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Seized by the System (Web Novel) - Chapter 667: Salvation Meeting

Chapter 667: Salvation Meeting

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

A few days later, in a small tropical island in Central America’s Caribbean Sea, was the Insect Clan Realm.

There was great excitement here from the moment the sun projected the first ray of sunlight onto the island.

The island was green and lush with countless tropical trees flourishing. Their broad leaves blocked out the sun.

Countless colorful insects circled and danced on this tropical island. There were butterflies, dragonflies, bees, cicadas that sang occasionally, as well as fireflies that wanted to shine during the day…

Among them, butterflies numbered the most, followed by bees. The butterflies danced in large circular formations, while the bees flew in figures of eight.

There were not that many dragonflies and fireflies, which flew in scattered groups of two and three.

These were all normal. Occasionally, there were a few flies and mosquitoes that were caught up in the fun. Wherever they went, the insects retreated.

Perhaps that was because, among the insects, butterflies were the most common ones that could not only fly, but wrtr also beautiful.

Choosing to reincarnate as a butterfly was the mainstream choice. Those that reincarnated into bees were honest people that did not want to simply eat a free meal. They received great grace and reincarnated into an insect, so they wished to work to repay the Bodhisattva…

Out of the several insect choices offered by the Bodhisattva Spirit King, only the bees were the most likely to produce batches of expensive commodities.

It had been a year since the Truth Department helped the Venerable Dragon God cultivate the sacred beeswax in the Land of Heritage.

They started off watching over the sacred beeswax until finally learning from those old bees. Currently, they started to collect nectar to make honey and secrete beeswax in the Insect Clan Realm.

These were all very normal. However, the few flies and mosquitoes were rather weird. It would be fine if they were just local wild insects, but the crucial point was that they could speak. In other words, they were also reincarnated…

It could only be said that there would still be weirdos among good people.

A large blowfly, followed by a little mosquito, were chasing butterflies and bees around the island, happily flying about. Unfortunately, wherever they went, all the other insects either chased them away or hid.

“Big Brother Ying, do you think we chose the wrong reincarnation target? Not a single winged insect came out to welcome us…” The little mosquito flitted about gloomily.

The large blowfly was indifferent, “Little Brother Wen, you don’t understand. Back then, we died by accident, so after reincarnating, you said you wanted to reincarnate as someone with strong vitality. According to my observations, among all the winged insects, only the vitality of these two are the strongest. Look, when we were humans before, we tried our hardest to kill flies and mosquitoes, but they still lived happily…”

“I heard that there’ll be many major gods coming to this island today. Everyone will want to receive some divine grace, but with how we look, do you think those gods will notice us?” The little mosquito was very depressed.

“Stand out. Do you know what standing out means?” The blowfly said triumphantly, “The others all became butterflies and bees and formed a dense mess, so who would be able to see them? As for the two of us, at a glance, are exceptionally distinct.”

“I’m just afraid that we’re too distinct and get squashed to death by someone’s palm, Big Brother Ying…” The little mosquito said, dispirited.

“Don’t worry, there’s an advantage to us reincarnating as a fly and mosquito. As the first fly and mosquito with sapience, we’re already automatically gotten the protection of both clans. As long as the flies and mosquitoes don’t go extinct, we won’t die.” The large blowfly said triumphantly.

“Huh, why didn’t I know that?” The little mosquito was astonished, “Big Brother Ying, don’t lie to me.”

“Don’t worry, Little Brother Wen. I’ve read many books, so I won’t lie to you. Ah, ah, that little butterfly lady there, don’t run away…” The large blowfly’s eyes suddenly lit up, and it flew towards a colorful butterfly.

“Welcome, Fawang. We are honored by your presence…” At 9 am, an old monk in yellow robes arrived at the island.

A group of butterflies, bees, and dragonflies immediately gathered around and lined up in a welcoming formation. The ostentatious show was obviously rehearsed more than once.

“Quick, quick, Big Brother Ying. The god is here, stop chasing your little butterfly!” The little mosquito yelled anxiously”

“Coming, coming.” The large blowfly quickly gave up on chasing the colorful butterfly and followed after the little mosquito.

Tianjing Fawang smiled lightly and nodded briefly at the butterflies, bees, and dragonflies dancing around him. With a wave of his sleeve, a golden aura floated towards them.

The butterflies, bees, and dragonflies all became stronger and more graceful, as if they just drank honey juice. It was obvious that their cultivation had risen by a lot.

Tianjing Fawang walked along the long passage lined with the butterflies, bees, and dragonflies, towards the entrance of the Insect Clan Realm, where the source of the island’s only stream was located.

The large blowfly hurriedly flew over with the little mosquito following closely behind it.

“Oh, I didn’t think there would be flies and mosquitoes in the Spiritual Insect’s paradise…” Tianjing Fawang frowned at first, but suddenly looked amazed, “As expected of the Bodhisattva, who understands the workings of the world and is compatible with all living things. My mental cultivation is still far too inferior.”

