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Shadow Princess (Web Novel) - Chapter 30: Ascending…

Chapter 30: Ascending…

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Nuwa stared at her reflection on the bronze mirror.

She was wearing a long blue colored dress, the front jacket and the cuffs of her dress only had bamboo leaves embroideries with green colored thread, matching with her strikingly mesmerizing eyes and the beautiful pink skin. She covered her face with a plain blue colored silk veil, made her seemingly beautiful aura more alluring and mysterious. Her long silky black hair was rolled up into a bun.

Nuwa always disliked wearing too many accessories because she thinks that she'll look like a clown, as a result, her bun was only decorated with a simple golden hairpin. She loved the hairpin because it was the first gift she received from Princess. She always used it as a memento.

"Lady Mei, It's time to visit the imperial court."

Nuwa's personal little maid's soft reminder snapped her back to reality. Nervously responding to her maid, she left her residence.

Nuwa was taking rather small footsteps. Her maidservants and some bodyguards were following her behind respectfully. Her height was a little bit of tall compared to the girls of her age. Since she was still thirteen, her body had yet to mature. However, the elegance of her domineers made it hard to guess her actual age and arose men with curiosity.

As she reached the imperial courtyard, Nuwa's heartbeats started to beat faster, making her feel a little dizzy. She stopped in front of the huge courtroom door and tried to calm down herself when taking deep breaths.

The gatekeepers gave Nuwa weird looks, she had been standing like a fool for a long time. Clenching her fists to self-encouragement, Nuwa finally stepped inside and discovered the room was almost empty. Only a handful of people were sitting. However, she discerned all them, because they were the prominent ministers and royals who knew her real identity.

"This Lady pay respects to the Emperor."

She politely curtsy. Nuwa knew today she was the center of attraction as all the pairs of eyes were observing every movement she was making, she gulped in nervousness and enhanced her level of cautiousness. She couldn't afford to make a single mistake. But wait a moment! Why did she feel some murderous glares? A discomfort feeling started to rise in her heart.

King Lin coughed to divert the room attention since he was also felt bad vibes, and made an announcement.

"This King will lead today's court as Emperor father doesn't feel well. Everyone is already aware of the reason... So, this King doesn't want to discuss further those matters...."

The people present the room knew the main reason behind being summoned so they nodded in approval.

"From today onwards, Lady Mei will officially become a part of the imperial family. We are bestowing her as the Princess position."

The silent room suddenly filled with peoples shocked gasps and murmurs. They didn't believe His Highness will take things into a higher level and give her the most prestigious position everyone ever dreamt of. They started to loudly discuss with each other when strangely looking at Nuwa. Their eyes were filled with envy, jealousy, and hate.

"If His Highness allows then may this servant say something?"

One of the advisors courageously asked and after getting permission, he proceeded.

"We don't know her origin, her integrity. What if she suddenly does something that will bring shame upon our kingdom? How can she be a Princess's! Is she fit? And what if she betrays us?"

Nuwa bit her lower lips in embarrassment when King Jingze was getting mad. He knew some snakes will refute and make a ruckles their decisions, even blackmail them later. As a result, both brothers planned to call these people to officially confirmed Princess's death and also replacing the princess's position to Nuwa. Of course, it was to avoid future problems and also to mark down their faces and give a clear warning that, they will eliminate whoever try to spread any news.

"Does advisor recommend a better candidate?" King Jingze scoffed. "She had closely followed my niece for three years, so how can she disappoint us? Don't worry, this king can personally assure you, the new princess is more well behaved than all of your family's Di daughters."

People again became surprised at King Jingze's arrogant comment when the advisor's face turned green to purple in deep shame. He was insulted in front of so many people. He was relative of Zi family members so, he could guess what King Jingze was indicating. He didn't reply and tried to lower his existence by keeping silent.

"Since nobody is disagreeing, then it's final that the day after tomorrow, Princess Mei will depart to marry the Qiu Emperor."

Emperor Lin announced to the crowd and looked at Nuwa's face. He didn't have any feelings for Nuwa so he was relieved that the kingdom's unstable situation can be resolved by this little scapegoat.

Nuwa shakily received the decree and the marriage token from King Jingze and stared at them. Her hands felt heavy...

And mind was in turmoil.

Now, she was permanently ascended on the path of 'shadow princess'.

There was no turning back.

She was not Nuwa anymore.

She would never be...

[Note: Unedited chapter.]

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