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Shadow Hack (Web Novel) - Chapter 761: The Fatal Blow of the Two Swords

Chapter 761: The Fatal Blow of the Two Swords

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Li Yunmu’s consciousness almost disappeared because of the attack. If it were not for the system doing its best to keep him awake, he would have truly lost consciousness.

He was only a mortal, so surviving that was really not easy for him.

“Hmph, you mortal. Fighting with this senior to this extent shows that your strength is formidable! But this senior hasn’t tasted a mortal for a very long time and cannot let you go easily.”

The black qilin suddenly opened its mouth wide, wanting to swallow Li Yunmu whole. However, at that moment of imminent peril, the two swords fused into one, and golden energy blew the black qilin aside.

The sword spirits of the two swords appeared suddenly. They were floating in the air, but not quarrelling like before. Instead, they pointed at the black qilin as one and said, “In front of us, why aren’t you surrendering, black qilin?”

“Sword spirits? Ha ha, this senior is truly very lucky today! Not only did I encounter a mortal, I also encountered two sword spirits! I can eat until I am full. I’ve gotten so tired of these gods and devils.”

At the sight of the savageness of the black qilin, Lie Huo and Han Bing glanced at each other and said, “Let’s eliminate it! We have to crush its arrogance! It seems like it doesn’t understand that the two of us combined into one, so let’s make it experience our strength.”

Since Li Yunmu retained a hint of consciousness, he looked up at the two sword who had combined harmoniously. He wanted to close his eyes, but the system warned him to not close them or else he might never be able to wake up again.

In Li Yunmu’s body, the system activated the self-regeneration ability, and his body began to quickly restore itself to its original state. Li Yunmu was just a mortal, and earlier, his five viscera and six bowels were almost shattered by the black qilin’s heavy attack.

Fortunately, he had only received severe injuries and hadn’t died. If it were not for the system keep him awake, however, he would have still lost his life after falling asleep.

Devil punishing and god slaughtering swords suddenly transformed into a ray of light which was as fast as a bolt of lightning. They attacked the black qilin repeatedly, leaving countless injuries on its body. Regardless of how the black qilin tried to evade, the combined power of the two swords could punish all devils and slaughter all gods, while the black qilin was only a divine beast.

After the two swords had combined, all the devils and gods were like ants in front of them. If they encountered a master god, their strength might not be enough to threaten them, but when facing ancient god level experts, they were like overlords.

When Li Yunmu realized that, he took in a deep breath. Under his gaze, the black qilin gradually fell into an inferior position, and its movements began to slow down.

Relying on the hint of consciousness which had been retained because of the system’s help, Li Yunmu stood up and then calmly said, “I-I want to destroy it personally!”

That ray of light seemingly had the same thoughts as Li Yunmu and suddenly appeared in his hand. Li Yunmu tightly grasped it while Lie Huo and Han Bing told him, “Mortal, you mustn’t force yourself too much. You aren’t this divine beast’s opponent.”

Before the two sword spirits could even finish talking, Li Yunmu plunged the ray of light in his hand into the black qilin’s body.

Countless streams of blood flowed out from various points on the black qilin’s body, and it spat out a mouthful of blood before toppling down to the ground.

“This senior…”

The black qilin turned into a human who had a hand over his chest while blood seeped out from the corner of his mouth.

He coldly looked at Li Yunmu and said with an incredulous expression, “This senior… this senior surprisingly lost!”

Li Yunmu, who was gasping for breath, beheaded the black qilin with the ray of light, which dissipated afterwards.

Li Yunmu knelt down on the ground then. There wasn’t much strength left in his body, and the two sword spirits promptly helped to support him.

“I-I said, I will.. defeat you!” Li Yunmu slowly said.

The black qilin suddenly began to howl with laughter. “Mortal! This senior surprisingly lost against a mortal! Ha ha ha ha… But youngster, do you really believe that I have lost?”

Without waiting for Li Yunmu’s reply, he began to shine with a purple light, and his figure appeared like a tattoo on Li Yunmu’s wrist.

The two sword spirits suddenly shouted out loudly. “Repulsive, he is surprisingly using the spirit word gatha! Stop it from saying anything more!”

Li Yunmu couldn’t understand why the two sword spirits were so anxious. Yet when the two sword spirits were about to completely finish off the black qilin, a black barrier appeared in front of them and barred their path.

“Ha ha ha ha… This senior will curse you to be killed by your own flesh and blood and die without any proper burial! Ha ha ha ha… Furthermore, this senior will put this saint darkness pill into your body, forcing you to remain forever trapped in your evil thoughts. Henceforth, all friends will desert you, isolating you for eternity!”

After the black qilin finished speaking, his body dissipated and then transformed into a black golden pill which abruptly entered Li Yunmu’s mouth.

“Oh! It… What did it make me eat?”

Regardless of how much Li Yunmu asked, the black qilin had already disappeared without any trace.

The two sword spirits sighed. “Everything is our fault! We didn’t properly protect you! We gave it the chance to use the spirit word gatha. I’m afraid that everything he said just now will come true!”

“Come true? Ha ha, the black qilin was just food for me. How can I believe his words so casually!”

The system spoke up then as well. [Although you have been affected by the spirit word gatha, I had raised my guard long ago, so you don’t need to be anxious. I couldn’t remove the saint darkness pill from your body, however, so this matter of being trapped in evil thoughts will truly come true!]

Li Yunmu coughed and said, “The black qilin is already dead so the seal of Ancient Lands should’ve opened?”

Just as he began to speak, the two sword spirits looked over at the tunnel entrance that was not too far away from them. The lava hell suddenly began to shake, and their surroundings underwent an enormous change. The central region where they were standing rose up higher and higher.

Soon after that, they saw a door with a mechanism.

Li Yunmu arrived in front of it with the help of the two sword spirits. He lightly touched a lever nearby, and the mechanism opened.

Li Yunmu was quite curious about what was sealed behind the seal of the Ancient Lands.

The system was silent for a while before saying, [Finally, you can see the seal in front of you! Remove it, and I will activate a new function!]

Li Yunmu looked at the red spell formation and slowly asked, “What is actually sealed here?”

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