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Shadow Hack (Web Novel) - Chapter 760: The Black Qilin

Chapter 760: The Black Qilin

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

An indignant expression flashed through the black qilin’s eyes, and it madly pounced on Li Yunmu. Even if Li Yunmu had the god slaughtering sword in his hand, which might pose a hint of a threat, when all was said and done, it was not of much help. If the enemy possessed an ordinary devil bloodline, the god slaughtering sword wouldn’t be able to display its most formidable strength.

The black qilin resisted Li Yunmu’s god slaughtering sword with sharp fangs. Black energy constantly spread past the god slaughtering sword, and Li Yunmu was forced to retreat by a few steps.

The black qilin’s strength was far above that of Li Yunmu. If not for the devil punishing and god slaughtering swords, his wish to defeat the black qilin with his mortal body would have been no different from a pipe dream!

Even Fuxi might not have absolute certainty in dealing with Battle God Xingtian, whom the black qilin had defeated without giving any opportunity to retaliate.

Upon coming, Li Yunmu had underestimated the enemy. He took a deep breath to calm himself, or else he would get defeated by the black qilin at any moment.

Wouldn’t it be better to use the Dark State then?

[You want to use the Dark State here? You are simply courting death! If you fell into the lava hell after losing reason, what could I do? Even if you want to die, don’t drag me down as well!]

The system’s words startled Li Yunmu. He couldn’t help but think again about using the power of the Dark State. Although Ling Youren had concealed his devil energy inside his body, it hadn’t transformed.

The Dark State and devil transformation were two different things. Although Li Yunmu would lose consciousness after using the Dark State, his power would be raised ten times.

After transforming into a devil, his power would only increase slightly, but he would retain his consciousness. The only downside was that his good side would weaken while his evil side would become stronger.

If he used the Dark State after turning into a devil, his power would be amplified ten times and he would retain his mind.

After Li Yunmu thought of that, the corners of his mouth lifted up, and he began to unleash the devil energy in his body. But what left him bewildered was that that devil energy in his body seemed to have been sealed. Unexpectedly he was unable to move it? Could it be that the system was playing tricks on him?

[You still want to use the devil energy? If you continue using it, this old man will disappear forever.]

The system’s words startled Li Yunmu once more. No wonder he was unable to find any traces of the system when they were in the Devil World! It was actually suppressed by the devil energy. Fortunately though, Ling Youren had promptly suppressed his devil energy.

When the system got the opportunity, it completely sealed the devil energy in Li Yunmu’s body.

Li Yunmu frowned once he learned about it. “Then how should I deal with the black qilin? It possesses extraordinary strength. Even Xingtian was defeated by it, so how could I be its opponent?”

[Even if your strength isn’t amplified, that isn’t everything. Don’t tell me you forgot about the skill you had recently grasped?] the system asked in complete calmness.

Li Yunmu suddenly remembered that he had indeed obtained a new skill. However, he hadn’t thought about it since the system’s notification. He had never had the time to thoroughly research its power.

Skill: Harmonious swords

Grade: SSS

Effects: When the god slaughtering and devil punishing swords fuse harmoniously, they will display extraterrestrial power which can punish devil and slaughter god.

Pay attention: Operating it is extremely difficult. The user is required to possess extremely formidable faith!

Li Yunmu rolled his eyes repeatedly. All that was written in the description was tantamount to saying nothing!

But the system had already pointed out to him that it was the only method to defeat the black qilin, so he was pretty sure that it would be fine.

“Now do you think that this senior is formidable? Accept your death, mortal!” the black qilin said with a sneer.

Li Yunmu smiled. “I have already found a method to defeat you. Open your eyes wide and take a look!”

Li Yunmu suddenly threw the god slaughtering sword into the sky followed by the devil punishing sword. The two kept spiralling around each other in the sky above the lava hell as if fusing their powers together.

The black qilin raised its head and glanced at the two unique sword with some astonishment in his gaze. The next moment, however, it attacked the two swords at the same time, whose fusion could be said to be seamless, with its feet.

Suddenly, the black qilin spat out a ball of energy which seemed capable of devouring everything. Li Yunmu, who was standing not far away and controlling the two swords was thrown to the ground and coughed out a mouthful of blood.

How could his mortal body resist the attack of the black qilin?

“Idiot! Why didn’t you transform first?”

Li Yunmu gasped for breath while watching the black qilin’s complacent appearance. Cold sweat poured down his forehead. Defeating the enemy in front of him was proving to be somewhat difficult.

Li Yunmu used the transformation, and his whole body was covered by a metal suit. With it, he might be able to withstand the attacks of the black qilin and give some more time to the two swords to match harmoniously.

The black qilin paid more attention to the two swords spiraling in the sky then, and its target change from Li Yunmu to the two swords high above them.

Seeing that the black qiling had discovered his goal, Li Yunmu promptly used his own body to obstruct him!

“I won’t allow you to destroy the harmony of the two swords!”

Li Yunmu punched the black qilin’s body, but it was the same as scratching an itch for the beast. It ruthlessly struck Li Yunmu with its head and sent him flying away.

If it were not for Li Yunmu steadying himself in the air, he would have fallen into the lava hell and died right there and then.

Li Yunmu took a deep breath and thought inwardly, Its strength is really formidable!

By the time Li Yunmu obstructed the black qilin for the second time, cracks had already appeared on the metal suit. Its defensive strength wasn’t much in front of the divine beast!

Li Yunmu took a deep breath, then rushed forth once more. Instead of relying only on brute force, he began to fight more smartly to make time for the two swords. Once they matched harmoniously, the black qilin would find it difficult to escape death.

Li Yunmu used his mind to grab the two horns of the black qilin and howled, “Today, I will defeat you!”

“This senior isn’t someone you can defeat! Get lost!”

With another attack, Li Yunmu toppled to the ground. Then, the black qilin used its hooves to completely shatter the metal suit on his body.


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