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Second Story Online: Aiming To Become The World’s Number 1. Ideal Witch (Web Novel) - Chapter 18 - A Visit From a Ninja (1)

Chapter 18 - A Visit From a Ninja (1)

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18 – A Visit From a Ninja (1)

I gave up my futile search for the black cat in the meantime and came with Neil to the [Twilight Forest].

The darkness is still prevalent as usual, despite being in the entrance. Meanwhile, I pulled out grass after grass and chewed them once again.

Neil was currently sleeping on a nearby branch. It looked more relaxed than usual. Is it because this was originally Neil’s home? However, this owl truly likes to sleep all the time. And eats a lot. I’m a bit afraid Neil will gain too much weight; I, as the responsible master will be careful with his meals from now on.

I repeated the same method of distinguishing the herbs by chewing it. Occasionally, I would eat some grass giving me a paralyzed or a poisoned abnormal status, but it can’t be helped.

《Potential skills have been unlocked due to certain actions.》

After chewing grass relentlessly, such a system message suddenly appears before me. Oh, my chewing efforts have been rewarded. What skills did I get this time? Let’s confirm it immediately!

[Appraisal: Plant] [Taste] [Gathering] [Night Vision] [Poison Resistance] [Paralysis resistance] [Sleep Resistance]

This time, a number of skills appeared in my skill list simultaneously. Most notable was the appraisal skill. I remembered that it was learnable from the skill master in town, but I was able to acquire it unexpectedly by myself. Look at that, I didn’t need to have the language skill to learn it at all. Still, the language skill is necessary…

[Gathering] must be from all that grass pulling. These time, it would easier to search for medicinal herbs thanks to these two skills. [Night Vision] has also finally come out. With this, it would be easier to take action in my future night activities.

It’s also worthwhile eating all those grass capable of abnormal status, since I developed a resistance for them. [Taste] should have probably appeared because I always checked the flavor of each herb. This should be a good progenitor skill for taking up cooking skills in the future.

However, due to the stream of new skills, I became a bit lost on whether to acquire everything. Even if I was to postpone it till later, I feel like everything seems to be necessary. I have 11 basic skills at the moment, with 20 SP remaining. For each skill, 2 SP is consumed, so to get all 7 of them, I had to spend 14 SP.

When the number of basic skills reaches 10, the SP cost for the future skills increases to 2. I have a feeling that when the amount of basic skills reach 20, the SP cost will probably increase again. Should I check the strategy boards to confirm such a theory?

“If I take a cooking skill, I’ll have 19 skills in total..”

Although the cooking skill isn’t presently listed in the skill list, I had already planned to take it in the future. Aah, but I wanted to learn new magic skills since I was only limited to wind and dark in the meantime. If I put in another one, then i’ll reach the 20 mark.

For the time being, I’ll only get the skills imperative for my agenda. In that case, I got the 3 skills: [Appraisal: Plant], [Gathering] and [Night Vision] which consumed a total of 6 SP.

Afterwards, the vicinity which was enveloped in darkness suddenly became more clearer to me. The similar-looking grass gradually morphed into the appearance seen from the photographs of medicinal herbs in the strategy board.

“I see. Other players were able to see it this way.”

The herb used for brewing recovery potions resembles a big leaf. And thanks to the [Gathering] skill, the amount that can be collected is more than usual.

However, there was something strange. I couldn’t find any poisonous, paralysis or sleeping grass. This should be the same place where to harvest them. Even if I looked around with the appraisal skill in use, I couldn’t find it.

“Is this because of the appraisal skill level?”

At level 1, it seems only recovery herbs can be distinguished from the grass. When I was gathering herbs without the appraisal skill, I could find other herbs accidentally. I want to take all three of them once with the appraisal skill, but It doesn’t seem to be possible at the moment..

Then I should better acquire the remaining skills [Sleep resistance] [Paralysis Resistance] [Poison Resistance] and [Taste], but..

“Oh, I’ll just take it! Why am I so worried!”

I took them all heatedly. There was no detailed game plan at all.

Unperturbed, I resumed my collection. I took the herbs that can be seen from my appraisal skill, while occasionally distinguishing unidentified grass by taste. The taste was still the same, however the abnormal effect has lessened considerably. It was probably from acquiring resistances for the three abnormal statuses.

I discovered another strange thing: I was still able to find some recovery herbs mixed in the grass I identified by chewing, despite it should be seen from the appraisal skill at level 1. Are you telling me there are still other kinds of recovery herbs I have yet to discover?

Well, let’s confirm those theories later.

“I have harvested a lot.”

I think the collection has advanced smoothly. I was able to gather 50 recovery herbs from the appraisal skill, and 20 pieces of unidentified recovery herbs from tasting. As for the herbs capable of sleep, paralysis, and poison, I was able to harvest about 20 each. However, during the last minute, the poisonous herb added to 30 and 25 pieces for the paralysis and sleeping herbs.

I don’t have to return in awhile to gather new herbs, as the amount of herbs gathered has considerably increased due to the [Gathering] skill.

As I am doing actions related to the skill, the level also has gone up. Ah, everything is progressing smoothly.

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