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Shadow Princess (Web Novel) - Chapter: 12 Killing two birds with one stone (II)

Chapter: 12 Killing two birds with one stone (II)

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Translated by BawMeaw



Zi Yan was exclaiming loudly. He was dodging to stop Nuwa by holding the bamboo with his hands but his actions just brought him more suffering.

He groaned in pain, his limbs were getting numb. Unlike Bai Qiang, he had no talents at martial arts. To be precise, everyone present here today has zero fighting skills except Bai Qiang who is the youngest general in the kingdom.

They were merely a group of commoners who were shamelessly trying to curry favour with the young master to be at his good side to gain his and the Bai family's favor.

Watching the turn of events, the lackeys forgot the loyalty they swore as they neglect young master's existence like they were not with him and started to run fast with their lives.

Noticing her brother got beaten black and blue by Nuwa, Zi Yun's face turned ashen. She hurriedly ran Nuwa's directions as she grabbed her robe and wanted to thwack her. However, Nuwa who was engrossed in lashing, shook off Zi Yun as if she was a leech, then she glanced at her. Scared silly, Zi Yun stopped and ran to young master's side like an abandoned dog finally found it's master. Tearfully, she looked at his handsome face to get attention.

However, Bai Qiang's gaze was solely focused on Nuwa. He amusedly watched her wondering, just how much stamina she had in that petite body!

Girls around him would always act fragile like a delicate dandelion flower that could be blown at any moment. They blushed or smiled whenever they noticed him. He always felt disgusted at their shamelessness.

On the other side, Nuwa was different. She didn't even take a single peek on him whenever he came although she knew his status. He'd never seen her acting pitifully on her bad situations. And now she was showing such bravery and overbearing attitudes!

'She is full of surprises.' he thought as his beautiful lips broke into a small smile.

When Zi Yun realized that his gaze was only glued at Nuwa, she became extremely jealous as she outbursted in rage. Scrawling, she pointed her finger at him and yelled,

"Young master, how can you watch everything like a bystander! My brother has always been loyal to you. We accepted all the insults for the sake of your reputation. And now, you still let that sl*t hit your loyal friend! How heartless of you!"

This time other yellow lobster, Han Zhizhi, also followed up as she got her chance. Though at first she also insulted Nuwa but stopped and stand aside after everything turned extreme. She had a rivalry with Zi Yun, both wanted to become number one in young master's eyes.

He is usually an indifferent youth who never showed interests in females except for Nuwa. Though both of them knew that he was only interested in her but she wasn't as pig-headed like Zi Yun. She was laughing and sneering inwardly while she enjoyed Zi Yan's idiotic behavior.

'This girl was surely brave, digging her own grave by acting spoilt. Didn't she know that her brainless behavior will create bad impressions? Obviously, the young master will be displeased with her. Who likes a woman without dignity and virtue!!!'

Though she felt a little sad for Zi Yan who was getting beat up, she thought he deserved it since he was Zi Yun's brother. Taking a single peek at Zi Yun, she chuckled as she changed her expression 180 degrees and she concernedly said,

"Cousin sister, please reflect on your behaviors. You are representing the Zi family, remember! Don't insult young master recklessly. "

Zi Yun's body stiffed when she heard her cousin. Her cousin was right. How can she blame and point fingers at young master? Darn it! She misbehaved.

If one should blame anyone, then it'd be no one but that witch, Nuwa. Everything is happening because of her. She stopped her actions and stand in a corner. Her face flushed with anger and shame. She then coldly glared at Nuwa and inwardly cursed her.

Han Zhizhi chuckled at Zi Yun's sorry state. Feeling satisfied, she glanced at the young master gently. Thinking how he looked at Nuwa, she felt melancholy as she tugged the corner of Bai Qiang robe. However, he felt irksome as he glared at her. Slightly flinched, she removed her hand and nervously said,

"I-I ask forgiveness for my cousin sister's sudden irresponsible behavior. She is still young. Please don't take her words into an offense because she is just concerned for her brother. Please save my cousin brother, young master. Please..."

