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Shadow Hack (Web Novel) - Chapter 763: Getting Someone Else to Do the Dirty Work

Chapter 763: Getting Someone Else to Do the Dirty Work

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Fuxi looked at the devil spirit and coldly said, “That devil Li Yunmu should have already died in the lava hell, and this devil spirit also cannot survive! Since you are a devil, you must disappear from this world for all eternity!”

Fuxi and Nuwa didn’t have the slightest tolerance for devils.

When Yuan Biyao saw Fuxi attack Ling Youren, she anxiously shouted, “Stay your hand! I beg you to stop! She is my younger sister! Stop it, stop you two! If you want to kill someone, then kill me! But you cannot harm her!”

Yuan Biyao’s throat had already went hoarse from shouting, while Ling Youren was still looking at Fuxi and Nuwa in bewilderment. She didn’t know what they planned to do with her, but she was well aware that her identity had been exposed.

“What the hell do you want to do?”

Looking at the devil spirit’s naive appearance, Fuxi sighed and condensed the thunder in his hand. As long as it hit Ling Youren, she would instantly disappear in a puff of smoke.

Yuan Biyao saw that Fuxi was about to attack Ling Youren and began to struggle even more madly. “You cannot! Don’t attack my sister!”

Somehow, she managed to break free from her bindings and rushed to stand in front of Ling Youren to protect her. At the sight of that, Fuxi’s complexion instantly changed.

“Yuan Biyao, do you know what crime you are committing? You want to continue down the wrong path? You are a god, and she is a devil! You both cannot exist under the same sky!”

Yuan Biyao knelt in front of Nuwa and pulled at her clothes. “Empress Nuwa, you have taught me from childhood that I must act for good! Youren, she has never harmed any god and is just a child. It was not her decision to be born a devil spirit! And she hasn’t even committed any crimes, so why must you insist on killing her?”

When Nuwa heard Yuan Biyao’s words, her determination wavered slightly. But she was Nuwa, the ruler of the Primordial God World and couldn’t discriminate among her subjects or let a devil go. It would be tantamount to harming the gods of her country, after all.

“Yuan Biyao, don’t bar me from killing this devil again,” Fuxi said coldly. “We haven’t punished you for your crimes in lieu of your contributions to the Primordial God World, but now, you are trying to stop me and Nuwa from eliminating this devil! What are you even thinking about? Nuwa, why are you hesitating? She is under my control, and I will completely destroy her.”

Fuxi had given a command, so Nuwa could only follow his order. She quickly restrained Yuan Biyao so that she couldn’t protect Ling Youren and pulled the young woman behind her while silently watching Ling Youren, who still had a naive expression on her face.

Yuan Biyao’s eyes filled with tears. She cried like a crazy woman, but it was as if no one could feel her distress and pain.

Nuwa’s gaze was filled with coldness. Although the devil spirit might not have done any crimes, they didn’t have the slightest bit of mercy for her. Many years had gone by, but the attitude of the Primordial God World toward the devils had never changed.

Fuxi found the devil spirit quite adorable, but he couldn’t do anything differently. He had no other choice than to eliminate her to maintain the justice in his world.

A cyan bolt condensed in Fuxi’s hand, and he threw it at Ling Youren. When it hit her, she would die without any corpse, and her soul would be completely erased from the world.

“Stop it !” Yuan Biyao hoarsely yelled.

At that moment of imminent peril, the god slaughtering sword appeared in front of the bolt and easily stopped Fuxi’s attack.

After protecting Ling Youren, Li Yunmu coldly smiled at Fuxi and Nuwa. “You two fooled me well!”

Li Yunmu’s gaze was full of fury. At that moment, he could no longer control his emotions. Since they had abandoned their facade of politeness and even wanted to kill Ling Youren, he would never forgive them.

When Ling Youren saw Li Yunmu, she shouted from her heart, “Li Ying, you came! Quickly put these two bastards to death, they… they are bullying me!”

“Li Ying?”

Fuxi and Nuwa looked at Li Yunmu in astonishment. Was it possible that Li Ying had devoured Li Yunmu? But whether he was Li Ying or Li Yunmu, both of them weren’t an easy opponent for them.

Yuan Biyao began to cry tears of joy upon seeing Li Yunmu alive. As long as he was with them, they had the hope of surviving after Fuxi and Nuwa’s hypocrisy had been completely exposed.

Nuwa looked at Li Yunmu in astonishment. “You.. How did you survive the lava hell? How is that possible? That ancient divine beast, even two Battle God Xingtians couldn’t defeat it, but you surprisingly could…..”

Nuwa didn’t dare to believe it, and Fuxi fixed his eyes on Li Yunmu. What sort of demonic ability did he have that Yuan Biyao was willing to follow him to death?

“Are you two disappointed that I didn’t die in the lava hell?” Li Yunmu cold smile grew brighter. “Today, I will make a declaration! Beginning from today, there is no relation between me and the Primordial God World. We cannot live under the same sky! Nuwa, didn’t you say that no one can destroy the enchantment of the Primordial God World? I will destroy it now!”

Li Yunmu didn’t seem to be joking, but Fuxi and Nuwa kept looking at him, trying to discern whether he really meant it. He wanted to destroy the Primordial God World by himself? What sort of joke was that?

But he had defeated the ancient divine beast black qilin… They were extremely astonished by seeing that Li Yunmu’s strength had increased by leaps and bounds once again.

Two cyan bolts appeared in Fuxi’s hand, and he furiously said, “Li Yunmu, since you want to become an enemy of the Primordial God World, I won’t show any mercy toward you.”

“Then why don’t you go ahead and attack?” Li Yunmu said ruthlessly.

The two cyan bolts in Fuxi’s hands suddenly rushed toward Li Yunmu without any warning. Even if he wanted to evade, he would find it somewhat difficult. But he had the two swords right then, and he had also comprehended the Harmonious Swords skill.

He wasn’t afraid of Fuxi and Nuwa joining hands and coldly sneered at them. “You can attack together! I’m not afraid of you!”

What sort of self confidence was that? Upon hearing his words, Yuan Biyao couldn’t help but cry in joy. If Li Yunmu hadn’t arrived on time, Ling Youren would have been completely erased from existence.

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