neil, it is possible to classify it as a glutton. I shouldn’t be fooled with such a cute appearance.


While I ate watching Neil’s round body, I was called out by a duo which seems to be beginner players who had just recently walked into the plaza; it was a pair of a man and woman.

“Yes, what is it?”

The two people are surprised hearing the words coming out from my mouth. That’s right—sorry, but I can’t speak the language around here. Despite this, the pair tried talking to me once more. What an insistent bunch. What shall I do?

It was then, Neil pulls at my clothes with its beak. At such a surprising action, I turned my eyes to Neil who in turn tapped its beak on the meat beneath it. It then shook its head to look at the pair and back to me. You don’t say..

“They want to know where I brought this from?”

Neil subtly bent its head. Such a thing never crossed my mind. I showed the map to the pair and pointed to the place where the meat skewers were being sold. Then, they thanked me with a bright smile and departed swiftly for the market.

“Neil, you can understand the language…”

Rather, it should be expected since it was a endemic to this region. Neil goes back to eating the meal in relish while ignoring me who was still a bit stupefied.

After we finished eating our meal, the duo returned and sat on the bench beside us, meat skewers in hand. It was truly just as Neil said.


Name: Chloe

Race: Human

Sex: Female

[Birth Status: Bradleys – Viscount family.]

[Personal History: I Ran Away From Home to Embark on an Adventure.]

LV 10 — Remaining SP 20

Basic Skills:

[Two-handed Staff LV 9]

[Dark Magic LV 10]

[Wind Magic LV 10]

[Magic Knowledge LV 10]

[Magical Power LV 10]

[Compounding LV 2]

[Summon: Familiar LV 3]

[Command LV 2]

Unique Skills:

[Language: Hayes Region]

[Social Status: Ente Dukedom. Bradleys – Viscount Family]


[Land Familiarity]


Name: Neil

Race: Familiar Spirit

Sex: Male

LV 1

Basic Skills:

[Dark Sense LV 1]

[Dark Mist LV 1]

Unique Skills:

[Forest Sage]


T/N: Chloe is back!!! and with a new (grumpy) friend.

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