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Shadow Hack (Web Novel) - Chapter 762: Sealed Box

Chapter 762: Sealed Box

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The system was silent for a moment before saying, [That’s right, this is the fire seal of the Ancient Lands! But opening this seal isn’t as simple as you think!]

Li Yunmu was slightly startled. He had already defeated the black qilin, so why was the system saying that it wasn’t simple? The divine beast protecting the seal had already been killed.

After Li Yunmu heard system’s words, he began to search for some method to open the spell formation in the cave without any better alternative.

On the wall, there was a mural which seemed to be deeply related to the creation of the eastern domain.

[The person in this mural is the master god of the Ancient Lands, Pangu!] the system calmly explained.

Li Yunmu nodded. “Even after opening the seal, the master god hasn’t awakened completely? Didn’t you say that the True God has to return for the master gods to awaken thoroughly?”

The system turned silent for a moment before saying, [That’s right, only when the True God has returned will the master gods awaken. Otherwise, even if you open the five seals, the master gods won’t awaken.]

Li Yunmu ponder over it. If nothing would happen, what was the true aim of Fuxi and Nuwa to make him open the seal? It was clearly not to awaken their Master God, so why did they put forth that condition?

At that juncture, the system finally explained the truth of the situation to him. [Perhaps they thought that you would die at the hands of the black qilin? It didn’t lose even to the joint attack of two ancient gods, so they should have been certain that you wouldn’t be able to survive the encounter!]

“I knew they didn’t have good intentions,” Li Yunmu said coldly. “Those two exaggerated the facts, talking about the safety of all gods, and now? It turns out that they did everything for their own selfish desire! They are truly not suitable to be gods!”

[There’s no need to blame them. They only wanted to keep thee devil punishing sword in the Primordial God World. When I created the devil punishing and god slaughtering swords, it was so that the gods and devils of the eastern domain would restrain each other.

[But I hadn’t thought that the gods would develop so much quicker than the devils. The devils exist in the darkness, so they naturally cannot live under the same sky as the gods.]

Li Yunmu didn’t bother much about Fuxi and Nuwa planning against him. He wanted to wait until the seal was broken before confronting them.

He searched the cave for half a day until he finally found a mechanism which could operate the spell formation. He quickly activated it and heard the sound of things moving in the surroundings. Right after that, a red light came out of the spell formation.

Feeling pleasantly surprised, Li Yunmu quickly asked, “Is it open now?”

The system nodded its head. [Yes, the seal has been removed. Quickly collect the seal box.]

Li Yunmu looked at the center of the spell formation, and sure enough, there was an exquisitely refined box at the center. It was quite similar to the box containing the secret genetic code.

[It is a seal I left in the Ancient Lands, and it contains some data for me. Don’t open it right now. Wait until the other four seals have been opened and you have gathered all five boxes. When they are opened simultaneously, I will be awakened!]

True God would awaken like that? Li Yunmu was slightly startled upon hearing that. It seemed like the system inside his body was truly the creator of the entire Origin World and all living beings. It was the master of the world.

Li Yunmu nodded. “Then the reason you chose me as your host was to achieve this?”

The system didn’t say anything, and Li Yunmu reached for the box. The moment he touched it, however, the cave suddenly began to crumble.

[Quickly leave this place!]

The warning drove Li Yunmu to action, and he immediately escaped from the cave. If he had been slower by even an instant, they might have had to hold their funeral there.

After getting through the daunting experience without any mishap, the system suddenly said with sincerity, [Thank you!]

Until then, the system had given the impression of being proud and aloof to Li Yunmu, so when it suddenly expressed its gratitude, he didn’t know how to react for a moment.

“Your gratitude was quite sudden. We can be considered to be on the same boat. If not for you, perhaps I wouldn’t have even known about the matter of the fusion of the parallel planes and wouldn’t have come to the Origin World.”

[Let’s go! Let’s leave the Primordial God World and go for the other seals,] the system said calmly.

In the Primordial God World, Ling Youren was captured by people dispatched by Fuxi and Nuwa while Yuan Biyao had been restrained by them

“What the hell are you doing?” she shouted hysterically. She couldn’t believe that Fuxi and Nuwa would surprisingly detain them.

“This is your punishment for your ties with that demonic monster Li Yunmu,” Nuwa said coldly.

Stunned, Yuan Biyao asked with suspicion, “You, you deliberately asked Li Yunmu to stay here? What was your aim behind sending him to the lava hell?”

Fuxi calmly looked at her. “Even Battle God Xingtian and Flame Emperor Shennong were unable to defeat the divine beast protecting the seal, so I don’t believe that that youngster could survive there. After all, he is just a mortal. From the moment he fell to the devil path, his fate was sealed.”

“You two!”

Yuan Biyao fell into despair when she looked at Fuxi and Nuwa’s stern face. She knew that she had harmed Li Yunmu.

If they had left the Primordial World long ago, like Li Yunmu had wanted, Fuxi and Nuwa would not have gotten the opportunity to hurt them. But there was no medicine for regret. They were in the Primordial God World, so they had to listen to Fuxi and Nuwa; otherwise, they couldn’t even think of leaving.

Ling Youren struggled while shouting, “You two bastards, release us! Release us!”

Ling Youren didn’t know Fuxi and Nuwa, so she was unaware whether they were ancient gods or not. In her eyes, as long as anyone harmed her and Yuan Biyao, they were bastards.

“Biyao, aren’t you a little too naive?” Fuxi said coldly. “Did you really think that just because this devil spirit helped Li Yunmu remove the devil energy in his body, we wouldn’t be able to sense that he was still a devil?”

His words startled Yuan Biyao. The two ancient gods seemed to have discovered something wrong with Li Yunmu long ago and had deceived them to send him into the lava hell.

It turned out that Fuxi and Nuwa’s aim was to use someone else to do their dirty work!

“I hate you! I hate you!”

Yuan Biyao struggled as hard as she could. She really didn’t want to see Li Yunmu encountering any mishap. But by then, Fuxi and Nuwa had already done everything without giving her any choice. She could only pray that nothing happened to Li Yunmu, or she wouldn’t be able to live with herself for the rest of her life.

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