Taking another deep breath, she further processed.

"I agree that what both my cousins' actions were wrong. They shouldn't have said those irreverence stuff and beat her up. Both of them are hot-blooded, but their intentions weren't bad. Whatever they did were out of concerned."

Bai Qiang absentmindedly nodded his head. What she said was partially true. He then looked at Nuwa as he gently told her,

"Nuwa, can you kindly let him go, please? From the beginning, whatever has taken place, was solely my fault. I was reckless and unpolite. I am extremely sorry for causing you so much pain. So, I want to take responsibility."

Listening to him, Nuwa stopped her actions momentarily. Zi Yan took this chance and slip away to the young master's side. His body ached so much. Breathing loudly, he looked at young master Qiang gratefully. However, he then glared at Nuwa as his eyes flashed with anger and humiliation. He promised himself that he won't leave Nuwa.

'I am sparing you this time, b*tch. I am leaving you but don't worry... The entire Zi family will haunt you down.'

Nuwa didn't bother anymore on that idiot since her face turned sour when she heard young master said 'taking responsibility'. She had an urge to kill this man on the spot.

Sensing she'd outburst again, Bai Qiang hurridly bow down and told that,

"I am sorry for everything. I hope you'll forgive me."

The onlookers become stupified. 'Young master was bowing to a peasant! Why he'd go so far for such a small matter!!!'

Bai Qiang didn't care what they were thinking. Without anyone's knowledge, he took out a small money pouch from his sleeves and placed on the ground.

Nuwa became so furious on his shamelessness. Clenching her fists tightly, she roared,

"Why would I! Did they show me any mercy? DID YOU SHOW ME ANY MERCY???"

Taking a deep breath, again she yelled,

"However. Never show your disgusting face in front of me, AGAIN. Including your lackeys. Otherwise, I don't know what I'll do next time. Get out of this place immediately. SCRAM!!!"

She felt pain, tired and thirsty. There was no energy left as she felt bone cracking pain coming from her body. So she didn't want to argue anymore. What she wanted now was to get their f*cking ass out of her sight.

Bai Qiang didn't say anything. He just nervously nodded his head. The tip of his ears turned red. He could feel his heart was beating faster. He didn't understand why though! Maybe it was from feeling guilty or sorry? He was so embarrassed that he had a great urge to run and leave this place immediately. His palms were sweating profusely.

He understood that he should not act rashly anymore and pester her. What he did was unforgivable. He hurt her so much. He'll never do this kind of selfish act. And also, he has to do something to stop this so-called loyal subordinates, who forget their master in danger, to approach her. They were so violent and dangerous. He'll never allow them to hurt her further.

Next time, he will do everything slowly, without asking others opinions and help. Though he knew, this time it will be more difficult and challenging. After so many hardships and humiliation that she had gone through because of him, it will be definitely normal for her to never give him a chance.

He sighed.

Then, he signaled everyone to leave.

Zi Yun hatefully looked at Nuwa. If looking at someone could burn, she might have already killed Nuwa. She really wanted to tear that stinky b*tch.


She spat on the floor as she angrily followed her brother who was already leaving.

Han Zhizhi was feeling happy. She was overwhelmed when the young master listened to her

'He must have commended at my maturity, right?'

Though both she and Zi Yan were responsive she didn't do anything that would cause Nuwa to suffer. She was more behaved and didn't act recklessly.

'He will be intrigued by me, right?'

She has been waiting for such a long time just to stay beside him and this girl, Nuwa, after getting so much attention still spoiled it. She looked at Nuwa while sneering like a tiger that looks at its prey.

'Well done girl.'

'You were merely cannon fodder. It feels so good to kill two birds with one stone.'

The delusional girl decisively thought her upcoming days with young master. Thinking this and that, she felt overwhelmed pleasure as she gleefully left with the group.

[Note: Unedited chapter.]

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