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Sha Po Lang (Web Novel)


SPL, 杀破狼, 殺破狼






Action Drama Historical Mecha Romance Sci-fi Shounen Ai

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In the age of the Great Liang Dynasty, the lives of the people were made convenient with steam-powered machines that run on a fuel named Violetstream Gold. Chang Geng, who lived in a small countryside village, shared a distant relationship with his mother while his stepfather was away most of the year round, and the only people he was close to were two little kids, the village teacher, and his yi fu – adoptive father. But his life was flipped upside down one day following the barbaric Man tribes’ invasion, and it turned out that his entire identity had been an illusion – not only was Chang Geng himself not the country boy he thought he was, but also his mother, his teacher, and even his beloved yi fu…

197 • 2019-04-13 12:19:39


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 1172019-11-28
Chapter 1162019-11-21
Chapter 1152019-11-21
Chapter 1142019-11-14
Chapter 1132019-11-07
Chapter 1122019-11-07
Chapter 1112019-11-07
Chapter 1102019-11-07
Chapter 109: Ten Years2019-10-10
Chapter 108: Jiangbei2019-10-05
Chapter 107: Troubles2019-09-30
Chapter 106: The North2019-09-25
Chapter 105: Retired2019-09-14
Chapter 104: Leading Battle2019-09-14
Chapter 103: Meeting2019-09-03
Chapter 102: Palace Banquet2019-08-30
Chapter 101: Dense Fog2019-08-24
Chapter 100: Wind Rising2019-08-21
Chapter 99: Turbulence2019-08-16
Chapter 98: What is love? Changgu is.2019-08-11
Chapter 97: Dust Settled2019-08-07
Chapter 96: Danger2019-08-02
Chapter 95: Startling Change2019-07-30
Chapter 94: Biting2019-07-26
Chapter 93: Rebellion2019-07-22
Chapter 92: Drifting2019-07-18
Chapter 91: Royal Robe2019-07-14
Volume 4 Chapter 902019-07-10
Chapter 89: Beaten2019-06-25
Chapter 88: Camp Commotion2019-06-22
Chapter 87: Scholar2019-06-18
Chapter 86: Uninhabited2019-06-15
Chapter 85: Large Eagle2019-06-09
Chapter 84: Undercurrents2019-06-06
Chapter 832019-05-31
Chapter 82: Idle Talks2019-05-31
Chapter 812019-05-23
Chapter 802019-05-20
Chapter 792019-05-16
Chapter 782019-05-09
Chapter 772019-05-05
Chapter 762019-05-01
Chapter 752019-04-27
Chapter 742019-04-24
Chapter 73: (First Kiss)2019-04-13
Chapter 72: Faint Dream2019-04-13
Chapter 71: Authority2019-04-13
Chapter 70: Evil God2019-04-13
Chapter 69: Identity2019-04-13
Chapter 68: Poisoned2019-04-13
Chapter 67: Wine Offering2019-04-13
Chapter 66: Troubled Times2019-04-13
Chapter 65: Reborn2019-04-13
Chapter 64: Destroyed Homeland2019-04-13
Chapter 63: City Breaks2019-04-13
Chapter 62: City Besieged2019-04-13
Chapter 61: News of Victory2019-04-13
Chapter 60: Artillery Fire2019-04-13
Chapter 59: Battle Head-on2019-04-13
Chapter 58: Suspending Blade2019-04-13
Chapter 57: National Disaster2019-04-13
Chapter 56: Thunder2019-04-13
Chapter 55: Raging Fire2019-04-13
Chapter 54: Shock2019-04-13
Chapter 53: Alleviate2019-04-13
Chapter 52: Boundless2019-04-13
Chapter 51: Romance2019-04-13
Chapter 50: Murderous2019-04-13
Chapter 49: Argument2019-04-13
Chapter 48: Startled2019-04-13
Chapter 47: Muddy Water2019-04-13
Chapter 46: Drunken2019-04-13
Chapter 45: Explosive2019-04-13
Chapter 44: Contest2019-04-13
Chapter 43: Southern Sea2019-04-13
Chapter 42: Chaos2019-04-13
Chapter 41: Beginning2019-04-13
Chapter 40: Fighting Monkeys2019-04-13
Chapter 39: Bandit Disaster2019-04-13
Chapter 38: Reunion2019-04-13
Chapter 37: The Drumming Order2019-04-13
Chapter 36: Separation2019-04-13
Chapter 35: Unease2019-04-13
Chapter 34: Truth2019-04-13
Chapter 33: Clue2019-04-13
Chapter 32: Lin Yuan2019-04-13
Chapter 31: Hao Li2019-04-13
Chapter 30: Scented Balms2019-04-13
Chapter 29: Dragon Disaster2019-04-13
Chapter 28: Jiangnan2019-04-13
Chapter 27: Run from home2019-04-13
Chapter 26: Seeking Buddha2019-04-13
Chapter 25: Ready to Depart2019-04-13
Chapter 24: Bewitching Monk2019-04-13
Chapter 23: Fierce Tiger2019-04-13
Chapter 22: Aboard2019-04-13
Chapter 21: New Year's Eve2019-04-13
Chapter 20: Teaching2019-04-13
Chapter 19: Secrets2019-04-13
Chapter 18: Marquis’s Manor2019-04-13