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Shadow Hack (Web Novel) - Chapter 864: The Plans that Were Expected to Succeed

Chapter 864: The Plans that Were Expected to Succeed

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When he finished, Deva Clan’s matriarch spoke up before Li Yunmu could say a word. “Exactly. Sixth ancestor mustn’t hesitate in parting with the power of belief. Your distinguished self has already become a god, so you only need to keep one portion to increase your strength. If you use the other four portions to increase the strength of your subordinates to gods, they would only end up as the most inferior gods with their impure bloodlines.

The stubborn Rahu Clan’s patriarch also added a line with a smile. “They might even be unable to defeat a half god. Such gods without any martial skills or bloodline abilities are the weakest. Sixth ancestor, if you agree to our offer, you will be able to exchange resources to advance the Ground Clan as a whole.”

The four clan patriarchs seemed to be certain about Li Yunmu’s choice. After all, Ground Clan was only a recently established clan, as they said, and had no foundation. The descendants of Ground Clan were also people who didn’t possess any bloodline ability and thus were abandoned by the four clans. Without any martial skills or masters to guide them, the descendants of Ground Clan would remain ordinary people their whole life.

Unless Chen Xiu personally guided them.

But could this actually happen? A majestic ancestor acting not in accordance with his high position, but rather doing this kind of thing? If god father saw that, he would be disappointed and remove him from power. Moreover, even if Chen Xiu agreed to do it for descendants of Ground Clan, it would still be more work than he could deal with. The Ground Clan had more than double the people of the four great clans.

Because of that, Chen Xiu’s only choice was to agree to collaborate with the four great clans. Only by doing so would all his problems be solved quickly.

The patriarchs of the four clans wasted a lot of time explaining all the pros and cons in order for Chen Xiu to understand his situation and know which choice was correct.

If the person standing in front of them had really been Chen Xiu, he probably would have agreed by then. But Li Yunmu wasn’t Chen Xiu, and he was the master of the system. So why would he need assistance from others?

Li Yunmu raised his eyebrows and spoke with amusement while firmly looking at the four clan patriarchs. “Are you four performing a show for me by echoing each other’s words?”

After hearing him, the four clan patriarchs immediately shut their mouths and looked at Li Yunmu angrily. They hadn’t thought that even after talking so much, he would surprisingly remain completely unmoved.

“Sixth ancestor, are we wrong?” Jiao Xiu enquired.

“No, but why should I agree to your conditions? I can think of many other methods to solve the problems mentioned by you, so I don’t need your assistance. Besides, I told you that before that I can settle my matters and don’t need the concern of others.”

Li Yunmu looked at the four clan patriarchs sitting underneath and continued speaking after a pause. “You should know that there are consequences of meddling in the affairs of others. If you plan to continue provoking me, you should remember what happened to the four ancestors.”

The four clan patriarchs clenched their fists, but did not say anything. The patriarch of Rahu Clan began trembling and almost jumped up by crushing the chair underneath, but the patriarch of Doro clan pressed his hand down.

When the four of them heard Li Yunmu mentioning the patriarchs of the four clans, they were furious in their heart. After all, if not for the matter in the colosseum, the four ancestors wouldn’t have needed to rebel.

So the main reason behind their deaths was Li Yunmu.

Ashbi also felt a little uncomfortable. He truly hadn’t thought that Li Yunmu would dare to speak in such a manner. When as a branch family descendant he had staked his life and lied to enter the city lord’s mansion, Ashbi had felt disgust toward him. Afterwards though, when the four ancestors were killed, Ashbi concealed the sorrow in his heart and continued to quietly do his work.

He inwardly hated Chen Xiu, whose authority was similar to his, but on the surface, he continued to remain polite and amiable. But after he mentioned the four ancestors, the hatred in his heart suddenly erupted and revealed itself on the surface.

“Sixth ancestor probably doesn’t know, but yesterday god father entered seclusion until death or success,” Deva Clan’s matriarch suddenly said, reminding Li Yunmu that he mustn’t be excessively arrogant.

Asura would not come out until he settled his problem with Lakshmi’s soul, so Li Yunmu’s only patron was no longer able to take care of him.

“God father entered seclusion until death or success, so I naturally wish well for him as his son. But you all must not think that since god father entered seclusion until death or success that I don’t have any methods to deal with you all. I am telling you that I don’t agree with your conditions, so you all mustn’t involve yourselves in the matters of my territory.”

Li Yunmu’s tone was calm, and his attitude implied that he had a secure backing, but Ashbi and the other four clan patriarchs were still in doubt.

Was it possible that before entering seclusion until death or success, god father left something for him?

The more they thought about it, the more they felt that it was quite possible. Only that could explain why Li Yunmu remained so calm after hearing their words. Even when they said that god father entered seclusion until death or success, he acted like he had known about this matter beforehand and did not reveal any nervousness.

“Sixth ancestor should really think carefully about the condition for exchange. You have risen to this position from a tiny status in a flash and can only have learned one or two martial skills in Morrow Clan, so how would you transfer them to the Ground Clan…”

Before Rahu Clan’s patriarch could finish speaking, a blur rushed in from outside and stopped in front of Li Yunmu. Rat turned around and looked at the four clan patriarchs nervously. After proper greetings, he went to stand behind Li Yunmu without saying anything.

“What did you say just now?”

Li Yunmu looked at the patriarch of Rahu Clan and pretended as if he hadn’t heard anything.

Rahu Clan’s patriarch looked at Rat who had moved like a blur just a moment ago. He really hadn’t expected that descendants of Ground Clan could surprisingly use movement type martial arts. The man beside Chen Xiu was only an ordinary person, but he surprisingly was able to use a martial art which converted the shaking of his body into a powerful boost in speed.

Even the four clans also did not have this type of martial move.

When Rahu Clan’s patriarch thought about his words, his face turned slightly red and he hemmed and hawed. “Nothing, nothing.”

Ashbi stood up then, straightened out the creases in his clothes, and said with a smile, “Good, since you don’t have any further matters to discuss, we will leave first. Younger brother, you should get busy with your affairs.”

His figure disappeared the next moment, and the patriarchs of the four clans followed after him.

Li Yunmu glanced at the power of belief, then turned around to look at Rat.

“Lord, the object in the blueprint you gave me yesterday was forged by Jia Lou. We placed it in the colosseum.”

Once Rat saw that lump of iron and realized that it had countless uses, he was left gasping in amazement.

“Lord, that lump of iron designed by your distinguished self has miraculous effects for practicing martial skills. Old Bastard has already broken through the second layer of flux expert.”

Li Yunmu was confused after hearing Rat’s words. The blueprint he gave yesterday was of an excavator running on flux energy, was it not? Where did the tool for practicing cultivation come from?

He thought of something and suddenly turned to look at the excited Rat. “You lot turned an excavator into a tool for practicing cultivation?”

“Y-yes?” Rat replied in a stammer. He was startled by the unexpected question and felt that things somehow took a turn for the worse.

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