Then, he realized that the fly and mosquito landed on each side of his shoulders without fear.

“Hm, they really do have sapience. Alright, since we are predestined with Buddha, I’ll help you today.” Tianjing Fawang lifted a finger, and two streams of golden light landed on the large fly and the little mosquito…

“Big Brother Ying, I’ve been enlightened… From today onwards, I’m a mosquito Taoist devotee.” The little mosquito mumbled to itself.

“Little Brother Wen, I’ve also been enlightened. From today onwards, I’m a fly Buddhist monk.” The large fly’s hundreds of thousands of compound eyes flashed at the same time.

“Haha, congratulations. The Spiritual Insects Clan has yet another two guardians.” Tianjing Fawang nodded and entered the Spiritual Insect Realm.

At 10 am, a Golden River appeared on the island.

At 12 pm, a four-headed man appeared on the island…

At 2 pm, a bald young man appeared on the island…

At 4 pm, a phantom holding an Eight Trigrams compasses descended from the moon onto the island…

In the Spiritual Insect Realm, under a hill with blooming flowers.

Five powerful beings on Earth gathered here. Although there were only five people, there was good and evil, gods and devils, and a Taoist practitioner.

“Haha, I really appreciate all of you coming here.” A young man smiled while picking the flowers.

“The Bodhisattva invited us, so we naturally have to come.” The yellow-robed monk lightly nodded.

“Hmph, Bodhisattva Spirit King, you’ve gone through great lengths to notify us to come here. What are you planning?” The four-headed man said coldly.

“Haha, the Indian Trinity, I wonder if I should call you ‘Lord Brahma’ or Sir Lin San?” The Bodhisattva Spirit King faintly smiled.

“Damn it, you better call me Sir Lin Da 1 .” The four-headed man glared.

“Hahaha, I never thought that Sir Lin San would be unable to see past some false reputations. It’s no wonder that you chose such a path of godhood. For shame, for shame.” The Bodhisattva Spirit King shook his head.

“Hmph, if you can see past everything, then you won’t be far from reaching nirvana. What’s the point of becoming a god or refining your path?” The four-headed man crossed his arms.

“Haha, Sir Lin San didn’t waste all these years of cultivation after all. However, you’re as tyrannical as ever, and aren’t necessarily suitable for living in this new world. After all, in this world, love and justice are the mainstream, as well as the grand path.” The Bodhisattva Spirit King shook his head.

“Hmph, what are you saying? Do you mean that the once supreme Bodhisattva has become so depraved after descending to this little star for less than a decade? In the past, you’ve always claimed that all beings were equal. Do you really want to leave behind your lofty identity and choose to be among these ants?” The four-headed man was extremely disdainful.

“All living beings are equal regardless of their position and status. They all should have equal rights to life. Fighting and killing should cease. This world is infinitely vast and boundless, and there is no need to destroy innocent beings for things in front of you.” The Bodhisattva Spirit King said with compassion. This was the true purpose of this gathering.

Only by virtue of his prestige and former position in the Upper Realm was he able to gather these powerful gods.

Vigilante A might have more powerful strength, but he definitely would not be able to do this.

“Hahahaha, I see. It’s no wonder you wanted to betray the Upper Realm Buddhism. So you really wanted to practice ‘all lives being equal’. How ridiculous. Which Buddha, Bodhisattva, or Arhat doesn’t say that over and over again? However, you really believed in it. If you really want all living beings to be equal, why do you still have countless believers worshipping you? Why do you still want to sit on the dais?” The four-headed man sneered.

The Bodhisattva Spirit King shook his head and looked at the other three people.

Tianjing Fawang did not comment. Although he was merciful, he had cultivated painstakingly for countless years to achieve his present status. He also did not truly equal with his believers.

The Devil Saint Zhi Nan also revealed an expression of disdain.

The Daoist practitioner holding the compass had a complex look in his eyes and lightly shook his head.

“Alas, it was my wishful thinking. Your selfish desires are too heavy, but you don’t understand that true wisdom lies in the selflessness of the heart. Only then will you be able to tolerate and yield to this world’s heaven and earth, and stop repeating the mistakes of the Upper Realm.” The Bodhisattva Spirit King shook his head.

At this time, the Devil Saint Zhi Nan’s lips pulled, and he said lightly, “Hmph, don’t think that only heaven and earth can be saved with just your method. I also have my own path, and I also can save this heaven and earth. In comparison, you can only talk about mysteries and discuss abstract theories. My path is much more practical.”

“You two, don’t make things unnecessarily complicated. I don’t give a damn what you want to save or destroy. I’ll only let those who obey me thrive, and those who resist me perish!” The four-headed man’s face revealed a trace of coldness.

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