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Shadow Hack (Web Novel) - Chapter 655: Conditions for Transformation

Chapter 655: Conditions for Transformation

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

[The four types of Transformation modes are divided into diamond claws coming out of both hands, a sharp spike coming out from the back, entire body being covered by a metal shell, and matching your surroundings, in other words camouflage!] the system explained to Li Yunmu.

After hearing the explanations of the four modes, Li Yunmu’s eyes went wide. Motherf*ckers, doesn’t these four states seem somewhat familiar? Wolverine?Dragon Turtle 1 ? Iron Man? Mantis?

[Cough, cough, there are indeed suspicions of them being copied, but don’t sweat the details. The important thing is that their combat strength is very formidable.]

After hearing that, Li Yunmu asked, “Although I unlocked this ability, what are the conditions for using the transformation modes?”

[Every time transformation is used, the host will be required to give the authority over his body to the system for one day,] the system calmly answered the question which Li Yunmu considered to be very important.]

“Beat it!”

Li Yunmu knew that the system had some malicious intent when it didn’t seem willing to talk about the conditions. Fortunately, he had his suspicions and asked the question in advance instead of being cheated by it again.

The authority to possess his body for a day? It was impossible for Li Yunmu to agree to this condition. What happened if the system used his body to play with fire? Moreover, who knew whether it would exploit his body to do something indescribably to him?

The system couldn’t directly occupy the host’s body, which was a limitation placed on it. If it was detected that the system had taken over the host’s body without his consent, the system would be stripped from the host’s body.

However, the system couldn’t easily find a perfect carrier like Li Yunmu. Not only would it take a long time to find another potential partner, but the system would also have to start training them from the beginning. The Origin World couldn’t wait for such a long time.

Li Yunmu had far surpassed any of the previous hosts, but it had required a lot of time and careful deliberation for the system to choose him back then.

However, it was now exploiting its abilities to bait him into its trap. Who knew that he wouldn’t fall for it this time.

Yet even after being discovered, the system spoke with absolute calmness. [That’s alright. Since you aren’t willing, I won’t insist. But you should think carefully about it. If you don’t agree with my proposal, then be careful, I will definitely embarrass you during the wedding with Brunhilda tomorrow!]

Li Yunmu cursed the despicable system in his heart upon hearing its threat. It actually intended to embarrass him during the wedding, by for example saying some shameful words at an important moment.

The fact was that the system was quite skilled in this field. Li Yunmu couldn’t imagine what others tricks it might have up its sleeve. But if the system truly made him lose face, it would mean that Odin would be losing face too. Yet when had the system cared about people’s face? It only wanted to fulfill its craving for amusement.

In the end, Li Yunmu had to lower his head towards the maniac inside him.

“I just have to accept this skill’s conditions. Will that be enough?”

Li Yunmu had his own schemes in his heart. After all, he could agree first, and then wait until the wedding ended before reneging on his words. Then, the system wouldn’t be able to do anything.

But the system clearly understood his little scheme and gave him an even graver punishment.

[If host eats his words, his junior will shorten to five centimeters and will never rise again!]

The system had surprisingly sworn such a poisonous oath? Li Yunmu knew about the system’s abilities. If he provoked it, it might truly complete its oath.

Li Yunmu thus compromised again. “I surrender! You are great, you are tremendous! I can’t beat you! You win, just say what you want to do!”

The next day, Li Yunmu and Brunhilda’s wedding happened as it should have. Li Yunmu again faced the people of Scandinavia, but this time, everyone gasped in admiration without exception.

After all, barely a few days had passed, but Li Yunmu had already

Although Odin hadn’t personally conferred this title, everyone could see that he was a god and not a mortal like before.

“Devouring God! From now on, you are a member of Scandinavia.”

Thunder God Odin excitedly stood up and began to toast Li Yunmu. Loki wasn’t present at the banquet, since he was probably sent into seclusion to reflect on his misdeeds.

“I hope thou live together with my daughter until your hairs turn white and you are united eternally!” Odin said with profoundness in his tone.

Brunhilda looked extremely stunning as a newlywed. Hearing Odin’s blessings, she promptly bowd and respectfully said, “Many thanks father!”

Li Yunmu raised his cup while standing up from his seat and drained it in one gulp. “Many thanks king!”

Odin knitted his brows. The youngster was still calling him king?

Brunhilda swiftly said in a soft voice, “Change your words!”

Li Yunmu slapped his head, recalling that he was no Odin’s relative, so he couldn’t use the old way to refer to him. Thus, he quickly said, “Many thanks father!”

Odin nodded in satisfaction, feeling delighted. Even if the other ancient gods of the Origin World were to cause trouble for Scandinavia, Li Yunmu would be his best shield. He was exactly what Odin had been seeking.


Not to mention that inside Li Yunmu’s body, an even more formidable being resided. Only problem was that at the moment, that being hadn’t recovered his original strength. Otherwise, he could have easily destroyed heavens and annihilated the earth!

Two days passed with Heavenly Gods Council searching for the secret code box, but they still couldn’t find any trail of it.

As the leader of Heavenly Gods Council, Zeus felt extremely ashamed. He had launched a large scale attack on Scandinavia, but was utterly defeated by a youngster.

In the battle between Heavenly Gods Council and Scandinavia, Heavenly Gods Council could be said to have suffered a crushing defeat. Not only did they suffer severe injuries, they had also lost the most important secret genetic code which terrified even Zeus.

As long as Li Yunmu was in Scandinavia, their Heavenly Gods Council couldn’t contend against it. At such a moment, the loss of the secret genetic code was the greatest one Zeus had suffered in his whole life.

Zeus summoned the numerous gods to launch another attack on Scandinavia!

“This time, the battle will be dangerous, and either the fish will die or the net will split. But we cannot let those people off easily.”

“How are Hades’ injuries?”

“Lord Hades has recovered his divine awareness, but his presence is still quite weak. He cannot participate in this conflict,” one of the numerous gods reported.

“There’s no need for him to go. Let him recuperate properly. I, his elder brother, will certainly take revenge and clear the grudge for him.”

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