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Second Story Online: Aiming To Become The World’s Number 1. Ideal Witch (Web Novel) - Chapter 14 – I Acquired a Language Skill at Last!

Chapter 14 – I Acquired a Language Skill at Last!

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[Duo Province General Info Board Part 25]

This is the Duo region general information board.

Please use it for exchanging information about the Duo region.


#250 Anonymous Tamer: Owls! I can’t tame owls! Somebody teach me!

#251 Anonymous Second Stage Player: @250 In the Twilight forest? Huh, isn’t that a rare monster with a high degree of difficulty?

#252 Anonymous Second Stage Player: Ah, how nostalgic.. Isn’t that the rare Twilight owl seldom encountered at nighttime? Me and my party were wiped out from its darkness magic.

#253 Anonymous Second Stage Player: There’s also a dangerous monster resembling a deer there; that guy’s capable of hypnotism.

#254 Anonymous Second Stage Player: Don’t forget the other monsters in the forest, such as the mushroom capable of paralysis and venomous spiders. I had one abnormal status after the other. To make matters worse, the forest was similar to a dungeon where you can lose your way easily. Perhaps that’s where the nickname ‘death forest’ came from?

#255 Anonymous Second Stage Player: Why is such a forest even situated near a town for starting players..

#256 Anonymous Second Stage Player: @255 I don’t know, but people merely go there to compete with each other, so it’s not really a place for leveling.. it’s too disadvantageous and difficult.

#257 Anonymous Tamer: Hey, somebody teach me how to become a proper tamer.. My roleplay is lacking.

#258 Anonymous Second Stage Player: @257 Decrease strength and level up your character. Since it’s a rare class just have faith in your yourself. Also, go to the tamer board for these things:

[Partner] Tamer Board Part 10 [Mofumofu].

#259 Anonymous Tamer: @258 My bad! Thanks!

#260 Anonymous Second Stage Player: It was a mistake to choose Duo region. The Hayes region seems like a good place—the noble young ladies are so cute.

#261 Anonymous Second Stage Player: The Swaro queen is also good, why you!

#262 Anonymous Second Stage Player: Isn’t it a grandmother?!

#263 Anonymous Second Stage Player: @260 Look here. [Photo]

#264 Anonymous Second Stage Player: Who is that cutie!?

#265 Anonymous Second Stage Player: @264 You can encounter her in the berry village.

#266 Anonymous Second Stage Player: @265 Truly?! I’m close to that village—I’ll go immediately!

#268 Anonymous Second Stage Player: Princes and kings are cool, don’t you think? Also, that beautiful girl in the picture feels like from a high-class region.

#275 Anonymous Second Stage Player: Which reminds me, adding to the conversation about the twilight forest, did anyone see an odd person? A woman in a black cloak was gobbling up weeds, speaking in words I couldn’t understand..

#276 Anonymous Second Stage Player: Eerie!

#277 Anonymous Second Stage Player: Are you sure you didn’t mistake it for something else? It could probably just be a creature from the forest.

#278 Anonymous Second Stage Player: I was sure it was a person. It looked like a witch. It went somewhere after into the forest. I chased after it, but I lost my way after a while.

#279 Anonymous Second Stage Player: @278 I don’t remember the first stage players seeing such a person.

#280 Anonymous Second Stage Player: @279 Hey, I was near it. I saw it clearly.

#281 Anonymous Second Stage Player: What if it was only an apparition?

#282 Anonymous Second Stage Player: And again, the wonders of the death forest has increased once more…


“Hey Neil, please look at this! They said I looked like a witch! A witch!”

A bit carried away from joy, I showed the screen eagerly to a sleeping Neil perched on the top of my staff. Neil inclined its head in confusion, watching the screen with half-opened eyes.

Someone described me as a witch. For a person aiming to become an ideal witch, this was a gratifying compliment. Oh, I am definitely a witch—commenter #282, don’t call me a ghost.

“Hahaha.” I was glad to the point of grinning while watching the screen. I want to give thanks to the person who had written this.

There was another interesting thing though. A [Twilight Owl] like Neil seems to be a difficult opponent to capture. From what I examined from last time, the level belt of the Twilight forest should be around level 20. Even a tamer in the recommended level already has difficulty in catching it—I can’t understand how it became my familiar spirit.

Is there a big difference between [Capture] and [Contract]? From what I know, a tamer captures a monster to make it a pet; there’s no intention of seeing the animal as a partner.

