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Shadow Hack (Web Novel) - Chapter 808: The Heavenly Daughters of the Nine Clans

Chapter 808: The Heavenly Daughters of the Nine Clans

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Li Yunmu paused, then looked at the ball of light floating in mid-air.

“Since this is the case, I will extinguish your soul and let you fully experience death,” he said with a smile.

After saying that, he slightly raised his hand and attacked with a chopping motion. The metasphere blossomed with multicolored light and flew away.

“You dare!” Ancient God Lakshmi furiously shouted out.

When she saw that Li Yunmu did not seem to be joking and had attacked for real, she instantly withdrew her metasphere into the ball of divine energy and prepared to retreat into the jade pipa.

[Alright, enough. You have already killed the ancient gods of the Primordial God World! Is that not enough for you? You want to kill more ancient gods?

[They are the core strength of the Origin World. When the external crisis descends, then without ancient gods, you will have to fight all the enemies by yourself,] the system said in Li Yunmu’s head, its voice carrying a hint of anger.

The system was the True God, so the master gods and ancient gods of the Origin World could be considered as its children. When Li Yunmu had gone on a rampage in the Primordial God World, it hadn’t said anything, but that was only because the actions of Fuxi and Nuwa had been excessive.

Ancient God Lakshmi, however, hadn’t done anything wrong. Her only fault was having gone into battle under the pressure of the other six ancient gods.

Li Yunmu laughed and withdrew his hand.

Just as the metasphere hiding in the jade pipa heard the system’s voice, it suddenly came out. It circled around Li Yunmu a few times and suspiciously asked, “God father is that you? God father, why are you inside this thief’s body, have you taken ownership of it?

“No, that’s wrong. If you had occupied it, how could this youngster still possess self-awareness?”

When Li Yunmu heard those words, he once again raised his hand to attack the metasphere. Upon noticing that, the metasphere fled across the room, forming an arc in the air.

[Alright, don’t be noisy. Little Lakshmi, tell me what exactly happened. Did Asura really try to devour you?] the system asked in a tired voice.

“Although master god created us ancient gods to act as brothers and sisters, ever since the first battle between gods for the power of belief, we seven began to fight among ourselves. We divided territory and formed rules while remaining in the divine palace to monitor each other. But afterwards…”

After speaking, the metasphere’s body began to radiate light and turned somewhat transparent. After that, Ancient God Lakshmi returned to the ball of divine energy, while the system in Li Yunmu’s brain did not speak anymore.

Li Yunmu looked at Ancient God Lakshmi with interest. From her, he had learnt another version pertaining to the recent battle between the gods.

Previously, he had heard that Zeus had allied with the seven ancient gods of Lanlou to attack the Land of Ice and annex it. But it was somewhat inconsistent with what Ancient God Lakshmi said. Apparently, not every god in Lanlou was absorbing power of belief to increase their strength.

Lakshmi did not use it at all. But since she was the only one among the seven who did not absorb the power of belief, her strength was naturally the weakest. According to reason, this should have meant that she would be devoured by the other six ancient gods, but all of them were suspicious of each other.

Because of that, Lakshmi was able to live peacefully.

The power of belief in Lanlou was limited. After being divided into seven parts, it wasn’t sufficient to raise their strength to the extreme. The six ancient gods were also on guard against each other, so they could only expand outwards. This then resulted in them allying with Zeus to attack the Land of Ice.

Ancient God Lakshmi did not want to join the campaign, but under the pressure of other six ancient gods, she led the holy daughters of the twelve music clans and the rest of her core people to participate in the war.

After losing it, Ancient God Lakshmi returned to the divine palace to rest and recuperate from her injuries. In the meantime, among the twelve music clans, only the holy daughter of Pipa Clan had perished on the battlefield.

While Lakshmi was recovering, Asura surprisingly barged inside her chambers and revealed his true face, trying to devour her.

As luck would have it, she managed to hide her soul inside the jade pipa and prepare to possess the next holy daughter of Pipa Clan.

“So you are saying that Asura didn’t use his true strength in the war, but concealed it and faked his injuries?” Li Yunmu had asked suspiciously.

“This is only natural. Even if the five regions balance each other out, the ancient gods of Lanlou are the strongest because of power of belief. My six elder brothers stand at the peak of ancient gods, only a step away from becoming master gods.

“This means that even the combined forces of the Land of Ice and the Desert aren’t an opponent for our Lanlou and the Ocean region. But because of the appearance of a variable like you, we lost the war!”

Lakshmi’s voice was crisp, her tone was held a hint of resentment. If not for that battle, she would not have fallen to the state she was in right then, with only a soul to speak of.

“When Asura tried to devour you, didn’t the other five ancient gods sense anything?”

“No, they were resting after returning. Every one of them had entered seclusion in the divine palace to recover. Because of this, Asura chose that moment to attack me. After all, among the seven ancient gods, I am the weakest and the best target to kill. If it had been any of the other five, Asura’s attack would have been discovered.”

“Knowing these things, you must change the person for your rebirth. I have already taken fancy of the holy daughter of Pipa clan, so if you don’t agree, I will kill you.”

When Li Yunmu said the last line, he raised his hand, revealing his vicious nature.

“Hmph!” The metasphere shook, then said, “You are too late. If you had arrived a little bit earlier, I could have chosen another person to possess. But Liu Bailing has already used this jade pipa, and her presence has assimilated with mine. Right now, I can only capture Liu Bailing’s body, others won’t do.”

When she finished speaking, Li Yunmu looked at the metasphere surrounded by a ball of divine energy. A red glint appeared in his eyes, and threads of black mist spread out from his body.

[Don’t be hasty. I have a method. If your presence has already fused with that little girl’s, then you can only enter her body. However, we will have to wrong you and ask you to become her shadow.]

When the system saw the demonic energy erupting from Li Yunmu’s body, it spoke with haste, fearing that the demonic energy would take control of him once more.

The metasphere did not say anything.

Five hundred meters from Pipa Clan, a giant shadow was flying through the sky.

If a god had been flying nearby, they would have noticed that the black shadow was an enormous zither. Nine silhouettes of different sizes were standing on it, and they belonged to nine women who were as beautiful as fairies. They were wearing gongqun and had a pennant on their hands and a red dot between their eyebrows. The presence of god realm could be sensed from each and every one of them.


“Quickly move, who knows how younger sister Liu Bailing is doing? Who exactly would dare to attack our twelve music clans? They are simply tired of living.”

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