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Shadow Hack (Web Novel) - Chapter 759: Threatening Me?

Chapter 759: Threatening Me?

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Li Yunmu coldly smiled and said, “What are you thinking?”

Fuxi was silent for a moment before saying slowly, “It would be better if you handed over this devil punishing word to me for safekeeping. I won’t let any mishaps happen to it!”

“Dream on!”

Fuxi was extremely anxious, and Nuwa spoke up to raise a condition. “Li Yunmu, there was indeed a misunderstanding between us previously, and as ancient gods, we will apologize to you. But would you not consider the matter of this devil punishing sword again? The Primordial God World is in imminent peril.”

“That has no relation to me!”

“If you are determined to take this devil punishing sword with you, then you must agree to our condition!” Nuwa said coldly while standing up.

It was clear that if Li Yunmu didn’t agree, they would never let him walk out of the Primordial God World.

“If you want to leave the Primordial God World, you have to agree to our condition!”

Nuwa’s threat caused Li Yunmu to instantly go berserk.

He picked up the god slaughtering sword and placed it against Nuwa’s neck, but Yuan Biyao rushed over to his side to stop him.

“Don’t! Li Yunmu, you mustn’t act like that toward Empress Nuwa!”

While gnashing his teeth, Li Yunmu spoke slowly. “The thing I dislike the most is people threatening me! If you want to threaten me and force me to agree to your condition, you can just drop dead! Even if I remain trapped in the Primordial God World forever, I will never cower under your threats!”

Nuwa’s complexion turned deathly pale, and Fuxi stepped forward to stop Li Yunmu. “Alright, alright! Li Yunmu, you must calm down. We can’t really do anything. Without the devil punishing sword, how can we withstand the attack of the devils, how will we deal with Li Ying?”

Li Yunmu very much wanted to tell them that Li Ying had already been killed him, but Ling Youren was by his side, so he couldn’t open his mouth.

Ling Youren was slightly startled. How could Li Yunmu remain so calm when Fuxi and Nuwa mentioned Li Ying? Could it be that he had concealed his identity in front of Fuxi and Nuwa? No wonder then that he wanted to eliminate all the devil energy in his body! He had to have wanted to trick the ancient gods since the start!

Li Yunmu snorted and put away the god slaughtering sword before saying, “Then speak! What condition!”

“Open the seal of the Ancient Lands! Only you can do so! Battle God Xingtian and Flame Emperor Shennong have battled the ancient divine beast for many years, but to no success.”

“Then why are you so certain that I can defeat the black qilin and remove the seal?”

“You possess the divine and the devil swords as well as boundless power! I believe that you can definitely remove the seal of the Ancient Lands. As long as you can undo it, our master god Pangu will awaken. Then we won’t need to fear the devils.”

After hearing Fuxi’s words, Li Yunmu hesitated for a moment, then took out the god slaughtering sword and said coldly, “Take me to the seal!”

Fuxi and Nuwa broke out into smiles and led Li Yunmu to the forbidden zone of the Primordial God World. That forbidden region was a hell of lava and contained the seal of the Ancient Lands.

It was one of the seals of the Origin World that could awaken the True God. However, it was guarded by ancient devil beasts and ancient divine beasts, so removing the seal was harder than reaching the sky.

But Li Yunmu’s arrival gave hope to Fuxi and Nuwa.

Battle God and Flame Emperor’s strength had already been exhausted, and all the power in their bodies had been drained, yet they were still unable to defeat the black qilin.

Its eyes were full of killing intent. If it hadn’t shown some mercy toward Battle God Xingtian and Flame Emperor Shennong, they would have certainly died by then.

“In any case, I would have to deal with the seals sooner or later,” Li Yunmu said.

At that moment, the system’s voice echoed in his head. [Warn them to get away from here. This is the lava hell, and if they are the least bit careless, I fear that they will turn into a ball of smoke!]

Li Yunmu nodded and said to Fuxi and Nuwa, “You lead them out of here first. This place is very dangerous, so leave it up to me! If I don’t come out for a long time, you can simply treat me as dead!”

Yuan Biyao and Ling Youren were somewhat concerned by his words. “You should be a little bit careful!”

“Don’t worry! You should follow Fuxi and Nuwa and leave first!”

When Li Yunmu saw everyone gradually leave the dangerous lava hell, he could engage in a fight without any worries.

He slowly walked toward the center of the lava hell. Battle God Xingtian as well as Flame Emperor Shennong had been brought out by Fuxi and Nuwa. Since they were unable to remove the seal, they would only waste their time by staying around.

When Li Yunmu approached the center of the lava hell, he saw an ancient divine beast at the center. It was watching him like a tiger its prey. There was no mistaking its extreme hostility toward him.

“Mortal! A mortal surprisingly dared to encroach on my territory?” the black qilin said in a deep voice.

Its whole body was covered in black energy. It did not seem like a divine beast as they said, but more like a devil beast!

“I want to remove the seal of the Ancient Land. If you let me do so for the sake of god slaughtering sword, I won’t kill you!”

“Ha ha ha ha! Mortal, you are truly savage. This senior has been defending this place for many years and has forgotten the taste of mortals long ago. It would be better if this senior ate you seeing how unbridled you are being in front of this senior!”

When Li Yunmu saw the black qilin suddenly open its bloody jaws, he narrowed his eyes slightly. The moment the black qilin made a move, the god slaughtering sword in his hand would definitely behead him!

The black qilin seemed to have some reservations toward the god slaughtering sword in Li Yunmu’s hand and didn’t dare to casually approach him.

“Everyone said you are an ancient divine beast, so why is your body emitting a devil presence?” Li Yunmu calmly said.

“Hmph, they haven’t told you everything. Darkness is the representative of this senior. Although I might have some relation with the devils, this senior’s lineage is much nobler than theirs, and this senior has already cultivated to become a divine beast and not a devil beast!”

Li Yunmu smiled and said, “Since you just confirmed whether you are a devil or a god, the sword in my hand won’t let you off unless you surrender.”

“Mortal, you have great courage. But in front of this senior, you are like an ant. This senior doesn’t put you in his eyes. Did you see the Battle God Xingtian and Flame Emperor Shennong ? Mortal, do you really think that you are more powerful than them?”

Li Yunmu smiled. “Whether I’m more powerful or not, you will find out after we fight! You don’t need to be hasty! But it seems that I can only offend you, black qilin!”

“I am called Night God!”

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