However, I remember reading somewhere that a contract for familiars would not be established without the consent of the other party. There was also an info that [Summon: Element] also uses the [Contract] to form contracts with spirit. With a contract only successfully formed if a spirit acquiesces.

“That means Neil agreed.”

I used a skill called [Command] before. But now critically thinking about it, at that time, its skill level was too low, it shouldn’t have an effect on a high level opponent like Neil. I really can’t think of a plausible reason.

On a side note, perhaps it’s even possible to forcibly form an agreement without the other party’s consent by raising the skill level in the future, but.. it’s a measure I don’t want to do.

Regardless, Neil has become my familiar, there’s no need to think too much about these things. Now then, I think my break time has arrived.

Both Neil and I would be better suited to go hunting at night. So I came over to the marketplace of Dilord town first.

I came to sell the potion I made for today. Since I wanted to earn money, the original plan was to brew potions.

I scoured the area beforehand for a good place to sell my potions. Information source? The uncle from the meat skewers’ stall recommended this place. Surely, I won’t be cheated out of my money like last time.

The street towards the shopping district are all lined with stalls. Yet, there are a lot of people here too, despite being situated near a dark alley where the spot less visible to the public—it gave off an ambiance similar that of a general store.


The store clerk who was a young woman greeted me with an amiable smile. I took out the potion while showing the memo written by the uncle from the stand before. The woman began to assess the potion while asking me a question which I couldn’t understand. As if finally sensing I couldn’t understand her words, the woman gave up and a purchase screen appeared shortly before me.

[Beginner Recovery Potion: ☆☆] x 10 1200 G

One potion for 120 G? What a ridiculous amount. From what I’ve seen in the market, beginner recovery potions sell at a fixed price of 100 G. But this is still good.. too good, in fact. I completed the trade after thinking this. Incidentally, I still have 5 potions remaining that I left for myself.

Although the transaction was already completed, I stayed to browse the other merchandise offered by the shop. Other than the potions, this place also sells torches similar to a general store. There are miscellaneous goods like soaps too. It was a kind of store where half caters to adventurers and the other half for livelihood necessities.

Oh, there’s even a broom. Oh wait, a broom! What should I do, I want to buy it immediately…

Brooms and witches go hand in hand—isn’t that what normally pops out to mind when thinking of witches?

But that 1000 G tag is too high, isn’t it? However, I still bought it and it was now sitting inside my item storage. It’s all because of a witch roll.

Even if I have income, somehow I feel that my money easily disappears on the spot. Oh, well, it’s always a good prospect to earn again. By the way, the broom is also just an ordinary item, it wasn’t a magical weapon with an effect boosting magic attack power.

I said my goodbyes to the shopkeeper and returned to the market once again. I came back to the old man’s stall give my thanks. The uncle also replied saying words which probably meant ‘you’re welcome’ or something.

《Potential skills have been unlocked due to certain actions》

I opened the menu immediately and confirmed the list for obtainable skills. There..

[Language: Swaro Kingdom Language]

It’s here! Finally the language skill has appeared! I acquired the skill for 1 SP swiftly.

“Uncle.. can you understand me?”

“Young lady—language—just spoke?”

I couldn’t understand some bits of the old man’s words. However, I could fairly understand what the uncle wanted to say.

I’m so glad to have met uncle; I can finally speak the language!

As a celebratory gift, I received 10 meat skewers from the old man.

No, I don’t need meat skewers anymore..


Name: Chloe

Race: Human

Sex: Female

[Birth Status: Bradleys – Viscount family.]

[Personal History: I Ran Away From Home to Embark on an Adventure.]

LV 10 — Remaining SP 19

Basic Skills:

[Two-handed Staff LV 9]

[Dark Magic LV 10]

[Wind Magic LV 10]

[Magic Knowledge LV 10]

[Magical Power LV 10]

[Compounding LV 2]

[Summon: Familiar LV 3]

[Command LV 2]

[Language: Swaro Kingdom LV 1]

Unique Skills:

[Language: Hayes Region]

[Social Status: Ente Dukedom. Bradleys – Viscount Family]


[Land Familiarity]


Name: Neil

Race: Familiar Spirit

Sex: Male

LV 1

Basic Skills:

[Dark Sense LV 1]

[Dark Mist LV 1]

Unique Skills:

[Forest Sage]


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