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Seized by the System (Web Novel) - Chapter 452: The System Map’s Bottleneck

Chapter 452: The System Map’s Bottleneck

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Zheng Dao looked at this honest Master Luo and sighed in his heart. No wonder he approached him. After all, everyone outside was jittery. If not for the dense layer of fog around the Qi City farm villa, people would have broken worn out the doorstep asking for a definite answer.

‘Was it time to bargain-hunt for houses?’

He did not dare to guarantee. ‘Should I ask the Venerable One?’

‘No, there is nothing like an absolute secret. If I tell Master Luo that he can buy it, there’ll be many people bargain-hunting for houses tomorrow. What then?’

‘If I fail, the blame will not fall on me, but on the Venerable One instead.’

He hesitated a moment before saying slowly, “Master Luo, you can rent a big house to live in first…”

“Oh, you’re right,” a trace of disappointment flashed across Master Luo’s face. Then, he looked slightly ashamed, “I’m really sorry to trouble you, Mr. Zheng. In that case, I’ll tell this to them when I get back.”

‘Them? Aren’t you supposed to just tell your daughter?’

Haha, as expected… Zheng Dao immediately understood. However, he did not say anything and just nodded while smiling, “Master Luo, the sky won’t fall down. The Venerable One will never stand idly by and watch as innocent people die, but we must also be sincere and never give birth to crooked ideas.”

“Yes, yes, you’re right, Mr. Zheng.” Master Luo’s face turned red, but he was extremely grateful. Zheng Dao had left him some dignity even though he knew exactly what he was thinking. He really was a learned man.

“Master Luo, winter is coming, so there’s not much left to do. You can go back to your hometown to have a look.”

“Thank you, Sir. In that case, I’ll take a vacation and go back to rent a house for that insatiable cat for it to live in with its wife,” Master Luo said sheepishly.

“Alright. If any problems arise, please give me a call or leave a message in the villa workers group,” instructed Zheng Dao.

“Yes, yes, I understand. Thank you, Mr. Zheng,” Master Luo’s mood relaxed.

Zheng Dao watched as he left and shook his head before returning to his office in the study.

At this time, his phone suddenly rang.

He opened WeChat and saw that someone left a message. It was from a few old customers who wanted to buy some Dragon Clan Honey-flavored Pills.

He typed a few words, “Temporarily out of stock. Please wait for the next batch, or choose the ordinary Vitality Pills.”

The Venerable One was very busy now. The reason why honey pills have not been in stock for so long was most likely because of insufficient materials.

The next day, Master Luo sat on the first train out of Qi City.

Before long, the train started to move. His phone ringtone rang, and he picked up the call.

“Uncle Luo, can I buy that house I asked about?”

“Mr. Zheng told me that it’ll be better to rent instead of buy.”

“What does that mean? Is he suggesting to buy it or not?”

“He didn’t have any suggestions. You should stop simply thinking about taking shortcuts to make a lot of money. It’s much better to be a down-to-earth person.”

“Your thinking is too old-fashioned. Everyone knows that we’ve got to make full use of what is available around us. If you just ask and get some news, the rest of our family won’t have to work for the next half our lives. How can you make big bucks if you don’t make use of the resources in your hands?”

“At times like these, it’s good enough that we have a place to leave in peace. I know of a saying, ‘greedy people don’t have good ends’.” Master Luo said slowly.

“Hmph, you’re so old-fashioned. If you won’t tell me, then I’ll tell you this instead. Your daughter is in our hands. If you want her returned unharmed, then ask clearly, can we buy the house or not?”

“Wang Ergou, don’t you dare!” Master Luo suddenly shouted.

A few passengers immediately cast him confused gazes.

“You brought this upon yourself. I didn’t want to resort to force seeing that you’re my senior. If you remain embarrassed and don’t ask clearly, then the consequences will be yours to bear!” The voice on the line also shouted.

“Hmph,” There was no worry present on Master Luo’s face. He said calmly, “I’m lenient to outsiders but strict on my family. I’m telling you, the Venerable One patrols the entire world and can see for thousands of miles. He won’t let even a petty thief get away. If you dare to kidnap my daughter, you’ll have to prepare for the repercussions.”

Some people silently perked up their ears. Was something big about to happen?

“Heh, you old coot. I really can’t scare you. Forget it, I’ll find someone else,” the voice bitterly

hung up the phone.

Master Luo breathed a heavy sigh of relief and quickly dialed another number.

“Hua Hua, are you there?”

“What’s wrong, pops?” a clear female voice said.

“Is everything alright at home?”

