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Shadow Princess (Web Novel)








Adventure Comedy Drama Fantasy Historical Martial Arts Mystery Romance Tragedy

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To show ‘Her’ gratitude, Nuwa devoted her whole life as she acted as the body-double of Princess Liena.

Whenever there’s a chance of assassination attempt, Nuwa would be there for taking over Liena’s role. Her existence known to a very few within the royal palace and Princess Liena was the only one called “Nuwa” by real name.

One day, Princess Liena promised Nuwa that she’d set “Nuwa” free from this dual life after she gets married.

But deity planned something else!

One week before the wedding, someone badly stabbed Liena that her lifespan was coming to an end. In deathbed, she asked for Nuwa’s forgiveness that she can’t set ‘Her’ free to make this kingdom peaceful. So, now Nuwa has to marry Qiu Kingdom’s god-of-massacre, Emperor Qiu Feng Mian!

But how could she suppose to marry this tyranny, slaughter who didn’t even spare his own family’s life to ensure the throne!!!

What will happen when he realizes that, she’s not the real princess but an imposter, ‘A Shadow’!

Can she really take Princess Liena’s burden of friendship by accepting him as her husband to fulfill her promise or will she escape?

What is her destiny!?!

352 • 2019-08-29 14:35:21


The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 44: Breathless2020-01-18
Chapter 43: Punishment2020-01-18
Chapter 42: 'A Devil In Disguise'2020-01-18
Chapter 41: Pervert!2019-08-29
Chapter 40: Spreading ‘LOVE’2019-08-29
Chapter 39: Hostage (III)2019-08-29
Chapter 38: Hostage(II)2019-08-29
Chapter 37: Hostage(I)2019-08-29
Chapter 36: ATTACK!!!2019-08-29
Chapter 35: Bandits!2019-08-29
Chapter 34: Farewell [End of Volume 1]2019-08-29
Chapter 33: Gone!!!2019-08-29
Chapter 32: Storm2019-08-29
Chapter 31: CURSED!!!2019-08-29
Chapter 30: Ascending…2019-08-29
Chapter 29: Stubborn2019-08-29
Chapter 28: Mother Knows Best (II)2019-08-29
Chapter 27: Mother Knows Best (I)2019-08-29
Chapter 26: Flashes of Light2019-08-29
Chapter 25: Soon!2019-08-29
Chapter 24: Disappoinment2019-08-29
Chapter 23: The Promise (II)2019-08-29
Chapter 22: Finding a needle in a haystack!2019-08-29
Chapter 21: Turning into a Eunuch!2019-08-29
Chapter 20: Stupid (II)2019-08-29
Chapter 19: Stupid (I)2019-08-29
Chapter 18: Why (II)2019-08-29
Chapter 17: Why? (I)2019-08-29
Chapter 16: Demotion!2019-08-29
Chapter 15: Tit for tat2019-08-29
Chapter 14: Running Away2019-08-29
Chapter 13: Bad News2019-08-29
Chapter: 12 Killing two birds with one stone (II)2019-08-29
Chapter 11: Killing two birds with one stone (I)2019-08-29
Chapter 10: She will hate him!2019-08-29
Chapter 9: ‘I’m not a cursed child’2019-08-29
Chapter 8: Stop Bullying Her2019-08-29
Chapter 7: Stalker!2019-08-29
Chapter 6: Confusion!2019-08-29
Chapter 5: Princess is missing!!!2019-08-29
Chapter 4: Three Years Ago2019-08-29
Chapter 3: Unknown Feelings…2019-08-29
Chapter 2: The Promise2019-08-29
Chapter 1: Midnight Commotion2019-08-29
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