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Shadow Hack (Web Novel) - Chapter 656: Advancing to the Position of the Illusion God

Chapter 656: Advancing to the Position of the Illusion God

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The fifth layer of the mythical realm was also cleared in the end. At that time, a shocked expression filled the Illusion God’s eyes. The fifth layer which no one had even reached after him had truly been passed on that day.

“How is that possible? How could this girl possibly eliminate the demon in her heart?”

When Lin Yuerou flew back to the fourth layer, the supreme transcending level experts who originally had worried expressions were greatly excited upon seeing her safe return.

“Very good! City lord is fine! She cleared the fifth layer so we can leave this place now!”

“City lord, you are truly ferocious! Just a moment ago the Illusion God was saying that no one had ever walked out of the fifth layer, including himself!”

“City lord is truly too formidable!”

Lin Yuerou stably landed on the ground and said to the Illusion God on the other side of the mythical realm, “Senior, you won’t renege on our agreement, right?”

The Illusion God had been full of confidence until a moment ago, and he was unable to accept such a heavy reality out of nowhere. But after being astonished for a moment, he sighed and shook his head, then he appeared in front of everyone.

He wasn’t twirling his beard anymore, but knelt on the ground and said to Lin Yuerou while kowtowing, “Illusion God also has Illusion God’s regulations. Since you cleared this old man’s mythical realm, then in the future, this mythical realm will follow the rules set by you girl, and this old man will also finally have a place to belong.”

Lin Yuerou couldn’t respond for a while. What was the meaning of this? Could it be the reward for clearing the fifth layer? What sort of reward was this? Hadn’t they agreed that she would be given a treasure?

Seeing Lin Yuerou’s indifferent expression, the Illusion God lifted his head and asked while blinking up at her, “Madam, do you have any objections regarding this reward?”

Lin Yuerou rolled her eyes; she had been played by the old man until the end. Frankly speaking, the Illusion God only wanted to find a master for himself. How could it possibly be called a reward then!

“Senior, you should stand up! Can we leave this mythical realm now?”

The old man waved his large hand, and everyone was instantly returned to the real world. Yet the old man continued to kowtow to Lin Yuerou.

“Master, you will be the Illusion God in the future. This mythical realm will be under your control, since it has been a regulation passed down in our mythical realm for the past hundreds of thousands of years.”

A golden seal print suddenly appeared in the old man’s hand. It was immediately engraved on Lin Yuerou’s forehead where it spelled out ‘Illusion’.

Soon though, the word concealed itself.

Lin Yuerou supported the old man up and said, “Senior, you are putting me in a difficult position. How could my skills compare to yours? Your position in this mythical realm has been at the peak from long ago. Today, this youngster was only able to clear the fifth layer because of some luck.”

“Girl, you cannot decline it. This mythical realm’s rules cannot be broken. You have formally become the master of this mythical realm. Hmph, any illusion experts whose skills are lower than mine must heed your command, or else this old man won’t let them off easily.”

The old man’s body gradually disappeared, and Lin Yuerou hastily cried out in alarm, “Senior, where have you gone? Senior!”

“Don’t worry, this old man will be hiding in your body, and I will impart the mythical realm’s cultivation methods to you. If you have any problems, contact this old man. Apart from this, this old man would also like to give you a treasure!”

Lin Yuerou was slightly startled when she sensed a warm current bursting forth from her dantian. She remembered that when she was at the fourth layer, her strength had reached a breakthrough. With the old man’s assistance, she felt power filling her body.

Lin Yuerou promptly sat down and began to circulate her energy; otherwise her energy would become unstable and chaotic!

The supreme transcending level experts saw sharp changes occurring in Lin Yuerou’s body and her ruddy cheeks becoming increasingly more gentle.

This was…

What left everyone astonished was that Lin Yuerou’s skin suddenly became more tender and her face’s ruddiness became increasingly clearer.

Her body was emitting steam and her beautiful hair became even more gentle and supple. The scars on her body began to quickly regenerate, making her exceptional complexion even more pretty.

Lin Yuerou herself was also somewhat astonished upon sensing the changes in her body. She promptly enquired, “Senior, what exactly did you do to me?”

“Girl, no need to be panicked. Old man has poured the timeless elixir he had refined over the years into your body. From today onwards, you will remain eternally young and will never age!” the old man said with a slight smile.

Lin Yuerou was gobsmacked. She had also dreamed of being forever young, but she had never anticipated that it would surprisingly come true. If this information spread outside, who could say how many women would be envious?

“Senior, you have shown great kindness towards this junior. Why did you do that?” Lin Yuerou asked in amazement.

The old man indifferently:

“In the fifth layer, this old man saw your innermost thoughts and saw the man you are attracted to which even moved this old man. Since you want to catch his heart, this old man wants to give you some help,” the old man said indifferently.

Upon hearing his words, Lin Yuerou flushed red. So it was because of the fifth layer that the old man decided to give her this sort of treasure.

“If I hadn’t met a talent in illusions like you, I would’ve been reluctant to part with this elixir, but when given to you, the elixir became even more valuable.”

Lin Yuerou promptly expressed her gratitude. “Many thanks senior!”

“Alright girl! This old man would like to rest now.”

After saying those words, the old man disappeared, and having regained her peak beauty, Lin Yuerou led the supreme transcending level experts back to Lucky Wind City.

But they didn’t know that at this moment, Lucky Wind City’s surroundings had become lively.

The people dispatched by Frontline Heaven’s Frontline God and Divine Religion’s Pope were lying in wait surrounding the city while those inside were celebrating with alcohol and songs, their guard relaxed completely.

The defenders’ actions were tantamount to inviting enemies to attack.

Frontline God had expected Lin Yuerou to be inside the mythical realm. While making use of the chance when she was not around, they had to capture Lucky Wind City in one stroke and force Lin Yuerou to drift outside, which was basically equivalent to sending her on a path of doom.

Before Li Yunmu left Earth, he had bonded all the powers of Earth in hatred toward him. If Lucky Wind City was captured, Lin Yuerou wouldn’t be able to get assistance from anyone and would be hunted by an alliance of her enemies.

Not to mention that Frontline God was completely confident in her not being able to return!

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