“Everything’s fine. That’s what I told you two days ago. Xiao Hua married his daughter-in-law and quickly got his full citizenship. He’s clamoring for a master bedroom now. When you come back, just help build her a shack on the balcony,” she said.

It turns out that Master Luo was indeed lying. His daughter never said that she wanted to move to a bigger house, but it was actually another relative’s child who wanted to bring up real estate prices and used his relations to ask Vigilante A.

“Hehe, I’ll rent a room in the same building for it when I get back. Quite a few households have left our building, so it’ll also help us a lot if we rent one unit to it.”

“That’s fine too, but if we want to chase it out in the future, we won’t have any neighbors anymore. How troublesome.”

Ordinary people led ordinary lives. No matter how the upper powers churn, they could not do anything about it. They still lived their days the same way as always.

Ordinary people led small but fortunate lives, while Vigilante A prowled through the clouds and fog every single day.

Today, the System seemed to hesitate after looking at the scene below.

“Brother, are you there?”

“What’s wrong, Brother Sys?”

‘Fang Ning’ stopped his cultivation.

“Ah, you can just call me Big Bro since I’m already over a year old, and you’re only a few days old. If you call me Brother Sys, that lazy bum of a Host finds out, he would definitely make fun of it… It’ll be unpleasant,” suggested Sir System. 1

“That sounds good. Is something wrong, Big Bro?”

“Brother, take a look at the scene below. It looks a little odd, but the System Map isn’t notifying me on whether I can farm them or not. The last time I encountered something like that, the lazy bum Host caused them to go red… Do you have that ability too, Brother?”

Fang Ning seized the System View and looked down, and immediately paled.

Below them was a messy pit with a group of strange looking creatures working hard inside it.

There were some tiny bits and pieces of brown-purple orbs scattered everywhere.

“Work fast, you loafers! The Demon Alliance was just established, so everyone needs to work hard. We need to work 16 hours per day. If we work double the workload of humans, we’ll be able to surpass them!”

A wolf demon holding a whip wrapped in deerskin roared at a group of demons who were digging hard for ore.

“Where’s this?”

“It’s a mine somewhere in Guifang Country. I remember that it should be occupied by Cloud Fog City, so how did it become a mining area for demons?” The System said mysteriously.

“I haven’t heard news of Duke Yun ask for help recently. Did they come to an agreement? I’ll call him and ask,” Fang Ning said subconsciously.

“Well, looks like Brother is quite knowledgeable about the past as well,” praised the System.

“Haha, I’m sharing a body with that lazy *ss anyway, so his memories are my memories,” Fang Ning almost messed up and quickly explained to smooth the matter over. He could not help but be depressed secretly. Acting out identity was really hard.

“Oh, in that case, can you tell me how much money that fella has? He told me the amount before, but I don’t think he was being very honest,” the System immediately questioned.

“Hm, Big Bro, as the saying goes, a nobleman makes his wealth in just and ethical means. We can’t do sneaky things. We need to be open and earn our own living. That’s the way heroes and gentlemen act.” Fang Ning solemnly taught.

“Oh, is that so? I guess you’re right. In that case, I won’t care about his coffers. We’ll earn money ourselves. Brother, you’re a hundred times more diligent than him and have a general outlook, so I believe you’ll become richer than him in no time,” encouraged Sir System.

Fang Ning did not reply and instead dialed the phone to Cloud Fog City.

After a while, he put down the phone.

“Cloud Fog City said that they didn’t have any agreements with these demons. This mine is indeed supposed to be occupied by them, but because of lack of manpower, it has been used as a reserve mine and has not been opened.”

“Outrageous! Doesn’t that mean that they’re a bunch of demon thieves? Why isn’t my System Map showing them as red?”

“I think it’s because of these natural resources. Humans can develop, so naturally, demons will be able to develop as well. However, Big Bro, I think your System Map really does have a bottleneck.” Fang Ning rolled his eyes. Repeatedly calling this retard ‘Big Bro’ was really unpleasant.

“Yeah, it was relatively easy in the past to judge good and evil humans. Afterward, it was also easy to deal with the monsters that endangered nature and humans. Now that there’s an extra demon race, they’ll compete with humans everywhere.

“The lazy Host was swayed by Ren Ruofeng’s sweet-talk and is firm in his position. He’ll judge good and evil from the standpoint of humans. However, my System Map didn’t update in time and can’t handle it, so I have to let him make those monsters red manually. It was really troublesome,” the System said dejectedly.

“Alright, I’ll think of a way to talk to him and strive to find a solution to Big Bro’s map updating problem as soon as possible,” Fang Ning said while gnashing his teeth.

“Okay, I’ll await your good news.”

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