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Seeking Happiness (Web Novel)






Josei Romance

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On the wedding night, when the bride hung herself, the handsome husband was sickly, the concubine was glaring like a tiger to see what her best next move would be. Shu Huan who time-travelled to the ancient times encountered such a mess.

“Men and women can’t touch each other. You doing this is not right, right?”

“Humph, you are already married to me. You still care about that?”

“Eh eh, second young master, you haven’t healed yet. I’m thinking for your own good.”

“Doesn’t matter, this young master isn’t interested in your bean sprouts like body.”

While sleeping, they put a barrier of pillows between them

Woman: “Eh…Eh….”

Man: “Eh…what are you doing?

Woman: “Don’t cross the line.”

Man: “Ah……?”

Woman: “If you cross the line, I’ll hit you with the incense burner.”

Man “Uh……”

Woman: If……if I accidentally cross the line……you don’t…”

“Humph……if you continue to talk, I’ll tear your clothes and seal your mouth.”

“You check so carefully because you are afraid that I’ll harm you?”

“That isn’t it. Humph, I only want to know why someone will commit suicide by hanging on the wedding night.”


“You hate me so much? You prefer to die instead of spending the wedding night with me?

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The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 234 - Ending Part 2 The happy occasion filled the house2020-03-03
Chapter 233 - Ending Part 1 The happy occasion filled the house2020-03-02
Chapter 232 Begging earnestly2020-03-01
Chapter 231 Loosen the reins only to grasp them better2020-02-29
Chapter 230 Perish that thought2020-02-29
Chapter 229 Little fourth’s marriage2020-02-27
Chapter 228 The happiness of a dragon and a phoenix (twins)2020-02-23
Chapter 227 Don’t turn your back on the good period of time2020-02-22
Chapter 226 Ten fingers intertwined2020-02-21
Chapter 225 Wife, your medicine2020-02-20
Chapter 224 New rules2020-02-16
Chapter 223 You are something!2020-02-15
Chapter 222 To bully intolerably2020-02-14
Chapter 221 Giving you the cold-shoulder2020-02-13
Chapter 220 Arranged properly2020-02-13
Chapter 219 Could die in peace2020-02-08
Chapter 218 Do your best and listen to the mandate of heaven2020-02-07
Chapter 217 Why care about who wants to cross the single-log bridge?2020-02-07
Chapter 216 Decreed by fate2020-01-23
Chapter 215 The past fate2020-01-05
Chapter 214 The jade pendant2020-01-04
Chapter 213 The dejection of the wedding night2020-01-03
Chapter 212 The wedding2020-01-02
Chapter 211 - Dressing and grooming oneself2020-01-01
Chapter 210 Wait for me to deal with a matter2019-12-29
Chapter 209 Stealing a kiss2019-12-28
Chapter 208 Taunting sarcastically2019-12-27
Chapter 207 The discovery of the incident2019-12-26
Chapter 206 Escape2019-12-25
Chapter 205 The back garden in the middle of the night2019-12-22
Chapter 204 Affectionate couple2019-12-21
Chapter 203 Eavesdrop2019-12-21
Chapter 202 The taboo feelings2019-12-19
Chapter 201 Backfire2019-12-15
Chapter 200 Obituary notice2019-12-14
Chapter 199 The deep feeling2019-12-13
Chapter 198 Throw out2019-12-12
Chapter 197 The marriage2019-12-08
Chapter 196 Revert the incident by taking liberties with a woman2019-12-07
Chapter 195 Mean and despicable2019-12-06
Chapter 194 The odor2019-12-05
Chapter 193 The most incurable poison2019-12-01
Chapter 192: What kind of weirdo?2019-11-30
Chapter 191 Embracing indifferently2019-11-29
Chapter 190 Sorry, I’m late2019-11-28
Chapter 189 Five silver liang2019-11-24
Chapter 188 Clues2019-11-23
Chapter 187 Clear the city to search for someone2019-11-22
Chapter 186 Unreconciled2019-11-21
Chapter 185 Mess less with him2019-11-17
Chapter 184: Provoking intentionally2019-11-16
Chapter 183: Visit the prisoner2019-11-15
Chapter 182 Locked up in the dungeon2019-11-14
Chapter 181 Meeting but doesn’t know each other yet2019-11-07
Chapter 180 The ban2019-11-06
Chapter 179 The desolation in aftermath of a disaster was everywhere2019-11-05
Chapter 178 Rushing back to Jingtian City2019-11-04
Chapter 177 An old friend that one doesn’t want to see2019-11-03
Chapter 176 The reunion2019-11-02
Chapter 175 Struggle in the rain2019-11-01
Chapter 174 Fleeing for one’s life2019-10-31
Chapter 173 Facing an imminent catastrophe2019-10-27
Chapter 172 The break off of the relation2019-10-26
Chapter 171 Question intensely about her whereabouts2019-10-25
Chapter 170 Something is going to happen2019-10-24
Chapter 169 With one’s heart set on speeding home2019-10-20
Chapter 168 False alarm2019-10-19
Chapter 167 The date of returning is distant2019-10-18
Chapter 166 Catching a thief2019-10-17
Chapter 165 On a windy night with a dark moon2019-10-13
Chapter 164 Tailoring2019-10-12
Chapter 163 – The life outside of the residence2019-10-11
Chapter 162 New home2019-10-10
Chapter 161: Freeing herself2019-10-06
Chapter 160: No choice but to suffer in silence2019-10-05
Chapter 159 Selling herself to save her mother2019-10-04
Chapter 158 – Extort2019-10-03
Chapter 157 Shameless2019-09-29
Chapter 156: Goodbye2019-09-28
Chapter 155 No one owed the other2019-09-27
Chapter 154 The letter of announcing divorce2019-09-26
Chapter 153 The sky was about to change2019-09-22
Chapter 152 Rumor2019-09-21
Chapter 151 I will stay with you forever2019-09-20
Chapter 150 Shifting the misfortune to someone else2019-09-19
Chapter 149 Ironclad evidence2019-09-15
Chapter 148: The hidden ugliness2019-09-14
Chapter 147 Not believing at all2019-09-13
Chapter 146 Not to stop until death2019-09-12
Chapter 145 The miserable past2019-09-10
Chapter 144: The method of poisoning2019-09-07
Chapter 143 Innocence2019-09-07
Chapter 142 Where did the white arsenic come from?2019-09-07
Chapter 141 Old madam, save her2019-09-07
Chapter 140 Miscarriage2019-09-07
Chapter 139 Get poisoned2019-09-07
Chapter 138 Risking one’s life to protect2019-09-07
Chapter 137 One word sentenced for life2019-09-07
Chapter 136 Punishment2019-09-07
Chapter 135 Old accumulated grievances2019-09-07
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