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Shadow Hack (Web Novel) - Chapter 764: Destroying the Primordial God World

Chapter 764: Destroying the Primordial God World

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Li Yunmu quickly placed the devil spirit and divine spirit within their respective ancient secret methods so as to avoid Fuxi and Nuwa using Yuan Biyao and Ling Youren to threaten him. As long as he could guarantee that they could not put any conditions on him, he could easily deal with the two ancient gods.

He instantly struck them with the god slaughtering sword, and the two ancient gods found it increasingly more strenuous to deal with his attacks.

He was someone who had defeated the black qilin, so even if they joined together, they might not be his opponent.

Li Yunmu chopped down ruthlessly, showing his hatred and resent for Fuxi and Nuwa. If they had given shelter to him at that time, he wouldn’t have had to enter the Devil World.

The two ancient gods had forced him to become like that so they couldn’t blame him!

The god slaughtering sword possessed boundless strength, and cold sweat dropped from the foreheads of Fuxi and Nuwa. They found it increasingly more laborious to continue fighting. If the fight continued, they probably wouldn’t be able to subdue Li Yunmu.

At that moment, they began to feel that they shouldn’t have offended Li Yunmu, who possessed endless potential. They had even used someone else’s knife to kill him, but it had also proved useless. Instead, Li Yunmu’s hatred for them deepened even more because of that.

Fuxi and Nuwa looked at each other, and the same thought crossed their minds—the enchantment installed in the Primordial God World. If they could trap Li Yunmu there, their mission would be considered successful. After that, they would only need to wait until Xingtian recovered from his heavy injuries and could put Li Yunmu in his place.

Li yunmu suddenly felt his legs get restricted. A golden spell formation had appeared underneath his feet, trapping him.

He then commanded the god slaughtering sword with his thoughts. He had obtained the sword just recently, but he could already use it to almost perfection. The god slaughtering sword, thus, fought with Fuxi and Nuwa outside the spell formation.

[This spell formation seems to be ancient. It will require some time for you to escape from it,] the system, which had been silent until then, suddenly said.

“Then help me break the restrictions of this spell formation while I use Harmonious Swords skill to stall the two of them,” Li Yunmu said calmly.

The system didn’t say anything more. Although the spell formation had trapped Li Yunmu’s body, it couldn’t trap his heart. And he still wanted to defeat Fuxi and Nuwa. It was not only for Ling Youren, but also for himself.

He wanted to let Fuxi and Nuwa know that there wasn’t anything completely good or absolutely evil in the world. If they couldn’t even let a devil spirit go, then the Primordial God World’s existence wasn’t necessary.

The devil punishing sword behind Li Yunmu suddenly rushed out under Li Yunmu’s commands.

The swords seemed to come to an agreement in mid air and rotated around each other.

When Fuxi and Nuwa saw the devil punishing sword and god slaughtering sword trying to harmonize, their spirits were completely crushed.

This is…

“Harmonious Swords!”

Li Yunmu shouted loudly, and with his words, the two swords began to spin faster in mid air until they turned into a ray of golden light. It seemed to have an outline of a sword.

Harmonious Swords allowed the swords to fuse and transform into an enormous sword. Li Yunmu was commanding it with his thoughts, but Fuxi and Nuwa, who were standing not far away, were full of astonishment. They had never expected that the devil punishing sword could combine with god slaughtering sword after recognizing a master.


Fuxi could not believe it. How could god and devil energies combine together? It violated the basic principles of the world.

But the scene in front of his eyes continued to unfold. The golden light, which was like an enormous sword, suddenly struck Fuxi and Nuwa, instantly forcing them to retreat.

Both of the ancient gods spat out a mouthful of blood at the same time while looking at the golden light with endless astonishment. If they let that enormous sword continue with its destruction, the entire Primordial God World would soon be destroyed by Li Yunmu.

Fuxi and Nuwa could not stand it.

“You-you have defeated us,” Fuxy suddenly said. “However, you cannot leave the Primordial God World since I have already sealed it. Without our permission, you cannot open it.”

Li Yunmu looked at them calmly, as if not concerned about his threat in the least. “Hmm? Didn’t I say that I will destroy the entire Primordial God World? If Primordial God World is not around, then your so-called enchantment is no more than an empty world.”

His words left Fuxi and Nuwa dumbstruck.

They had believed that Li Yunmu was only talking drivel when he mentioned destroying the Primordial God World. But right then, it seemed that he wasn’t joking! Everything he said had been true!

The enormous sword formed by the fusion of the two swords was strong enough to destroy the entire Primordial God World.

The enormous golden sword’s silhouette rampaged through the Primordial God World, which left Fuxi and Nuwa in awe. But they still had one trick up their sleeves, which was the spell formation under Li Yunmu’s feet. It had the power to restrain his strength in the Primordial God World.

After he lost his strength, Fuxi and Nuwa believed that it would be impossible for him to destroy the Primordial God World.

“Your strength has been restrained, and your body has been trapped. You are just dreaming if you want to destroy the Primordial God World!” Nuwa said bluntly with blood trickling down the corners of her mouth.

Li Yunmu’s lips curled upwards. “You think that you can trap me by relying on this spell formation? Don’t you underestimate me a bit too much?”

Before Li Yunmu’s words even fell to the ground, Fuxi and Nuwa were shocked to see him walk out of the spell formation. Moreover, it also didn’t seem as if his body had been fettered by anything.

Fuxi howled in shock. “Impossible! I clearly…”

Suddenly, the presence of devil energy appeared around Li Yunmu’s body, and the system started shouting in warning, [Wake up! Don’t lose your reason, you cannot lose your reason. Hey!]

However, regardless of the system’s efforts, Li Yunmu had already lost his consciousness. Nuwa and Fuxi were must-kill targets in his eyes.

He had to eradicate them not only for Ling Youren, but also for himself.

A different type of energy coiled around his body, and his smile became increasingly more devilish.

The dark saint pill in his body was constantly corrupting his meridians. If the corruption was allowed to continue, then not only would Li Yunmu be completely swallowed, no ordinary person would be able to approach him, just as the black qilin had said!

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