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Seized by the System (Web Novel) - Chapter 668: Division of Forces

Chapter 668: Division of Forces

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“Hm, why go so far? We’re all Upper Realm gods and mighty people of this world. Why don’t we just talk it out? What’s the point of getting angry? Since we rarely get together, if we fight against each other in vain, it’ll be the later generation that suffers. It’s better to follow the examples of the humans of this world and agree on a bottom line to divide our respective spheres of influence so that there’ll be less conflict in the future.” The Golden River suddenly appeared and transformed into a smiling young man, and said tactfully

“Old Sky River, you’re as slick and hypocritical as usual. However, what you said makes sense. We should divide the sphere of influence and reduce conflict among us six.” The Devil Saint Zhi Nan lightly said.

“Haha, as expected of the wisest in among devils, your knowledge is profound. In that case, how about I suggest a bottom line first?” The River God of the Sky River laughed.

The other four nodded lightly.

“This world is vast, but the living creatures are relatively rare. It’s unknown how many creatures are needed if we want to fully exploit this world. In the future, we must restrain our habits and not kill with our own hands.” The River God of the Sky River proposed.

“That sounds good. The River God of the Sky River is indeed compassionate and has a soft heart. I naturally agree.” The Bodhisattva Spirit King was the first to second the motion.

“A wrongdoer may become a man of virtue once he does good. My Buddhism has a forgiving heart towards evildoers, how would it harm human life without reason? Naturally, I have no objections.” Tianjing Fawang pressed his palms together and agreed.

“Hmph, those who obey me will thrive, and those who resist me shall perish. If they’re obedient, I naturally won’t damage my own property. However, if they dare to disobey me, they’ll end up in ashes.” The four-headed man shook his head while sneering.

“What a generation of ants see and hear are insignificant. Their experience doesn’t even reach a hundred years. Why would I care about them? They will not hinder me, so I naturally won’t bother with them.” The Devil Saint Zhi Nan said in a somewhat yielding tone.

“The will of heaven is my will, and my will is the will of heaven. All living things drift along, but my will shall remain motionless.” The Taoist devotee with the compass finally spoke for the first time. His words were extremely mysterious and difficult to understand.

However, in their state, all five people understood clearly. He meant that he would act as an observer of the world, merely watching from outside and never to take part in it personally.

“In that case, it seems only Sir Lin San is different from us. It’s no wonder that the people of this world call you an evil god…” The River God of the Sky River shook his head.

“Hmph, they’re just a group of lowly people. They don’t know the dreadfulness of a Celestial Aura. When they understand the unshakable power of destiny, they’ll know how ridiculous their current resistance is.” The four-headed man expressed his disdain.

“Sigh, it seems that Sir Lin San still wants to be high above all else and wield power over everything. You cannot see through the maze that is power. For shame, for shame.” The Bodhisattva Spirit King sighed while shaking his head.

“Hmph, the strong become kings, while the weak become slaves. This is an unchangeable way of nature. Subduing by force is the true path! All who bring about change are the strong who triumph over their opponents.” The four-headed man said ruthlessly.

“In that case, with the combined power of the five of us, would you be willing to give in, Sir Lin San? Kill less in the future, and do not act personally until the critical juncture.” the River God of the Sky River suddenly turned hostile.

When the four brains of the four-headed man heard this, they immediately grew furious. Five purplish-black auras suddenly appeared. It hovered unsteadily and suddenly crashed into the other five people.

Seeing this, the Bodhisattva Spirit sighed and pressed his palms together. A golden light radiated from his body and scattered all the purplish-black energy.

A cyan water screen appeared around the River God of the Sky River and obstructed the purplish-black aura.

The Devil Saint Zhi Nan glared and opened his mouth, and suddenly swallowed the purplish-black energy attacking him, making them into tonics.

Tianjing Fawang swept his yellow robe and blocked the purplish-black energy. From his form, it looked like he had some difficulties.

The compass holding Taoist devotee was only a phantom. After getting attacked by the purplish-black energy, he was immediately defeated, but then he condensed again. However, he had faded somewhat.

“Hmph, your strength has recovered well. In that case, I’ll temporarily agree to your proposal. I won’t personally act. However, I won’t restrict my underlings either.”

“That’s fine. We still have to consider the division of our spheres of influence.” The River God of the Sky River smiled.

“What so tough about that? I can’t be bothered to haggle with you all. You all can take this flourishing Earth. I’ll be satisfied with just the lonely outer space.” The Devil Saint Zhi Nan said generously.

“Hahahaha, Old Ji, do you really think we haven’t studied the geography of this world?” The four-headed man sneered, “I am known as ‘Mahabrahma’, the god that created the universe. Therefore, this entire universe belongs to me.”

“Hmph, ignorant and insolent. Even gods, saints, and Buddha wouldn’t dare to boast themselves as such. You’re just the boss of a grotto-heaven in the Upper Realm, yet you dare to covet such a dignified position?” Zhi Nan immediately sneered.

“Alright, alright, you two. If you argue like this, a conclusion won’t be reached even after a hundred years. Let’s all be rational and meet each other halfway.” The River God of the Sky River continued to mediate, “The Earth is the root, we’ll each draw a piece from it. The universe is the stem, but it’s boundless. We’ll each take a portion.”

Zhi Nan expression suddenly turned strange, “No, my Great Path covers the entire universe. I don’t care about the population in the territory, I only care about… I can’t say it now. I don’t want your population resources, my only request is that you don’t obstruct me when I’m practicing my Great Path. Of course, I won’t just leave you with nothing.”

“Well, it looks like the Devil Saint has great wisdom, great perseverance, and great goals. In that case, there’s no harm.” The River God of the Sky River nodded.

The four-headed man sneered, “With such large plans, I really don’t know what the Devil Saint is scheming. As expected of a devil, you’ll always act secretly.”

“You speak as if you’re acting righteously when just a few days ago, you were secretly destroying Old Sky River’s reputation. It’s a pity I’ve been humiliated by a vigilante from the Lower Realm. That’s all your so-called power amounts to.” Zhi Nan said disdainfully.

“You darn devil, how dare you ridicule me!” The four-headed man was about to attack again but was stopped by the Bodhisattva Spirit King.

“Forget it, forget it. I don’t want any territory. I’ll be satisfied as long as all I receive the virtuous believers of everyone’s unified administration after they die in order to reincarnate them. I believe you all don’t care too much about where your followers go after they die.” The Bodhisattva Spirit King laughed bitterly.

“We naturally have to explain our Buddhism. To save all living beings from suffering. All living creatures are able to perform dhyana 1 .” Tianjing Fawang raised one palm vertically and chanted a mantra.

“I don’t want any outside territory. I just want to keep my own mountain.” The compass holding Taoist devotee was the last to speak.

“Very well. This way, we can avoid unnecessary conflicts.” The Bodhisattva Spirit King nodded, “This gathering was not held in vain. Thank you all for honoring me by appearing. A little gift will be given later, I hope that you all will not ignore it.”

“Hmph, who would ignore it at this time? If you accumulate resources early, your odds of success will increase by a fraction in the future. The reason why Mount Tai is so magnificent and tall is that it doesn’t refuse soil, and the reason why rivers are so broad is that they can accommodate hundreds of rivers.” The four-headed directly said.

Before long, a banquet was held. The six powerful beings ate, drank, and chatted like ordinary people.

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