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Second Story Online: Aiming To Become The World’s Number 1. Ideal Witch (Web Novel) - Chapter 17 – Black Cat, Please Form a Contract with Me

Chapter 17 – Black Cat, Please Form a Contract with Me

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After everything that happened yesterday—the goblin massacre and karma striking me back—I hadn’t been able to log back in. The reason because, I met with acquaintances that I haven’t seen a while and we all had a long chat.

Well, for today, I’ll be playing.

I first confirmed that the death penalty has been lifted off my character. With this, there would be no more restrictions on my actions.

Well, due to my skills, my actions are completely limited at night, so there’s that..

I looked up to see the sun shining brightly in the sky. Better to avoid battle this time. Ah, maybe I should eat a meal ahead. Before that, I summoned Neil. The summoned Neil, who was still quite sleepy at the moment, immediately gets on my shoulders. It apparently has become fond of this position, turning me as its makeshift perch.

“Young lady!”

The moment I arrived at the market near where the meat skewers are being sold, the uncle of the stall greeted me warmly. That’s right—I can understand the old man’s words because I have learned the language.

“Good day..”

It’s small talk, but I should start with greetings. I still yet can’t understand most of the uncle’s words. But he seems to be asking me if I came to buy lunch. What shall I do? I was thinking of food other than meat skewers. There’s still a lot left in the inventory after the celebratory event—I’m a bit stumped.

“Girls should not eat meat skewers everyday.”

Then I suddenly heard a voice from a nearby stall interrupt the one sided bargain. It was an young woman dressed in an apron and a triangular kerchief wrapped around her head. On her stall, sandwiches were lined up in display. She beckons to me with her hands as if asking me to come over there. Grateful, I trapsied towards her stall, casting a small glimpse at the uncle. The old man looked a bit dejected, although he didn’t made a remark on the young woman’s words.

I bought a sandwich from her stall. It looks appetizing, with plenty of vegetables stuffed in it. Additionally, I asked her if there was a shop selling good-quality armor. After more small talk, the young woman and the old man both taught me the directions on the map for such a shop.

“Thank you for everything.”

I parted from the stall owners with gratitude conveyed through a simple phrase. Sometime in the future, maybe i’ll be able to converse neatly and won’t be limited to basic greetings and farewells.

The bell attached to the door made small chimes as I entered. Towards the receptionist’s desk, a taciturn man was silently standing; there were no other customers beside me. I began to walk around the store for awhile, looking around for armor that would suit me.

With the equipment displayed, it can be inferred that this shop deals more on light equipment, such as robes. Specifically, robes for magicians. The equipments varied in designs and performance, with those high-spec robes the most pricey. I summed up the cost of all the equipment that caught my eye—a total of a whopping 10,000 G. I couldn’t afford it with the funds I had on hand.


It’s a pointed hat! Isn’t this a witch’s hat?! I want it! Oh, it’s 10,000 G? How in the world is it so expensive..

Now totalling everything I want, the initial sum has gone up by another 10,000 G, turning into an exorbitant 20,000 G mark.. With an already high expenditure, it’s going to increase more when I look for a weapon.


Afterwards, I paid a short visit to the general store where I was welcomed by the clerk with a cheerful greeting. It was the same clerk who had bought my potions for a high price. I wasn’t about to sell potions at this time though—I inquired if the quality of my loot from my goblin hunting was enough to be bought at a reasonable price.

“Yes, it’s good!”

The shop owner answers me amiably. Oh, that’s a relief. I sold ten pieces of goblin fingernails and three rat tails, of which amounted to 1040 G. Loot which can be easily obtained from monster hunting is traded at a rather low price; it’s probably because a lot of players do monster hunting and sell loot.

Then next time, I should consider selling potions.

I currently have 3760 G in my hands from my recent sale; money accumulates rather slowly..

It isn’t night yet. I should probably just use this time to go to the forest and gather ingredients for brewing potions.

While thinking this, I went down the road leading to the exit.

“Meow.” Goes a cat’s mewl out of the blue. Looking around, I spotted a black cat looking at me.

A black cat. It’s a black cat.

When speaking of black cats, they are generally familiar spirits of witches.

“Ah! Please wait!”

The black cat scurries off to someplace. I won’t lose it! A black cat cements my status as a witch! I should form a contract with it now at any cost!

The moment I started running, Neil who was asleep on my shoulders suddenly flies in a surprised stupor. From the chaos, Neil and I became separated for awhile as I continued my pursuit for the black cat. But I can’t mind the owl now, focus on the black cat!

“The black cat over there, please form a contract with me and become my familiar spirit!”

Even with all the determined sprinting I did, I wasn’t able to catch up with the black who was unexpectedly speedy. It climbed buildings and ran across fences in swift strides. Ugh, I can’t catch it at this rate.

“Someday.. I’ll surely catch you!” I exclaimed while gasping for air, and looking towards the disappearing figure of the black cat.

I’ll definitely accomplish a contract with a black cat!

I suddenly felt a cold gaze from somewhere and saw the flying Neil who has finally caught up to me. Is it my imagination, or am I really being stared down with frightening eyes from an owl?

T/N: LMAO. My favorite chapter.

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