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Shadow Princess (Web Novel) - Chapter 31: CURSED!!!

Chapter 31: CURSED!!!

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Prime Minister Bai was also present in the courtroom. He was dejectedly looking at Nuwa and felt bad for his crazy son who was in the border, diligently working and raising his position in order to get King Lin's good side. And of course, become the best husband match for his crush.

Prime Minister Bai had been observing radical changes of Nuwa in last three years. She was a dirty worm that turned into a beautiful butterfly after making painstaking efforts. Her change was drastic, she had become incomparably elegant and nobler than most noble family's girls when, his son, Bai Qiang's was becoming stupider.

Since both of the Kings adored Nuwa and it wasn't unknown to the royals, some of the royal families asked His Highnesses for Nuwa's hand for marriage, for their beloved sons. Prime Minister Bai could still remember that day when his son learned about the continuous marriage proposals.

Bai Qiang was uncontrollably enraged and frustrated that he charged to those royal families home with his troops and manically threaten those rich brats. He thought the series of his son's horrible actions frantically and shivered. In order to court Nuwa, his son refused to take wives and concubines. Bai Qiang even declared that he'd never marry nor touch anyone except Nuwa, who never batted an eye on his shadow. Because of love, his prideful son turned into a brainless donkey ah!


King Jingze noticed Prime Minister Bai was silently grieving and his eye glinted with humor, though he was also sad for Nuwa's clingy admirer. So, in order to divert old man Bai's attention, he started to make jokes.

"Tsk tsk~ What a tragedy! I can already sense a huge storm is coming to the Bai residence."

Prime Minister Bai murderously glared at King Jingze.

'This guy! When he'll grow up!'

He wondered what this troublesome guy was up to now?

"How can someone understand the meaning of *snu snu stuffs* if he never touches a woman? He is young, he needs to enjoy his youth... As a father, you should teach him. Humph! If you feel embarrassed, you can bring him to me. I'll teach him the art of love~ Huehuehue... He will never be able to resist the temptation...~"

King Jingze's intentions were just to tease and it succeeded. Prime Minister Bai's face had turned scarlet on his shameless remarks.

"S-Stop being shameless. You are an adult."

Prime Minister Bai embarrassedly replied.

Similar to typical nobles, he also had three wives and four concubines so it was not like he didn't know the taste of women. However, he didn't like to discuss personal affairs in public.

"Heh! Don't regret my suggestion later. This King recently learned people tremendously change after heartbreaks. So what if your precious son also changes, and become bent?"

Prime Minister's embarrassing expression turned into murderous again. He almost charged towards King Jingze to strangle him but resist his urges. Both of them were talking audibly to each other so others didn't hear anything.

However, the duo stopped bantering when they heard King Lin's sudden announcements.

King Lin at first apologetically looked at Prime Minister Bai's face and then His father and requested,

"This King imploring to the Emperor to grant his wish."

"This King wants to return the crown prince's position to imperial brother and wants Him to become the future emperor."

The news was unexpected, the people inside the room felt a bucket of cold water was suddenly poured on their heads. They started to murmur and discuss when shockingly looking at King Lin for an explanation.

"This King is tired and the Queen's health isn't going well. So this King wants to accompany His wife."

King Lin told his reason and everyone finally understood and nodded in approval. They were feeling sympathy for the poor King including the emperor. So the emperor finally granted King Lin's request.


Deep at night, King Jingze was restlessly strolling around the palace garden when he noticed the imperial study room was lit up. He assumed that King Lin was still there since his brother loved studying in his free times that's why King Jingze ordered a eunuch to bring a jug of rice wine to him. After what happened today, he actually wanted to talk heart to heart to his brother.

The imperial study door was ajar so King Jingze strode without asking permission. He saw his brother was diligently packing up. King Lin's personal servants were bringing huge packages. King Lin stopped his actions when he sensed his brother's presence in the room but then continued packing.

"What are you doing? Don't you think your brother deserves an explanation! Are you planning to sneakily leave now?"

King Jingze asked when he frustratingly shook King Lin's shoulders. Why his brother was acting differently!

"Yes, I am."

King Lin shrugged as he pulled off his brother's hands.

"This brother doesn't think he needs to explain anything as you are already aware of his family's downhill. You have selfishly enjoyed yourselves for a long time when I, your younger brother, worked my ass off. It's finally your time to take responsibility."

King Jingze felt heartache on his brother's blatant reply. He couldn't bring himself to deny King Jingze's hurtful statements because all of them were true. He never liked the throne and taking responsibilities, as a result, his father replaced his crown prince's position when he willingly agreed.

"Are we going to become strangers from now on?"

King Jingze mumbled, he lost the courage to directly look at his brother's face because of guilt.

King Lin helplessly sighed, "This brother will return after he's done with finding the oracle."

King Jingze's eyeballs almost popped up. What was his brother saying!

"Do you still believe in such nonsense, brother? Coincidence happens---"

Before he could finish his sentence, King Lin shouted.

"Coincidence? Hahaha... Are you sure brother! Having lost all of my children was a coincidence? Finding a girl in the middle of the street is also a coincidence? Ask yourself brother. Being impotent is also coincidence???"

"Nothing is a coincidence, all of them were the results of the curse. We have been CURSED."

The last statement directly hit King Jingze as a teardrop fell from his eyes. He shakily sat on a chair and lowered his head to avoid his brother's gaze.

King Lin realized he went too far so he apologetically said,

"Forgive this brother's rudeness... This brother didn't want to hurt your feelings... It's not your fault to disbelieve brother. Please, take care of everyone in my absence, especially Mei. She needs to survive in the Qiu kingdom."

King Jingze nodded in response and tearfully saw his brother's departure.

[Note: Unedited chapter.]

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